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Builds By Lisa17Ann


  • MorriSanMorriSan Posts: 412 Member
    White Washed is a great little house and it looks as if it would belong in the scandinavian fjords. The little details make it outstanding. Well, my cats would make short work of all that pretty neatness. Pawprints everywhere ^^
  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,839 Member
    White Washed is absolutely beautiful, looks so peaceful and idyllic and the interiors are stunning, the cool colour scheme is very elegant :)
  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,749 Member
    Thanks so much @WrathofCath it'🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 fantasy cottage in my mind for sure :) I must admit the patio with curtains and hanging lanterns is my favourite part of this build! I wish all the best to you and your family in the New Year as well! <3

    @MorriSan thank you so much!! I love Scandinavia design so much and that was my inspiration for this build but I was t sure if it came across that way...so your comment has made my day! :) Happy New Year to you and those dear to you! <3

    Thank you for you kindness @masajo I agree it does feel slightly more elegant then my normal cottages and I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so lol :D as always your kind comments warm my heart! A very Happy New Year to you and yours! <3

  • RyeCris16RyeCris16 Posts: 2,291 Member
    White Washed is a beautiful cottage build! :smiley:
    I like your architecture, simple but looking very charming and cozy! I love how you stuck with white. Wonderful roofing work too, I like the dormer at the back. Your landscaping is so pretty! Beautiful white gardens! Love the ivies on each side of the building. The patio is so peaceful too, love that you added some curtains. And your interior, so gorgeous! Love that you added some glamour with Vintage Glamour items. The golden bedroom is so dazzling too!
    I love it! I already added this to my faves! :smiley:
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  • equuestequuest Posts: 718 Member
    I love your recent builds @lisa17ann! They're all so creative and detailed!
  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,749 Member
    Thank you so much @RyeCris16 :) I'm so flattered you find my White Washed Cottage beautiful! So kind of you as always to stop by and comment! I've put my penthouse on hold at the moment (I just wasn't feeling it atm lol) and I'm working on a Tudor styled house instead and I'm hoping to share it soon! :)

    Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my recent builds @equuest it's very sweet of you and gives me a smile to hear that you think they are creative and detailed as I think that's what I'm always trying to achieve in my builds :)

    Happy Simming and building to you both! <3

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 162,290 Member
    I hope that your work on your Tuder style home is going well :) I will look forward to seeing it!
    I hope that you were able to get your new medication sorted out, and your body was able to adapt or you are now taking different medication. Sending a hug to you <3 with your health issues.
  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,749 Member
    Hello @rosemow it's going very well but had to stop to do House work, cook dinner, and spend time with my hubby lol only a few rooms left to decorate and then play test it and take pics!

    I've switched meds now and the side effects are much more bareable and are helping with my pain a lot. I have an appointment on the 25th with a specialist to have a deeper look into what might be causing all my pain. Hopefully they will figure out what's the cause! But, as for now I'm happy and feeling much better. Thank you for your kindness, your concern, and good wishes! :)

  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,749 Member
    Tudor Lake House
    has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. There is a large swimmable fishable lake with boat house and games room above. Also to the back of the property you will find lots of family activities and an enclosed veggie patch. Inside you’ll find an eat-in-kitchen, dining room, living room, entrance hall with stairs leading to the upstairs hall that leads to the bedrooms, bathroom, and bridge over the lake that takes you to the games room.
    You can download it HERE
    And, You can find more photo's HERE


    Happy Simming and Thank you all for your support both here and on the Gallery :)

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 162,290 Member
    Tudor Lake House is such a very pretty, homely and nice bulld! :) The layout of the areas of the build and the exterior design of the home building looks very nice! Very nice Tuder theme of the build. The roofing is very nice, It is a very detailed build! The lake looks so very nice! The lilypad and candles are nice touches in the lake.The greenery covered bridge from the main home building to the games room in the boat house area looks very nice! The boat look very nice moored in the lake nook! Very nice games room. Sims will have fun playing chess and the llama table top game. The patterned floor rug and the type of curtains used in the room look very nice, The flowers in the front garden look pretty! Very nice backyard areas! Sims will have fun playing on the monkey bars or horseshoes. They will enjoy eating meals outdoors at the umbrella covered dining table, in such a very nice setting! It looks very nice! Nice firepit nook for sims to enjoy sitting around the fire chatting and toasting food. Very nice furnishing of each of the rooms in the home! Very nice living room! The custom piano looks great! The type of patterned floor rug used looks nice, and the candles are pretty touches in the room. Sims will enjoy sitting relaxing on the sofa and armchair there watching tv and chatting. The fireplace wil, keep the room warm. Very nice dining room! The type of dining chairs used looks very nice. Very nice wall paneling that adds a nice look to the room. The fireplace nook looks great! The candles on the fireplace ledge, dining table and side wall table are pretty for sims to see when dining at the table. The sunflowers are a sunny touch on the tabletop. Very nice design and furnishing of the kitchen! The black and white colour scheme looks very nice! The chequered flooring looks great! Nice study desk nook there for sims to enjoy sitting there using the computer. It is great that there is an eat in bar stool counterVery nice furnishing of each of the bedrooms! The colour schemes look so very nice! The yellow heart teddy and koala in the nursery looks cute! The floor mat there is creatively nice! The pink colour scheme of the girls bedroom looks very pretty! The umicorn is cute there! The rosettes are nice touches on the wall. The leafy pictures on the bedhead wall in the master bedroom add a nice look in the room. The last picture that you posted looks so very great! The clouds and moon in the skies , the home and the evening light looks so very nice together ! :)
  • MorriSanMorriSan Posts: 412 Member
    Absolutely gorgeous! Is that a working Piano?!? Ohhhhhh. And the boathouse with all the accessories and- I love the way you use the differnt wallpapers to structure your walls. This is so cool.
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,419 Member
    Tudor Lake House is just Gorgeous, Lisa! Love, Love the covered walkway to the boat house! So cool. Both the landscaping and the interiors are Beautifully done with such wonderful attention to detail. :blush:

    I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well... I hope you're feeling better with your new meds and that the Dr.'s are able to find out the cause soon. I'm sending lots of hugs and healing thoughts your way. <3
  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,749 Member
    Thank you so much as always for your positive and detailed feedback on my builds @rosemow and I couldn't agree more about that last picture with the moon haha I love it! :)

    Thank you for your enthusiastic comments @MorriSan it made me giggle lol and I'm really pleased you like this build so much as it was a joy to build :) and yes the piano works! I tested it a lot haha

    Awww your comments on my build are really lovely @WrathofCath and put a smile on my face! And, thank you for you healing thoughts!! <3 I've taken much better to my new pain meds and I can actually get back to being my self lately which is nice as I'm the type of person who can't sit still lol hopefully the specialist will get to the bottom of what's causing all my pain! *fingers crossed* My normal doctor suspects it's fybromaliga but I've never had X-rays or scans so I'd like that done first to rule anything else out you know? ;)

    Once again thank you all your kindness and support is wonderful :)<3

  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 269 Member
    the tudor lake house is amazing and the use of combining the curtains with a roof trim in white washed is awesome
    Check out my showcase
  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,839 Member
    Tudor Lake House is absolutely beautiful, love the lake running through, looks very idyllic. The boathouse is such a wonderful feature and the rear outdoors area is landscaped perfectly :)
  • equuestequuest Posts: 718 Member
    I love Tudor Lake House! The lake around the house is beautiful! And the bridge is really creative.
  • StSciurusStSciurus Posts: 1,580 Member
    Tudor Lake House is amazing work! :smiley: Wow!
  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,749 Member
    Awww thank you so much @Don_Oello @masajo @equuest and @StSciurus it means so much to hear all your kind and thoughtful comments! It means so much to have all your support :)<3

  • RyeCris16RyeCris16 Posts: 2,291 Member
    lisa17ann wrote: »
    Thank you so much @RyeCris16 :) I'm so flattered you find my White Washed Cottage beautiful! So kind of you as always to stop by and comment! I've put my penthouse on hold at the moment (I just wasn't feeling it atm lol) and I'm working on a Tudor styled house instead and I'm hoping to share it soon! :)
    I know your feeling about the penthouse build. I know that modern style is your weakness, but I'm very confident that you'll come up very great! :smiley: And I saw your Tudor build too! I'm going to comment right now! :)

    Tudor Lake House is truly a charming and creative build! :smiley:
    I really love your architecture, so warm and rustic! I really love that it has two buildings and connected with a bridge! Love that you added a trellis on a bridge too! Your roofing is wonderfully done! Your landscaping is so fabulously beautiful! I really love the pond and beautiful garden! The backyard is so pretty too, even the small crop farm. I also love the ivies in your architecture and the second building. I also like that you added a wishing well, a dock with a boat, and the floating lights on a water feature. And your interior, so gorgeous! I really love the furnishing of the build and wonderful color scheme too! Each of the bedrooms are so pretty and the nursery is so cute too!
    I really love it! I'm not sure if I already added this to my faves, but if not, I'm adding this to my faves! :smiley:

    Too bad I can't download this build, I see that you used Plumbob lamps which I don't have because I don't have TS3. But it's okay, I really enjoy it by looking at your pics! :)
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  • Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 6,278 Member
    @RyeCris16 you can download and use it the sims3 plumbobs just won't show up but everything else will, so there is no reason why you cant play with the build.
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  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,749 Member
    edited January 2017
    Well it's 3am and my pup has woken me up...crazy dog :s lol

    I want to first thank you for your very nice comments on my Tudor Lake House @RyeCris16 and for the fav you gave it on the gallery as well! :)<3

    I'm also wondering why the plumbob lamps are a issue? I believe I only have two of them in the nursery on a shelf. As far as I know they just won't show up when you download and play the build just like other items from EP SP and GP's if you didn't have said packs I used items from? I'm just curious if something else happens? Are you physically unable to download through the gallery?

    Just really confused by this and won't use them at all if it blocks other simmers from downloading my builds. Because, that seems unfair (to ppl who had the sims3 and ppl who didn't) to give simmers from the sims3 a gift and then we aren't allowed to share our builds if its prevents it from other simmers from using our builds because of it. :/
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  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,749 Member
    My Unofficial entry for the Quality Control Room Challenge (the theme was a room for adopted toddler twins…Of course!) If you’re interested in entering any of the Quality Control Challenge you can find the room one HERE and it also as information for the others. I love being a full time judge for the room challenge and a part time judge and long-time participator in the other challenges. Sometimes I just can’t help but make a room even though my entry doesn’t count hehe!

    Unfortunately (or fortunately lol) I couldn’t pick just one haha but as it’s unofficial soooo I can make as many as I like right? I had so much fun I am sure to be doing more toddler themed rooms in the future.

    Room one is Woodland Friends if your interested you can download it HERE
    I just loved the selection of curtains that came with the toddler update so I had to do a room focused around the animal themed ones. The soft green color is soothing and all the animals and cloud shelves give it an outdoor feeling any toddler would be happy to have as their new room. The room includes a snack area, bathroom, beds for naps and night time stories, a comfy chair for their parent to read to them and a play area.

    Room two is Racing Toddlers if your interested you can download it HERE
    Is a racing themed room that I suppose could be thought of as a “boys” room but I can’t think of any reason an active toddler girl wouldn’t like to race around in it either! We do after all have woman race car drivers so why not start them off early eh? So whatever toddlers are put in this room they are sure to have everything they to be well taken care of, Including a snack area, bathroom, beds for naps and night time stories, a comfy chair for their parent to read to them and a play area.


  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 162,290 Member
    Woodland Friends is such a calming and restful looking bedroom! @lisa17ann :) The green and white colour scheme of the room looks so nice! Very nice layout of the room! Each of areas look great! The curtains look very pretty, and the hot air balloons and clouds are nice on the wall. The koalas look cute at the foot of the beds! The teddy, deer, heart teddy , giraffe and panda lamp look very cute also! The kids will enjoy sitting in the cute teddy armchair watching tv on the penguin tv , reading a book or using the tablet. The books a nice touch beside the armchair. It is great that there is a snack nook in the room! The fruit pictures are a nice touch on the wall, and green circles floor prints there look great! Very nice bathroom! The frog prints on the wall and floor there look great! The tree wall print suits the theme of the rooom well. The bath tub nook is nice.
    Racing Toddlers is very creatively designed! :) The red , white and black colour scheme looks very nice! It looks great how the room has been set up as a racing track! The bed cars and racing track that they are on look great! The gnome is cute there signalling the start of the race! The pennants and the traffic lights look great in the room! The chequered flooring in the reading area looks great! The heart teddies and big teddy look cute in the room.
    The two bedrooms are very nice! :)
  • StSciurusStSciurus Posts: 1,580 Member
    Your toddler rooms are both adorable! I especially love the race car themed one—so creative! :smiley:
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