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Massive patch? Where?



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    DazleneDazlene Posts: 163 Member
    Scobre wrote: »
    I'm still waiting on family trees and toddlers and I read over all the patch changes. I'm glad some of it was written in humor and I was unaware with some of the bugs that were fixed. I'm content with the patch. I hope to see future patches for the game before the release of the first EP just so all the EPs run smoother. Maternity leave and being able to eat fruits and veggies were very welcomed features. I'm happy that my Sims can choose business and athletic careers again too.

    yeah family tree would b cool lol im cool with the mini one we have now lol but more detailed would awesome. i really cant wait 4 some weather and universities, but mostly weather tho cause im lovin my Christmas tree and wish u could c some snow falling through the window lol with our new jams playin in the background

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    IceyJIceyJ Posts: 4,641 Member
    edited December 2014
    Saellea wrote: »
    IceyJ wrote: »
    Saellea wrote: »
    I expected more content. The majority of this patch was fixes, which is good, but they hyped it up as a lot of additional content.

    But they never said it'd contain a lot of content, though. That was just people making assumptions and spreading rumors. All that was said was that it was a massive patch, which it was in comparison to the other patches.

    Hmmm... Wonder how I got the idea that they were adding content and not just repairing things that should have been fixed long ago?

    I guess because you don't play the game that much? It was pretty clear that "some" of these items are new, either unlockables from the new careers or the Christmas pack, but the rest are already in the game.

    That's why the quote says "can you FIND" all the new objects. They're mixed in there, but it was your own assumption that they were all new. The point of that pic was to hint that "MOO" was coming, not to imply a bunch of new objects. Sorry, your fault, not theirs. :\
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    Jarsie9Jarsie9 Posts: 12,714 Member
    The vacation days, I think has more to do with the upcoming game pack which is a camping trip and a new world.
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