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What I really like about this game



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    Snosrap522Snosrap522 Posts: 754 Member
    I also think the children are fun in Sims 4 I like the multitasking and actualy playing the game rather than spending hours in Cast. With loads of new walls and floors now being made I am satisfied that with imagination I am building nice homes and ther is loads of clutter especialy for just a base game.
    Once you get the hang of them the build tools are great.
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    cauliflowerscauliflowers Posts: 5,782 Member
    hey , none of that. Bethelle 's alright


    How did hazza get banned???
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    JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 22,959 Member
    edited November 2014
    mooredt21 wrote: »
    I have never been able to build the homes I envision in my head, but the new build tools at least make something close to it possible.
    I do love the high wall for instance. I hate however how dark your sims become when you put them in such a room. The lights just don't seem to reach them. Building in 3 certainly has its limitations (especially the roofs), but I still love building in that game. The lack of CASt just ruins it for me.
    I love CAS (more sliders and the molding system works perfectly). Too bad though I dislike the sims themselves (especially ingame with their strange, sharp faces).
    So that's it for me. Opposite a great thing there always seems to be something negative that outweigh the good things.
    And it's just my loss a lot of pros for many are cons to me (like the bright colours and the sims).

    That's so weird, because I'm love with the TS4 Sims and the vibrancy of it all. The rest just puts me off. In fact, TS4 Sims in TS3, that would be so awesome!
    I seriously would have never continued playing Sims 3 if that would have been the case (so there you have it, it's one of the main reasons I don't like Sims 4; only great and challenging gameplay could save the game for me).

    I really hate the way my pretty sim...


    ... ended up looking like this in the game:



    (I fail to see any vibrancy in those pics btw; and believe me, I tried real hard to get some light in there because I'm so used to doing that in Sims 3)

    And their profiles are just hideous imo:


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    LittleMinxUndrLittleMinxUndr Posts: 4,196 Member
    hey , none of that. Bethelle 's alright


    How did hazza get banned???

    I don't know... It feels like 2009 allover again... when EA went on a ban everyone rampage, lol

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    MandylcdMandylcd Posts: 1,713 Member
    Gruffman wrote: »
    The child life stage. From the appearance/clothes options down to the interactions and the animations. The child life stage is now my favorite one to play.

    I have heard variations of this comment several times, that the child life stage was well done in Sims 4. From what I have seen I would agree. I have enjoyed watching the various interactions with children.
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    br560br560 Posts: 1,836 Member
    > @HazzaPlumbob said:
    > I like Bella Goth.

    Bella Goth argued with my sim for no reason xD
    Playing the sims since 2012
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    AnnePlaysAnnePlays Posts: 2,504 Member
    The children were well done in S3, and S4 was a major improvement. I never did care much for for them during S1 and S2 tbh. But I did have a soft spot for the child Cassandra, I turned her into the greatest witch that ever lived in my neighborhood.
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