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Sims 4 Expansion Pack Survey? NOW INCLUDES SCREENSHOTS



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    JimilJimil Posts: 4,443 Member
    Health and Wellness. lol is that a joke? Business Owner all the way, man!
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    CowPlantForHireCowPlantForHire Posts: 6,002 Member
    Bring back aliens, family/generational play, cars, the other, missing NPCs, and open-ended sandbox play with goals that be achieved in multiple ways, EA. :D
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    NeroTrippeNeroTrippe Posts: 66 Member
    The Active Careers is a MUST!
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    yelsha23yelsha23 Posts: 93 Member
    I have just checked my email nothing sim related yet.
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    COOLGAME8013COOLGAME8013 Posts: 3,090 Member
    edited November 2014
    yelsha23 wrote: »
    I have just checked my email nothing sim related yet.
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    MrsBurton27MrsBurton27 Posts: 37 Member
    These all sound incredible! Except I think the Health and Wellness would make a better stuff pack, or a store item...not so much a whole expansion.
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