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The Sims 4 Asylum Challenge



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    TrudyLiteTrudyLite Posts: 8 New Member
    I think these rules are great. Sims 4 is so wide open so why complain about a particular issue. If you fail, so what. Rewrite your own rules!
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    TrudyLiteTrudyLite Posts: 8 New Member
    I'm just saying - there has to be a standard and #simswithcheese has them here. Great job and thank you #simswithcheese!
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    RanabluuRanabluu Posts: 4 New Member
    Hello, I am doing the hard mode portion and would like to know if a grill is sufficient to use? Thank you.
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    AmélieDLAmélieDL Posts: 1 New Member
    Great challenge! I’ve been playing for some hours now and I noticed some of my patients are committing suicide. They do not feed, the do not shower, they do not go to the toilet whereas there is food on the counter and the sower and the toilet aren’t broken. One is already dead…
    Poor sims! I'm actually having a lot of fun!
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    KaileKaile Posts: 2,369 Member
    edited October 2023
    I just completed hard mode of the challenge! I had so many fires (16 to be exact) that my score was definitely in the negative! I calculated about -332 haha! But it's definitely more than that because I lost power and water 4 times! but I wasn't able to figure out for how many days I was without power and water

    If any of you would like to watch my struggle I uploaded the whole ordeal to YouTube:
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