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List of Challenges (Legacy and Other) for Sims 4

Nicarra60Nicarra60 Posts: 2,916 Member
Legacy and other generational challenges Other types of challenges for Sims Building challenges


Please note, if you are creating a challenge, you need to post it on a blog or in the forums. I will not link to challenges in profiles and I prefer not to link to them if they are embedded in YouTube. The forums and most blogs allow discussions which is friendlier.

If you are new, you can still post the url. You just can't link to it directly. So just type or paste in "" or "" in your reply. It's far easier to correctly find the right location that way.

Added Note:

The Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge isn't really a challenge in the sense that everything on the lists above are. It's a personality compatibility test to find a spouse for a Sim. Because of the nature of the contest, the rules are usually changed a lot to suit the player and the Sim looking for a mate. That said, apparently everyone expects it to be on the list. So it's here.
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