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Build Mode Feedback for EA



  • DeanXeLDeanXeL Posts: 289 Member
    @jheyjuneice Yeah, sadly the half wall trim will be there, but for me it's better to match that one with the wall or stair color then to use the default platform choices.

    As for the trim in your 'no floor' problem, it isn't an issue. Since the room you create is an actual room, you can shift + click the inside trim to remove just that one:

    As for the roof clipping, yes, it is a major issue, so far, no options but to match it to the wall (shift + click/drag the eaves of the roof will only extend the front of your roof, not the back, so the back won't clip into your room) the specific room you posted can be fixed not to show the roof or the trim ;)
  • jheyjuneicejheyjuneice Posts: 335 Member
    @DeanXeL Wow I had no idea about shift+click, I've already turned the room in to an extra bathroom which is much more useful lol but thanks!
  • yagwityagwit Posts: 118 Member
    Diagonal Stairs
    Pick screenshots of builds
    Fix platform tool. It destroys everything.
    Fix camera jumping in build mode (2nd level and up.)
    Fix the small space you see in between cabinets. This is a new issue, and it's not a half tile. Started with DreamHomeDeco
  • hellokitty1496hellokitty1496 Posts: 242 Member
    @yagwit There actually is a program that'll let you change your build screenshot(s), but it'll set your content as "cc" because, well, it's a custom. It's the Tray Importer. If you don't want that, then I guess you can either upload it somewhere else for your screenshots to be properly seen or put a disclaimer in your upload description with the right advertisement, like hashtags and such.
  • DeanXeLDeanXeL Posts: 289 Member
    @yagwit not sure what you mean with the platform tool destroying everything. There are as far as I know 2 major issues and one of them is preventable:
    - room height increase when making new rooms in a room or house with platforms (can make furniture disappear etc.) -> build new rooms with the platform tool and then click the black area of the 'walls' and build walls. Lower the platform again after walls are built. If the one tick increase is NOT an option, use the deck tool, but don't forget to rebuild the ceiling afterwards
    - roof clipping: not a new issue, the same issue arises with half walls or fences in a room. Try to build as much as possible roofs up to the building, not into it. (So using half roofs instead of full)

    I'm not saying these issues should not be fixed, just saying you can try to work with them as long as they aren't :)
  • suki_kurosakisuki_kurosaki Posts: 2 New Member
    I don't know where to post this... I just recently have been having issues with the Cypress Terrace lot. Whenever I tried to move the lot to make a foundation it would not move and then won't let me do anything to continue to build. I would grab an item, and not be able to let go or delete them, or try to exit out of the lot as it won't leave the load page, then it won't let me X out of the game from there.
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