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The Disney Princess 10 Gen Challenge!


  • ImmyQuokkaImmyQuokka Posts: 32 Member
    I recently started this challenge and am half way through Snow White. I had a lot to do and my sim was very overworked from having 2 twin children and 3 baby triplets in the house. I hired a babysitter so my sim could go to the spa and have a relaxing day away from kids. Half way through I was told "Your children will be taken away if they're not taken care of". I rushed home to find the babysitter watching TV and jamming out to music while all the children were screaming their heads off. Eventually I got them calmed down but they still got taken away.

    I didn't want to start over with the kids so I decided to adopt the 4 kids I needed to finish the generation (when the other kids got taken away my sim was pregnant with triplets) but the social workers said I couldn't get any more children because I hadn't taken care of the others. :cry:

    I think I'm going to just look after the children I have now until they're adults and then move on. :(
  • comrade_kittycomrade_kitty Posts: 2 New Member
    so can we add princess Eilonwy from black cauldron. it be fun to see how shed fit.
  • Silvia24QueenSilvia24Queen Posts: 4 New Member
    Okay so I was playing this challenge, but things kinda went sideways when I decided that I wanted tiana to run a store but didn’t have dine out, also wanted to make her famous, so I kinda just followed the rules changed some that wouldn’t work with the storyline that I had, and have now written out for you all to compare, let’s just say it’s very different from this original and I did not follow the challenge very well by aurora.

    Generation 1: Snow White "I'm wishing for the perfect life and love" l
    Snow White has been mistreated by her stepmother for many years but now as she grows up, and becomes more beautiful her life is becoming more dangerous. Snow has found her Prince Charming but with a pregnancy upheaving her life, and forcing her to move, does she need more troubles, no but her Prince Charming is not nice and he does not want children, can Snow survive her children growing up as a single mother?
    - Must be female
    - Must have 7 children (dwarfs)
    - Each child must have one negative trait (e.g Gloomy, Glutton)
    - Each child must have the same baby daddy
    - Each child must achieve something before their teenage years - this can be reaching level 5 in a toddler skill, reaching level 3 in all toddler skills, completing their childhood aspiration, or becoming an A grade student in school
    - Snow may never answer the door to strangers or talk to elderly women
    [EPS]: Parenthood - each child must age up with at least one positive character trait. This number can be increased if you're looking for more of a challenge.

    Generation 2: Cinderella "A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep"
    As a Child of Snow White, Cinderella grew up in a household that demands that everyone pitched in and helps around the house, Cinderella knows the Value of hard work, and how important it is that everyone does there best in life. When Cinderella became a teen, her father’s new wife insists that she comes to live with her fathers new family in order to get to know them better, however tragedy strikes when her father dies from unknown causes and she becomes the households maid as her stepmother fires all the servants in order to preserve the household funds. Cinderella hopes for someone for someone to love and marry, to give her the ‘perfect life’.

    - Must have 'Neat' and 'Foodie' traits
    - Must clean the house every day and cook every meal
    - May not marry until her mother dies (This does not have to be of old age, but it may not be cheated)
    - Have a maximum of 3 children

    Generation 3: Tiana "The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work"
    Tiana’s Mother had a so called perfect life, but Tiana is sick of her mother being so accepting of all that happened to her. Tiana wants to rebuild her family reputation and she believes the way to do that is to become famous, Tiana wants to run a store, while also becoming an actor/actress that is very well know and loved. Tiana will become the most famous person in the world, everyone will know her name.
    - Must have 'Ambitious' trait
    - Father must die before the end of YA
    - Must have food Aspiration
    - Must marry a Sim with green (This can be hair, eyes, skin etc)
    - Must Become a Five Star celebrity
    - Must master the Actor Career
    - Can only have one child
    [EPS]: Dine Out - Tiana must own and run her own restaurant/store

    Generation 4: Aurora "I walked with you once upon a dream"
    Aurora grew up in a very famous house hold as a only child, she grew up with everything she wanted, but love. Her mother has always been absorbed with fame and as such never showed much love or care to her child, constantly busy with upholding her fame level and job. Even though her mother loves her, Aurora has never felt that love, and that becomes her life, wanting love no matter what, but that leads her to a life full of trouble in which she has childen with a person who doesn’t love her back and does not treat her well.
    - Must have the 'Lazy' trait.
    - May only have 3 or fewer friends. (Family can count if you wish)
    - Must meet future spouse at night while parents are asleep
    - Elope (you can run away if you wish)
    - Have a maximum of 2 children - (twin girls are preferred if playing Anna or Elsa next)

    Generation 5: Anna and Elsa "We only have each other, it's just you and me"
    Elsa and Anna grew up in an abusive household, in which her father hated her mother and them, treating them badly, Anna’s only friend is Elsa, and Elsa’s only friend is Anna.
    Everything changes when their father dies in an ‘accident’ and their mother finds a new love that treats them well, Anna starts drifting away from Elsa as she meets new people and makes new friends. Elsa discovers magic after Anna starts distancing herself from her, and completely envelopes herself in magic. Will magic be the key to reunion, or will it be the ruin of their relationship.
    - Lose all contact with your sister until YA
    - Find love with a criminal
    - Experience near death at the hands of your lover
    - Find someone new after becoming BFFs with your sister
    - Marry, have one child
    - Must have the 'Loner' trait
    - Must not talk to siblings until YA
    - Must be different in some way
    - Run away as a teenager (Storytellers may have her sister find her and bring her home)
    - Never marry and have an accidental pregnancy (it was an accident, you swear by it)

    Generation 6: Rapunzel "You were wrong about the world, and you were wrong about me"
    Rapunzel was kidnapped at a young age alongside her ‘twin’, all Rapunzel wants in life is to explore the world, however her ‘mother’ refuses to let her out of the house, and as such you have a bad relationship with her and your twin who is the favourite and believes everything mother says. Rapunzel is a loner but not by choice.
    Rapunzel loves painting as it was the one activity she was allowed to do, painting allowed her to imagine a life outside of the houses walls where she was free and found love, making you run away as a teen which lead her to discover her true parentage, later going back and saving her sister from their kidnapped.
    - Must have 'Loner' and 'Art Lover' traits
    - Must reach at least level 8 painting before YA
    - May only ever leave the house for school
    - May never have friends until the wedding
    - Elope - you have no friends anyway, have kids
    [EPS]: Parenthood - Rapunzel can sneak out past curfew

    Generation 7: Belle "People think I'm odd, so I know how it feels to be different"
    Belle always loved books and visited the library often. Belle is the most beautiful in town but she never cared for looks, only the beauty within. Everyone wants you, but you never felt a spark with any of them. You wanted to follow your mothers dreams and find her true love. When Belle becomes a YA, this story begins.
    - Must have 'Bookworm' trait
    - Exlore The jungle
    - Date at least 5 men
    - Meet the man of your dreams - an ugly Sim
    - Marry, have kids
    - Your spouse becomes beautiful (Changed in CAS) after the firstborn child
    [EPS]: Get to Work - Belle's spouse is different as they are an alien.

    Generation 8: Mulan "Could it be, that if I were truly to be myself, I would break my family's heart"
    Mulan was born a male, but never felt right as a male, but was alwayed scared to transition for the fear of her parents being disgusted and disowning you, you love fighting and active sports but your family tended to be the traditional sort. When Mulan moves out she begins the transition from male to female, and eventually discovers that her family doesn’t care for her gender because they love her for her, she discovers her mother’s past as an explorer and their family’s history.
    - Must have 'Active' trait
    - Must join Athlete career
    - Fall in love with a co-worker once you reach the top of the career choice
    - Marry, have kids
    [EPS]: Get Famous - Mulan's becomes famous though her career choices, and she quickly rises to fame through her achievements

    Generation: Moana "One day I'll know, how far I'll go"
    You grew up as the heir to a legacy, born to continue of the fame of your mother; however, you love the sea and you want to save the sea. You know your choices make you who you are and you hope that one day the sea will be healthy once more. You also love to collect items and aspire to discover all the treasures of the sea.
    - Must have the 'Loves the Outdoors' trait.
    - Must have 'Curator' aspiration
    - Must have a close relationship with her Grandmother (who dies before Moana becomes a YA)
    - Move away from home and meet Maui and become BBFs with him.
    - Marry and have children
    [EPS]: Island living - Moana must move to Sulani and save the ocean.

    Generation: Ariel "Someday I'll be part of your world"
    Born in Sulani, you alwayed dreaming of swimming in the deep dark waters of the deepest parts in the waters of Sulani, your dreams also imagined you with a mermaid tail, and when you discovered that mermaids were real you made it your life’s mission to do all you could to become a mermaid. After achieving your dreams you meet the man of your dreams and had many children.
    - Must have a 'Loves the Outdoors' trait
    - Must go for a swim in the ocean every day
    - Must marry a beautiful Sim with at least one trait the same as your own
    - Have kids
    [EPS] Island Living - Ariel is a mermaid.

    Generation 9: Jasmine "A whole new world, a hundred thousand things to see"
    You hated living on the ocean and hated finding sand everywhere. When you find raja you find comfort in them, but nowhere else. All your mother wants is for you to be happy and find love, but you want away from the ocean. When Jasmine becomes a teenager this story begins.
    - Have a best friend (Raja)
    - If born a mermaid, you trade your legs for freedom to a evil being
    - You runaway from home after you find raja
    - Must marry a Gamer
    - Her lover must be in the tech guru career
    - Have a maximum of 4 children
    [EPS]: Cats and Dogs - Raja must be a pet and reach companions while a teen

    Generation 10: Merida "If you had the chance to change your fate, would you?"
    Your mother never wanted you feel anyway like how she felt at your age. You never wanted for everything but couldn’t give up on adventures that would give your parents nightmares, you were nearly always grounded, you never understood your parents worries and never stopped trying your best to live life to the fullest. Your passions leads you to a very dark life.

    - Have the 'Self Assured' trait
    - You do not believe in marriage never marry
    - You believe you are cursed- become the best you can
    [EPS]: Vampires - Merida must become a vampire as a YA and find a partner that you turned into a vampire

    Generation: Pocahontas "You think I'm a monster, I will prove you wrong”
    You come from different worlds, yet the love of your life is forbidden by your family. When Pocahontas becomes a teenager this story begins.
    -Fall in love with a human if vampire
    -Marry them
    -Run away and elope
    -Have a maximum of 4 kids
    [EPS]: Vampires - Pocahontas must be born a vampire

    Generation: Raya "The world's broken. You can't trust anyone."
    You grew up in a divided world, with conflict all around you. Your Parents could never stop arguing about your mother’s differences, when tragedy happens you believe you will never trust anyone again.
    - Must lose her parents as a child
    - Have a pet that is your best friend (Tuk Tuk)
    - Explore the world as a young adult but never find love
    - Make enemies with a rival but work together to save the world
    - Never have children
    [EPS]: Strangerville - Use the Strangerville story to be the reason you never have children - fighting motherplant makes you infertile
  • ImmyQuokkaImmyQuokka Posts: 32 Member
    I tried this like 5 times (1 failed because after giving birth to the first child, Snow's boyfriend didn't want to have another, 2 failed for the same reason, 3 I ran out of money, 4 my children got taken away) and I have finally finished this generation (I might've found it harder because I got it from somewhere that Snow couldn't marry or move in with the kids' father??).

    I am doing Belle next and I am going to make her marry her ex boyfriend (She first started dating him because he was rich, but thought he was ugly, now Belle has changed her perspective) and after they move in together I am going to make her a famous author and have their child be Rapunzel.

    When Rapunzel becomes a toddler, I will make her be taken away by Mother Gothel in the night. When Rapunzel becomes a Teen, I will wait until a thief comes during the night and he/she will meet Rapunzel and show her the outside world. Rapunzel will sneak out with them every night after curfew until she is a YA were she will elope and find he real parents. ((then have 2 kids (Twins).

    Ella (Cinderella)
    Growing up, Ella's sister always seemed to be the favourite, she was showered with gifts and money since she was born whereas Ella only really got her hand-me-down clothing. On top of this, Ella always found herself doing the cooking and cleaning especially when her father got taken away (as he was a thief he was taken to jail and never came back) after this her mother had depression and Ella had to deal with looking after her too. ((Eventually this got to much for her and she eloped having 1 child.

    As a child Tiana always knew about her family's past and knew how hard it was for her mother. Because of this she was always trying to help out wherever she could. Her family didn't have that much money but they owned a small restaurant and Tiana was always determined to make it famous. ((Marry have 1 child.

    While Aurora was growing up her mother and father where always busy, whether it was doing laundry, cooking meals or working at the restaurant. Aurora never had to do any chores and was brought up to be quite lazy as her parents where doing everything and she had a lot of free time alone to do whatever she wanted and life was quite easy on her. ((Marry, 1 kid.

    Moana had quite a free life living by the ocean, there was only 1 rule in her house; Never go beyond the reef. Despite never being able to go close to water, she and her Grandma have always shared a passion for it. Elope to live in an island, have 1 child.

    Ariel got her loving of water from her mother, and in her childhood games she always imagined herself as a mermaid. Her passion was so strong she let herself be tempted into becoming one. In order to come back, she had to find true love amongst her kind.#

    That is as far as I have gotten :p
  • comrade_kittycomrade_kitty Posts: 2 New Member
    so since werewolf pack is out how about if you have it belle gets with a werewolf (beast). just a thought about ugly sims that gets cured
  • Andresfamily0625Andresfamily0625 Posts: 1 New Member
    I am doing the challenge I am wondering what I should do since one of my toddlers got taken away should I keep going or start over
  • pameler417pameler417 Posts: 51 Member
    On this now! Gotta break up my Disney Dreamlight Valley gameplay :D If you have any interest in seeing my version of your challenge play out I'll be doing it on my Tumblr!
  • jheyjuneicejheyjuneice Posts: 335 Member
    I started this challenge years ago but I've finally gotten to my Gen 3 (Mulan, daughter of Cinderella) as a teen.



    She inherited her mother's hips.

    I haven't made a recent post but my blog is here.

    Shoutout to anyone else dragging their feet on this challenge like I am :D Also if you're blogging, I'd love to read yours, too.
  • Simsgirl4life90Simsgirl4life90 Posts: 2 New Member
    I wanna do this challenge but I'm not gonna start with Snow White and her seven kids. I'm gonna start with Cinderella and have her end up being Snow White's or Aurora's mom instead and go from there. I want one of Snows kids to be Ariel since Ariel is the youngest of seven. Ariel might become Mulan or Merida's mom or something. But I definitely want to start with a non royal princess who marries into the royalty first.
  • Simsluver24Simsluver24 Posts: 1 New Member
    I just started this challenge and am already overwhelmed!
  • Silvi89Silvi89 Posts: 2 New Member
    Will you updated this challenges? I love this, just started with ibfant, and it is a totally disaster,, 😂 help.. 😂
  • JideobiJideobi Posts: 1 New Member
    That looks awesome.
  • Cocosims20Cocosims20 Posts: 1 New Member
    I’ve decided to make mine with a Tarzan gen, I wanted one male heir and I decided to switch it up

    If interested the rules for Tarzan gen are
    Both your parents must die before teenage years
    Live off the grid until YA
    Only leave the island once your spouse is pregnant, you can not do this till you are 10 days away or less from becoming an adult
    Have the Active trait
    Have no more than 2 children
    Must max out the fishing skill
    You can only communicate with your spouse for all your YA and half your adult life
  • SheepilingSheepiling Posts: 579 Member
    Could we please get an additional optional generation based on Asha from Wish? <3
  • kutycornkutycorn Posts: 2 New Member
    hello! i stumbled upon this challenge and i am starting it! i really like the idea, i created my Snow White sim and i hope to complete all the princesses :D
  • mallmarrmallmarr Posts: 57 Member
    hello. I haven't been on this page for ages. I've actually been through a massive playing slump. But now I'm back in full force. My story is alive again. I'm currently on generation 8a Rapunzel and 8b Ariel. There are so many princesses that I like, that I decided to have two heiresses as daughters of Elsa and Anna.
  • TerryKasperTerryKasper Posts: 24 Member
    Hi hello, been a while. When was Raya's generation added? Was there a reason why in a generation about Raya and the Last Dragon there's zero mention of the last dragon? No Sisu anywhere... Why?
    TerryCorvus @ Origin ID
    Kasp @ MTS

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