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Reset a lot to its original state

How can I reset a lot to exactly the way it was before I tinkered with it? I copied a house over to an empty lot in Oasis, but after bulldozing it it still doesn't reset it. The mailbox for example is not the same as the one that was originally there. Not even sure if it's in the same place. I just want the original lot back :(


  • eiphos1212eiphos1212 Posts: 1,008 Member
    What you could do is start a new game and copy that original lot in your untouched town to your library/gallery/whatever they call it in sims 4. Then you can just paste that original version from the fresh, untouched town into your town that you are playing, and hey-presto!
  • 8banshee8banshee Posts: 44 Member
    Cheers. I'll go and do that right now!
  • BamajamBamajam Posts: 811 Member
    I'm not sure you can. Make sure I understand the issue: You had an empty residential lot...placed a house on it....bulldozed it...then you say "it doesn't reset?" It should be a blank yard with a mailbox. There are different mailboxes so maybe the mailbox you had in your copy didnt get bulldozed and just remains there. I know you can move the mailbox if you want to reposition it though.
  • 8banshee8banshee Posts: 44 Member
    Exactly as you just said, the mailbox didn't replace with the original one that was there and I couldn't change it either. But I did as eiphos1212 said, made a new game, copied the original empty lot into my library and then went back to my first game and just replaced it.
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