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Need Help to Resolve Amore Venue Entry Issue *FIXED*

MarLin114MarLin114 Posts: 1,724 Member
Good evening :smile:

I've finally finished working on the Last Venue of Amore and I'm currently testing it in-game. I've run into a problem where all of the non-actives who come to the lot try to get onto the property on the right-hand side of the lot where there is absolutely no space. They stand around for a little while and then get reset back to their home lots.

I've tried to set the cathedral building's front door as the 'front door' but I don't get that option. I've removed the arches, changed the door and still am not able to set a front door.

I set the front of lot several times and everyone still heads for that right corner.

I'm out of ideas and open to suggestions or fixes.

ETA: The word Help(!). *mumbling to myself* All that work and Sims can't figure out how to get on the lot. *grumble*

*After thinking about it for a few hours, I might have to try turning the lot and having a different front *sad face*

*** ISSUE Fixed! I figured out why I could not set the main door to the cathedral as the 'Front Door.' The arches under the door/entry area were preventing the option to set a front door. I had removed the arches over the door earlier, not thinking about the arches under the blasted door. The lot would not have looked right if I had to turn it. *my head hurts*
a.k.a. - Linda
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