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I have 932 sim points to gift/give away.

Hi everyone :) So my Sims 4 fever took over and I don't think I'm going to be playing Sims 3 anymore. I still have points which I would like to give away to people who still play the game. Whoever makes me laugh the most gets the points. (You just need to explain to me how to transfer the points to you/gift you items as I've never done it before)

Feel free to post jokes, funny pictures etc. I am pregnant with awful sickness and could use some cheering up :) I will choose the winner tomorrow.

Have fun!



  • ThelessyThelessy Posts: 1,748 Member
    This is an oldie, but it made me laugh really hard the first time I read it!

    Hope you feel better soon, congratulations!

    To gift someone you find items on their wishlist and give them items that add up to the right amount of simpoints.
  • dorotkaeladorotkaela Posts: 142 Member
    That was hilarious, Thelessy :#
  • Mmmyrs2Mmmyrs2 Posts: 1,348 Member
    edited August 2014


    How far are you? I was so sick with my little girl the first trimester! Blah!
  • dorotkaeladorotkaela Posts: 142 Member
    21 weeks @mmmyrs2 It's better than it was (for a while I could barely keep water down) but I still don't feel great. On a positive note we've just found out it's a boy :# I'm excited to start shopping :#
  • Mmmyrs2Mmmyrs2 Posts: 1,348 Member
    Baby shower for you planned yet? Man I got alot at mine! I hope you feel so much better. I started feeling better around 16 weeks.
  • dorotkaeladorotkaela Posts: 142 Member
    No baby shower for me. We've only moved to this city last year and (sad as it sounds) I don't really know that much people. My best friend lives nearby, but I can't expect her to throw me the shower by herself lol But my parents said they will get us a lot of stuff so we should be able to manage :)
  • leelujackleelujack Posts: 390 Member
    As a parent this always makes me laugh :) for some reason i am not able to post links :(

    on the sims 3 website you can search wishlists in the store section on the right hand side my username is leelujack or ask people to post you a direct link to theirs and you have the option to gift them items

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  • yz2907yz2907 Posts: 1,680 Member
    All of my memes are on my other computer but how about these?

    Can you gift my friend instead? http://store.thesims3.com/myWishlist.html?persona=brighty
  • dorotkaeladorotkaela Posts: 142 Member
    That was hysterical, leelujack. Loved it :)
  • TnT_TerryTnT_Terry Posts: 6,609 Member
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    Awwwe so sorry to here you are having such a hard time, hope things turn around quickly so you can enjoy this special moment in your life ;) I just had to cheer you up some, or at least try. I own the entire sims 3 store so I would have you gift all the new peeps in the landingpad to bring smiles to many.






    Super squishy hugz ;)
    I am a sims 3 Store Owner Thanks to all my Amazing friends here!

  • dorotkaeladorotkaela Posts: 142 Member
    lol, yz2907, that can't be real! lol
  • leelujackleelujack Posts: 390 Member
    congrats on having a boy :) I hope you feel better soon.

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  • dorotkaeladorotkaela Posts: 142 Member
    great stuff, tnt_terry! You own the whole store? wow I'm jealous :)
  • monday_34monday_34 Posts: 211 Member
    Congratulations on the baby! Hope this will make you laugh - it's my favorite pun!

    I could post links yesterday, but I get an error message now. :(

    so imagine a cat sitting at a teachers desk with a chalkboard behind it. it is wearing glasses and a bowtie. The joke is:

    what do you do with a sick chemist?

    if you can't helium, and you can't curium, then you might as well barium.

    As @Thelessy said, you just "gift" items off of someones wishlist. you can search for them by username.
  • SimsAddiction968SimsAddiction968 Posts: 1,218 Member
    Congratulations on a baby!!

    Our favorite story of our kids is from when I was pregnant with #4. I had miscarried and our oldest was 4. She understood that the baby died. So when I was pregnant so quick with #4 she got scared every time I went to the doctors. It came time for us to have an ultrasound so my husband took some time off work and we took her with us.

    I was taken back to have all the technical stuff done while daddy/daughter waited. After a while she asked "Where's mommy?'
    My husband trying to tell her where I was so that she would understand said "Well they are taking pictures of the baby to see if it's alright."
    Without missing a beat my precious child asks "Are they going to put her back when they are done?"

    The waiting room was packed that day.

    As the other simmers have said you can search user names or ask for a link to their wishlist.
    I will be playing Sims 4 eventually but as of right now I'm not done with 3. I still get the urge to go back and play 1 and 2.
    HI! My name is SimsAddiction968
    I discovered Sims 1 summer 2001 when my youngest was 1 yr old.
    I bought all Eps & Sps for Sims 2 as they were released.
    I even bought Sims games for our consoles and handhelds.
    I have bought all Sims 3 Eps & Sps as the were released.
    I have held my grandson while playing. He is now 5 and plays FreePlay.
    I have pre ordered Sims 4. I have the Sims 2 mouse and waiting on Sims 4 mouse.
    I have a Freezer Bunny tattoo and a bracelet tattoo of the Sims 2 aspirations.

    YES! I am addicted to The Sims no matter the form.
  • dorotkaeladorotkaela Posts: 142 Member
    Thanks to everyone who posted :) The winner is leelujack. That link is absolutely hilarious! The runner up is thelessy :) I will gift both of you in the next few minutes :) xxx
  • dorotkaeladorotkaela Posts: 142 Member
    Leelujack - just sent you the violin. Thelassy - you got a hairstyle and a dress. Thanks again for taking part everyone :) My simpoints are gone. I'm ready for Sims 4 :) xxx
  • leelujackleelujack Posts: 390 Member
    such a wonderful surprise when I woke this morning :) Thankyou for the generous gift *hugs*

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  • dorotkaeladorotkaela Posts: 142 Member
    leelujack wrote: »
    such a wonderful surprise when I woke this morning :) Thankyou for the generous gift *hugs*

    my pleasure :)
  • lydiad206lydiad206 Posts: 3,747 Member
    I hope your morning sickness passes soon! Here's a cute photo of cats wearing socks:

  • brandi22brandi22 Posts: 3,949 Member




    I hope you feel better soon! I don't have any little ones, but my sister has two and she went through some tough times with morning sickness. But now she has two healthy little ones and she loves being a mom!

    Hope the pictures helped brighten your day :)
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  • tamalinntamalinn Posts: 1,435 Member
    What did the shoes say to the pants?

  • Moon_WillowMoon_Willow Posts: 704 Member
    For shear AW value...

    The Road goes ever on and on And I must follow, if I can,
    Until it joins some larger way,
    Where many paths and errands meet.
  • khsoreokhsoreo Posts: 4 New Member
    Did you give away all your points?
  • AttheedgeofusAttheedgeofus Posts: 69 New Member
    ^ I'd like to know, too!
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