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Another Steampunk set...Please? PETITION [Pics Galore!] 34 Sigs & Counting!

As I mentioned here, here and here, as well as countless other threads, we NEEDS another steampunk set! BADLY. Sure, we've got a ton of stuff in Midnight Hollow and four sets dedicated to this aesthetic. However, two of them are SUPER small and the cas set hardly does steampunk justice. :cry:

So, here, I'd like to gather our ideas for a truly amazing steampunk set. :mrgreen:


Feel free to add pics, ideas, comments, and support! :wink:



In a nutshell, it's what the past would look like if the future had happened sooner.

There is...

1)Medieval Steampunk
2)Victorian Steampunk
3)Wild West Steampunk
4)Modern/Industrial Steampunk

All of which, incorporate science fiction with the times.

If your a fan of...

Doctor Who
The Golden Compass
Alice in Wonderland
Wild Wild West
Sherlock Holmes
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

You just might be a fan of steampunk. :)



LONG, layered/ Bustle skirts/dress (Some examples in the links above)
Victorian Hairstyles
Victorian militaria outfits/casually worn-think soldiers turned adventurers
Glenngary hat for both genders and a Fez hat
More hairstyles with goggles
Masks for masquerade ball
Pilot hat with goggles
Hats with veils
Winged hats
Top Hats with feathers and a variation of hairstyles to go along with them
Victorian hats (Similar to the one in More Magic)and different hairstyles to go along with them
Hats shaped like a teacup for women
New Facial hair: Victorian mustaches/beards!
Glasses: One eye Spectacle/monocle, rounded glasses, pince nez, sunglasses, AND goggles that can be worn like regular glasses
Accessories: Compass, locket, Cameo necklace, goggles, binoculars, poison bottles, big purse/bag hanging over the shoulder, brooches, backpack (maybe some type of cool gadget...Time machine, perhaps? Ghostbusters?)

Plumbing: copper pipes, pressure gauges, cogs/gears, cranks and pulleys and ropes and grates/ generic old world plumbing
Steampunk laundry set
A non-functioning water wheel or just a plain old large wheel for decor- MUST be vertical :!: WE GOT IT AND IT WORKS, TOO!
Clock windows
Industrial furniture
Wrought iron gates/fences/doors/arches
Cage lift elevator
Art nouveau wallpapers
Patterns: rust/rivets/steel plates
Suitcases (the more the merrier!)
Knitting/Yarn Basket/Needle/supplies
Marine Life: Octopus, Squids, Nautilus, etc. -Could be statues or placed on things like hats and cars, for example.
Gas Mask and Bird Mask
Message/Ship in a bottle
My Adventure Book, Just like UP! (But in Simlish)
Weird, syfy contraptions made of old scraps, instruments, light bulbs, etc...
Mechanical pets/critters: Bats, spiders, squirrels, owls, cats, dogs, YOU NAME IT
Lots and lots of toys (Maybe Puppets dangling from ceiling like in Polar Express?)
Robots like R2D2 and C3PO
Flying Machines- Hot Air Balloon, Airships, Wings, Blimp
Submarine door and a submarine diving helmet statue
Phone booth or old phone
Old, ripped up map
Lock and Key
Light Bulbs
Picture of a cat with a hat on and a curly mustache... Heck, any type of animal fox, wolf, octopus, owl, will ROCK this look
Manikin (See Hugo)
An attachable observatory for our builds, similar to the science building in Midnight Hollow
Old Movie Projector
Clocks: Grandfather
Transportation: Vintage bikes and cars

Premium Content

Sewing Machine
Typewriter/Notepad without bad moodlet for technophobes- sims could write letters with this rather than chatting online. Technophobes really NEED an alternative to the computer and blogging on phone
Journal to write in, which has all the options from the computer to write books as well as the option to write a diary. Sims would be able to read aloud from it and pass on the family "story"- animations similar to telling ghost stories, where pictures are shown above the sims head
Walking sticks for men (?)
Horse Drawn Carriage
Pulley System
Crafting table
Large, horizontal, moving propellers perfect for ships
Tea Set :!: - has been confirmed for JULY release
Steam Engine
Ship building kit for all ages- two people could work on it at once for bonding experience
Instruments: Harmonica (What would you like to see?)


Observatory and airship propellers
Victorian Hats and round glasses
Artwork!Cars! Octopus! Canes! And CRITTERS!
Pipes and Plumbing! Syfy contraptions! CLOCK WINDOW! Nuts & Bolts! Cogs! Light Bulbs! Interior Design!
Victorian Clothing and Hair - includes facial hair for men, as well
A beautiful dress
Steampunk Convention
Transportation - includes a horse drawn carriage!!!
Custom Content
Facial Hair and Glasses - includes monocles and pince nez
Profile artwork - looks VERY Sims 4-like
Gorgeous Architecture!
Victorian militaria
Kids and Elders - very cool old photos
Alice and Wonderland - steampunkified
BUSTLE SKIRTS for the ladies!!!!! AND hats!
Clothing for men, winged hat, and contraptions
Unique finds from pinterest
VERY beautiful windows/doors, an awesome pipe chimney and suitcases
A teacup chandelier! A Hot Air Balloon Chandelier! A beautiful bathroom! A submarine door! beautiful clock you've ever seen...EVER!
Now, this is what steampunk clothing looks like!!!
You guessed it! MORE clothing
FURNITURE and an AMAZING Typewriter. Me WANTS!
Jewelry, hats, shoes, and household items/clutter
Just, just LOOK!
Cool Glasses
Head wear for the ladies, also includes a picture of a steampunk wolf
FURNITURE and household items from Restoration Hardware - Guys might like this 8)
More furniture from restoration hardware - guys might like this, too 8)


PETITION SIGNATURES :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

1. 60smusicluvr
2. BlkBarbiegal
3. AmaraRena
4. murfeel
5. kellycot1
6. SeriphinaFyie
7. guzzi15
8. chopin27
9. Shogo_Yahagi
10. Nyosim
11. emmiemouse
12. HollownessDevour
13. chips46
14. MandyCandy77
15. anettesb
16. WhimsicalWind
17. candy8
18. simhead70
19. MeaganJo
20. Cinderellimouse
21. Amby316
22. 2Mahawk
23. Grandmothergamer
24. Karritz
25. kateoverend
26. Alitoni
27. Tojax
28. Tailli
29. MiaSkywalker
30. RacerPQR
31. MarLin114
32. RoseRidge
33. MU333
34. Writin_Reg

To be updated, regularly


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