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Sims 3 Survival Island Challenge

Please tell me if this is already a challenge so I won't get complaints. Thank you! ^.^

Welcome to the survival island challenge. In this challenge, you start out on an island. But you are not alone. Another sim (of the opposite gender) is stranded along with you. You both fight to survive and maybe even fall in love...

~Of course you can not do cheats for mastering skills, have more money, or cheats for relationships with other sims.
~You can not have any electronics or things that require electricity. Ex. A stove cannot be used.
~I suggest that you do not use expansion packs
~You cannot build any shelter until you reach level 1 of the gardening and fishing skill.
~Do not use your phone. Put it on silent.
~You cannot have quick meals from anywhere! That is not spending time to gather food yourself.

Getting started
You must create 2 sims. A boy and a girl. They should only be housemates. Loves the outdoors,green thumb, and angler are some traits that are great to start with. Since they got stranded, they should have some ripped clothing or clothing that is not very fancy at all and meant for hot weather. The girl's hair should not be faboo either. It should be up in a bun or ponytail.
When you spawn into the world, which I made a custom world for you to use, you have to choose the one of the 2 lots. There are plants everywhere and a pond for you to fish at and sell the fish for extra money.
You start out with only 1000 simoleons. Use this to buy a bed, bath, and toilet.
You can't have shelter until you reach level 5 of the fishing and gardening skill and/or until you have 5000+ simoleons.

The goal is to master the gardening and fishing skill. Also to build a house so you can have the next generation of children who will continue to survive. Marry your starter sims. You have completed the challenge once you have made a 3 story house with 3+ bedrooms and 2+ bathrooms.
This is indeed a very short challenge. But i really hope you enjoyed it and this is a survival challenge on an island, and when you are stranded its kinda hard to do things like watch TV and use a phone. Also, since there aren't any community lots or other sims, you can't do much. But I tried this challenge and it is very challenging! So please feel free to try it out! Also, I haven't figured out how to upload files to the internet so I don't know how to upload the custom island. But I will once I figured it out. But until then, you can't really do the challenge. Just share this challenge and figure out how you are going to survive so you will be ready to play. Thank you for reading my challenge!
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