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One With Nature - Video Review



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    WeealbetWeealbet Posts: 1,105 Member
    edited October 2013
    I am new to your reviews and really liked it!
    You show what there is, with no BS. It's also funny, and simple.
    That was a really good idea with the tree divider & window, but of course, you already are probably sick of hearing that. :lol:
    I also really like PHOTO TREE, & have a tabletop one made of brass in real-life.
    It holds 14 pics in ovals hanging off the branches. 14 because you can flip the tree front or back.
    (It's very precious to me since it's pics of my 3 kids growing up, sooo adorable) :D

    BTW, one of the "things" is a coat rack, isn't it? :lol:
    Would have been more cool if it let Sims hang their outwear on them, but I know that's too much to expect...

    I still think it's a cute set! The end table reminds me of the end table from supernatural, but slightly different style of it. (both ARE "twig-style").
    You have just made a new fan of your videos!
    Thanks for making these. :mrgreen:

    Thank you so much!!

    I love little nic-naks like the tree in real life. I think that with all the mass-produced furniture and items we get these days, it's nice having something like that which we can truly make our own? Does that make sense? And, as you have done, it doesn't just become something sat to the side and never noticed, but something which tells the story of your childs lives. No one else will have that, nor will they get the memories you'll have flooding back when you look at it! Sorry, I babbled on there haha!!

    I'm terrible for naming things 'things' when I can't remember what they are called haha!! The beauty of video over writing is that you guys will see what I'm trying to name (and hopefully get a little giggle out of it!). It would be a neat little feature to hang stuff on there, but I doubt we will ever get that :(
    SmithMarsh wrote:
    Thank you, your reviews are, without exception, good and detailed!

    Thank you so much!! It really means a lot to me that you think that :)
    This set will work well if I ever get back to building my mountain retreat resort in Hidden Springs. And can't really beat the sale price.

    If I remember rightly, you were making the resort a while ago? I think it was you. It reminded me that I haven't played in Hidden Springs but your resort made me want to play in it lol.

    The price was a welcome surprise! We get a lot of content even at normal price! The sale just makes it better! :D
    Great review!
    Squeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! :shock: :D
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