Lucky Palms or Sunlit Tides?

Hi guys, I need your opinions, I've got some simpoints, never bought a store world before and I can't decide whether to get LP or ST??? I love both worlds and I just can't decide :oops:

Which world did you prefer?
Which do you think has the most content?
Which did you get the most fun out of?

EDIT: I'm only getting the standard version, just thought I should mention.


  • CorininiCorinini Posts: 134 Member
    edited June 2013
    I only have lucky palms, although I want sunlit tides, mostly for the build items to customize island paradise once it comes out. They are both beautiful worlds. Depends on what you are going for. The one thing I've heard a bunch of times though is sunlit tides, while beautiful, is harder to play in because it takes a while to get around, and there are fewer empty lots. Also lucky palms has a lot of big empty lots, and it's flat, so if you like building or adding things from other expansions that's probably your best bet. I love lucky palms, it's one of the easiest worlds to actually play in, and there is all sorts of fun drama with the pre-made sims.
  • CwayvaaCwayvaa Posts: 52 New Member
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    Thanks for the reply :D

    I bought Lucky Palms in the end, I felt like I could have more a story there and it just looked amazing, hopefully when IP comes out ST will go on sale, until then I'll just have to wait :)
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