June 2nd - It's time for our Friday Highlights! You can check them out here!

Post your favorite build/buy descriptions!

I think the funniest content in the game is found in build/buy. My favorite is the Cornucopia Toybox from Supernatural:

The Cornucopia Toybox and Life Lesson Generator is the perfect companion for your children! It will teach them the value of boring, repetitive tasks, like putting small things in a box. It will teach them that everything fun eventually comes to an end. It will remind them that each time they add a new toy to their expanding play narrative, they are increasing the size of the mess they will soon be responsible for. Buy a Cornucopia for your children, and you're practically done being a parent!

I've barely scratched the surface and I don't have all the packs, so I would love to see some other choice descriptions. :D
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