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More Interactions

Hi, I'm Erin. I've been playing the sims for a while now, an have realized a lack of real life everyday interactions. Like holding hands well walking, introducing boyfriend/girlfriend to your parent's, giving someone a dirty look, LYING! It seems like you cant lie. to have secret admirers or crushes. Also, toddlers can just go around the house, without any worry of them getting hurt, there is no way to put a baby up for adoption! That is a big part of everyday life. I would love it if siblings could get jealous of sisters/brothers. I would LOVE more interactions! Please say if you would like any of these interactions, or if there's any more I didn't mention you would like to see, (also, there' a lot more I want, but I didn't just want to list any more), Thanks for reading. :D


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    10eliblue10eliblue Posts: 2,280 New Member
    edited February 2013
    Well, you could be banned just by saying those 2 words...
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    JudilandJudiland Posts: 2,332 Member
    edited February 2013
    Mentioning anything that might raise the rating on the game above teen is against the forum rules. You may want to edit your post, and yes more interactions are always awesome, as long as they don't raise the rating.
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