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Kathy & Benito Schlick (Slayer-Schlick) YA Vamps & Humans

Here's another set of siblings that were born in-game while I was playing and keeping watch over the vampire families I transplanted (from Bridgeport). Kathy and Benito were born in-game to Elvira Slayer and Vladimir Schlick. Elvira and Vlad were married in-game and they all made a lovely family.

Kathy Schlick YA Vampire


Kathy Schlick YA Human


Benito Schlick YA Vampire


Benito Schlick YA Human


:) Luvs the vamps (most of them anyway). There's that one in Moonlight Falls...he's really mean-spirited.
a.k.a. - Linda


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    MarLin114MarLin114 Posts: 1,724 Member
    edited February 2013
    Sorry the pics are so big, I resized them to 512x512 (blush).
    a.k.a. - Linda
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