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Who's Behind That Door? *Fun Little Game! Round One Open!*


Who's Behind That Door? It's up to you to find out!!

The way this works is pretty simple. There are three Sims playing, and one of them is behind the door! You will have to figure out which one of them is actually behind the door. To do this, you can ask yes or no questions about the sim. Eventually, you should have enough information to know who the sim behind the door is!
The pictures of the possible sims will be shown below, as well as the answered questions. Use these as references for asking your questions and figuring out who is behind the door!
There are no prizes for this game. It is just a fun little game that I hope you'll enjoy participating in! However, if there is someone kind and generous enough with a few spare simpoints and is interested in gifting one of the winners, I would love a sponsor! But I don't expect that, I just expect to have a fun time hosting this little game!
There will be multiple rounds. If you don't get an opportunity for one round, just join the next round! I'd love to have you play!
If you win, you can create/choose a Sim for the game! You will have to take a picture of your sim on a blank background or in CAS. Please follow these guidelines:
-No cc!
-Please give the link to your photo at original size. If you'd like, you can also link to a 320x240 copy if you're feeling helpful :P But it isn't required!
Other Rules
.|. Play as many times as you want! No matter if you win, lose, skip a round, whatever! Just come and play whenever you feel!
.|. Please only post one question per post!
.|. Try not to ask obvious questions...we want the game to be as fun as possible!
.|. These rules are subject to change as this game goes on!
.|. Please post 'Puppy' somewhere in your first post on this thread to show you have fully read this post! Your questions will be ignored until you do, but you'll of course receive a friendly reminder ;)

Current Round: Door #1

(click image for full size)
Sim #1
Sim #2
Sim #3



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