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Other Sims Can See Imaginary Friend

This may or may not be new, but it's something I just learned yesterday while playing my game. Sims can sometimes see other sim's Imaginary Friends.

I currently have 3 generations in the same household. Melanie (who is a young adult) received an IF doll that she still has a good relationship with. Her niece Danielle just aged up from a child to a teen, and she has a good relationship with her IF also.

On the night of Danielle's birthday party, some family members and friends were in the living room. Danielle's IF (Jon) was sitting on the sofa. Melanie walked within a few sim-feet away from the sofa, put her hand up to her mouth (surprised) and she had a thought bubble above her with Danielle's IF's picture in it.

Surprised the heck out of me because I thought that other sims couldn't see them. Okay, I thought, maybe other sims that have good relationships with their own IF dolls can see them. That was proven untrue (to me) when Sebastian Vanderburg of Hidden Springs was shooing Melanie's IF from the bedroom. Maybe he didn't actually see it but he knew that someone else was in the room.

Cool discovery if you have Imaginary Friends in your game :D

Sorry, but can't remember how to add screenshots to forum posts so I'll add PhotoBucket links if you want to see the shots I got. - Families/Shawkti Family/Shawkti Family Part 7/?action=view&current=Screenshot-77.jpg - Families/Shawkti Family/Shawkti Family Part 7/?action=view&current=Screenshot-78-1.jpg - Families/Shawkti Family/Shawkti Family Part 7/?action=view&current=Screenshot-80.jpg - Families/Shawkti Family/Shawkti Family Part 7/?action=view&current=Screenshot-81.jpg - Families/Shawkti Family/Shawkti Family Part 7/?action=view&current=Screenshot-108.jpg
a.k.a. - Linda


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