CAW Rabbit Hole Base Sizes [Updated for Supernatural]

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I'm a Create a World-aholic. I often create and play with custom worlds, even if its just to pass hours and not to upload and play. In doing so, I constantly needed rabbit hole lot sizes and list of community lots and searching the internet for 🤔🤔🤔🤔 lists wasn't truly reliable. So I made this thread for a full list of rabbit hole base sizes.

I only have the lots from the games I own, so if you have more that aren't listed, please post them and I will add them!

I listed them all alphabetically and have indicated whether the lot is wide or long in terms of the front door versus the road.

Always Studeous Bookstore L 10x15

Appaloosa Plains Civic Center W 35x23

Atheletic Announcement Sign W 2x9

Bachelor Stadium W 50x32

(Red)Barn L 19x11

Bloom Institute of Wellness W 25x28

Broadstreet Business Tower and Grill W 22x36

Brunston's Boxcar W 9x10

Butterfield Family Mausoleum L 7x0

Butterfly Pavilion W 51x57

C-Ment Shoe Factory W 41x47

Captain Jack's Theatre L 17x23

Chinese Mausoleum L 10x7

City Government Complex W 32x49

City Hall Bridgport W 49x21

Dragon Valley City Hall W 21x10

Drake's School of Life and Learning W 37x53

Lucky Palms City Hall W 49x21

Monte Vista City Hall L 40x39

City Hall Riverview W 21x32

Sunlit Tides W 16x26

City Hall Sunset Valley or City Hall Twinbrook W 21x49

Coconut Palms Medical Facility N/A 25x35

Coliseum N/A 46x46

Commwealth Court W 30x43

Community School for the Gifted W 21x35

County Care general Hospital W 24x33*
*Awning Pillars do not register

Crestview School and Stadium W 32x57

Darris Teeter Art Theatre L 26x21

Darris Teeter Grocery and The Koffi Cafe W 18x23

Deja Vu Theatre L 27x18

Desert Arms Military Base N/A 42x42

Desert Diner W 11x18

Divisadero Budget Books L 15x10

Doo Peas Corperate Towers Sunset Valley or Doo Peas Corperate Towers Riverview N/A 23x23

Drake School of Life and Learning W 47x53

Dreams of Paradise Day Spa L 16x15

Doctor Simano's SanitariumCorner 34x33

East Tradewinds Shipping Co. W 22x26

Egyptian Mausoleum L 10x7

EverFresh Delights Supermarket L 17x13

Everglow Academy & Coliseum W 39x57

Fae Ray Arboretum N/A 8x8

Flying V's Coffeehouse W 17x15

Ford Focus Skydiving Center W 18x19

Fort Gnome Military Base N/A 42x42

Fort Salas Military Base N/A 42x42

Fresh and Frozen Express Grocer N/A 13x17

Garda Civic Center W 22x26

Gooder Public School W 34x47

Good Guys Inc W 19x29

Goody's Groceries Corner 17x13

Graciella's Groceries & Delfina's Diner W 18x26

Grocery Grab Supermarket N/A 13x17

Grotto Groceries L 18x17

🤔🤔🤔🤔 Wagon L 10x6

Hallowed Mausoleum N/A 9x9

Heroes Passing L 10x7

Hidden Springs Day Spa W 42x30

High Products Business Building N/A 22x23

Hogan's Deep Sea Diner W 9x28

Hogan's Deep Fried Diner W 11x18

Holy Cow Memoerial Hospital W 26x42

Hueber Associates and Kim Gould's Steakhouse W 27x31

Imagine That! Theatre L 25x17

Island Police Quarters

JRA International Equestrian Center L 55x37

Jimmy Lemmon Memorial Mausoleum L 16x33

Jolina Family Mausoleum L 9x6

Landgraab Industrial Science Dome W 51x57

Landgraab Industrial Science Facility W 21x35

Landgraab Marine Science Facility W 21x35

Large Rustic Barn N/A 11x11

Like Minded Individuals W 30x24

Little Corsican Bistro L 15x14

Llama Corp Shipping Co. W 26x22

Llama Memorial StadiumW 50x32

Llama Co Stadium L 49x56

Local Law Enforcement L 21x19

Lost Ruins W 18x11

Lucky Llamas Stadium W 32x50

Mango's Military Base L 18x21

Mausoleum L 9x6

Midnight Moon Bistro L 19x17

Mike's Cornerstore N/A 13x17

Mind and Body Connection Bookstore and Spa W 25x17

Miser McCann's Restaurant L 14x15

Mithrilien's Madmen Hideaway W 13x17

Monte Vista Civic Center W 12x30

Movie Cineplex (Highrise) N/A 35x37

Myth, Legen, Lore, and Fact Facility L 25x15

Old Water Tower N/A 5x5

Outstanding Citizens Warehouse Corp. N/A 22x22

Par Excellence Prepetory School W 24x33

Petite Pony Equestrian Center L 38x37

Pleasant Pages L 11x18

Plumbob Pictures Backlot W 35x31

Police Department L 21x19

Public School 67 W 21x41

Public Sercive Office W 21x49

Radio Tower W 21x49

Renault Charging Station L 29x35

Riku's Luau L 10x14

Rustic Barn L 12x7

Rustler's Den L 17x13

Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital W 24x33*
*Awning Pillars do not Register

Sahara Corperate Headquarters Corner 23x22

Sam's Market Diner W 25x14

Sand, Sun, and Surf Corp W 12x23

Satellite Dish W 15x15

Science Lab W 21x35

Scrumpteous Nibbles Cafe W 14x15

Scuola Simatica W 35x21

Seaside Sports Center W 10x21

Serenity Bookstore and Spa W 16x33

Sharma Day Spa W 12x14

Silver Swallow Day Spa L 12x14

Simcatti Industries L 26x20

Sims in Arms Military Base N/A 40x40

Soil & Water Research Facility W 21x35

Slanciato Spa L 12x14

Sláinte Chugat Harmony Hospital Corner 34x33

Specter Family Mausoleum L 10x7

Stary Community School W 24x32

Steve's Business Complex & Restaurant N/A 23x23

Sunflower Spa W 12x14

Tasty Treats and Tomes L 28x35

Theatro Fantastico L 26x21

The Blooming Cactus Bistro

The Island Academy W 16x18

The Lair W 55x54

The Local Grocer W 18x26

The Market Basket W 21x28

The Solitary NovelL 10x15

The Warehouse N/A 22x22

Tome Traders L 28x35

Tournament Tents W 40x56

Truelong Community School W 21x35

Twinbrook City Hall W 21x49

Twinbrook Foundation Hospital W 24x33

Ubiquitous Unity Day Spa Corner 34x33

Van Goulds Merchant House Cafe W 23x18

Vault of Antiquity L 7x12

Wall's Book and BathLLC N/A 17x17

Water Tower W 21x20

Water Tower Redux N/A 16x16

Water Tower with Checkered Border W 19x20

Waylon's Water Tower N/A 18x18

Wiki's Fabulous Books and Bath (highrise) L 30x29

Wilsonoff Community Theatre L 24x17

Wolf'son's Hospital and Reserarch Facility N/A 34x33

Wooden Barn L 20x10

World's Theatre L 27x23

Links I used for references:
The Sims Wiki
Create A World Content List


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