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Need Friends for Simport? Come Here!


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    IndieblueIndieblue Posts: 29 Member
    > @alexjoanroww said:
    > I still play sims 3. I haven't gotten to buy sims 4.

    Me too xD
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    sunblondsunblond Posts: 1,035 Member
    I've just started playing again, I just finished updating my CC. My ID is sobenewbie.
    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
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    AaeiynAaeiyn Posts: 521 Member
    They may still play, but don't play online.I play Sims 3 daily, but I never login.It slows my game down too much.I'm sure I have boat loads of gifts waiting.
    Ditto. I play The Sims 3, all the time. Never online, though. Don't need to. Agreed with it slowing down my Game. It already loads slow, as it is. With all the Mods and Custom Content I use.
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    carlystur03carlystur03 Posts: 435 Member
    Oh goodness, yes. I'll still be around for years to come, I'm sure. I might take a hiatus every now and again, but I'm pretty sure I'll always eventually come back as long as I am able to.
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    SimiLovaSimiLova Posts: 1,123 Member
    I'm slowly, trying to get back into playing, the sims again myself. Just funky work hours and RL issues keep cropping up, at times.

    But I will say, I finally got around to getting Master Controller installed and made Linda Rodgers, the mom to Lucy(formerly known as Fawn Goodfellas) Rodgers, the other day.

    I was curious though, if this relationship would stay the same, if I removed the mod? As, I had only ever wanted to use it for that small change, to see how their dynamic would go as a family. But, I would hate for me to remove it, and they revert back to strangers.

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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,434 Member
    edited January 2020
    Thanks to my comp and other things I’m so stagnant in my game playing, there’s moss growing on me; picks a piece of Bryophyta
    Sphagnopsida out of his left elbow. “For peat’s sake...,GET OFF ME!”
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    igazorigazor Posts: 19,330 Member
    edited January 2020
    SimiLova wrote: »
    I was curious though, if this relationship would stay the same, if I removed the mod? As, I had only ever wanted to use it for that small change, to see how their dynamic would go as a family. But, I would hate for me to remove it, and they revert back to strangers.
    MasterController is a player command center. It allows us to issue one-time only commands like Go Over There, Get Over Here, Become This, Stop Being That, Reset Yourself. Except for its optional CAS replacement function and of course the command menus that we see on sims, various objects, and City Hall, it has no ongoing impact on one's games at all.

    In other words, removing MC will have no effect on relationships it has been used to establish. Many of us find the mod so useful though that we would never want to remove it. :)
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    SimiLovaSimiLova Posts: 1,123 Member
    Oh yea, I'm definitely learning that. Mind you, it's been so long since I have played the game. Combined with figuring out how to swap parents of the kids....I honestly had to re-start my game 3 different times, lol. As I had the poor Goodfellows all sorts of cross and inter-related, in the most messed up ways.

    So to say the least, for me, and for now, best to totally remove it, before I mess something else up altogether again, haha. But thank you for clearing that up for me, igazor.
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    origionalmeheheorigionalmehehe Posts: 12 New Member
    Add me too for free stuffs! Origionalmehehe. I'm currently playing showtime but I have other expansions and sims 4. =D
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    origionalmeheheorigionalmehehe Posts: 12 New Member
    I tried to add all u guys. Some of the names did not work though.
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    collrrncollrrn Posts: 54 Member
    I would love some friends if anyone would add me, my name is colleen601
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    owliedogowliedog Posts: 1 New Member
    Feel free to add me, guys! Name is owliedog
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    TalonflareTalonflare Posts: 47 Member
    Active Sims 3 Peeps? Awesome! I don't use Simport often but I do love to send gifts, feel free to add me - LittleCheshire
    Just a little Smile.
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    ChristinaluvsChristinaluvs Posts: 20 Member
    Feel free to add me guys :) @ Christinaluvs
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    hellokitty1496hellokitty1496 Posts: 243 Member
    Does anybody know if Origin's friend requests feature actually works or can you only add a friend in-game?
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    DeadManHBKDeadManHBK Posts: 117 Member
    I have been looking for friends for SimPort as well! Anyone is welcome to add me. :)

    A n a l Na t h r a c h D o c h e'l D e'n m h a
    A n a l Na t h r a c h T i e r a N a t r a c h...
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    InfraGreenInfraGreen Posts: 6,693 Member
    @hellokitty1496: Origin friends are separate from friends on I just add people to the latter through the website itself because TS3's online features can be hit-or-miss for actually responding.
    A thousand bared teeth, a thousand bowed heads

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    RavennaRavenna Posts: 58 Member
    I've been desperately trying to find active people to add to my list in Sims 3, please feel free to add me lol username is p4xc0rpu5, and I wish I could change this, as it was a cringy naming decision I made in literally like 2011? 2012? I dunno, one of those years
    Check out my stuff on the Sims 4 gallery under the ID 'RavennaSanguine'
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    KpoiKpoi Posts: 32 Member
    Here's my account <3
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    bria4lifebria4life Posts: 1 New Member
    I tried adding some of you; but feel free to add me here is my account <3
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    MommyArmy2011MommyArmy2011 Posts: 3 New Member
    New to The website looking for friends on PC I have no friends with so ever please add me on the game mommyArmy2011 my only enjoyment says covid-19 play daily
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    JailaJaila Posts: 2 New Member
    I have also dusted off the dust on my Sims3 and wondered why I left
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    Piazzagirl1015Piazzagirl1015 Posts: 2,500 Member
    Please feel free to add me as a friend as I am looking for active players to exchange gifts with.
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    McToshMcTosh Posts: 638 Member
    name's in sig :) i play everyday now i have it installed again (new harddrive)
    ewb7fssg3zet.pngingame: commandermctosh feel free to add ;D
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    pinkrobinpinkrobin Posts: 110 Member
    Feel free to add me if you want. My username is Praktrosella :)
    EA ID: Praktrosella

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