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Is there a social bunny?

I haven't seen one sence sims2?


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    Poodlestyle33Poodlestyle33 Posts: 726 New Member
    edited October 2011
    Nope. I miss them. :,(
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    TaylacfcTaylacfc Posts: 2,098 New Member
    edited October 2011
    Nope but there is an imaginary friend or you can ahev a panda piggy bank! :D- which you cant use :(
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    ErnesaTErnesaT Posts: 7,474 Member
    edited October 2011
    Good ol' Social Bunny's been replaced with useless Freezer Bunny. :?

    Wacky "P"-sychiatrist (in my Animaniacs voice) has not been replaced. Poor insane sims are running amuck. :cry:

    Purse-thwacking Crumplebottom has been replaced with a confused Agnes, whose looks could stop a watch :oops:

    No Genie or Matchmaker but we've got creepy vampire dolls that wreak havoc on teddy bears. :x

    That irritating coach has now been replaced with every sim that has an ounce athletic skill and want's to train less active sims :evil:

    No aliens - just some busted green skin tone. What are we s'possed to do with that? :roll:

    The stalking professor has been replaced time over with stalking IFs, papparazzi and, if you have Pets, the ice cream truck. WTH! :lol:
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