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So Excited! I learned how to make/place a new Base Camp : )

Oh my gosh, I did it. I never wanted to send any of my Sims to China because I really (really) don't like the Base Camp there. I spent hours at my computer figuring out how to replace a Base Camp and making one..and it works (yeah!). I wanted to share this. Apologies in advance if something like this has already been posted. I'm just so excited, ya know?

This is the Blog post I have on my TS3 page...

In my opinion, the game-placed Base Camp in China is the least likable of the three camps. The steps tire me out just looking at them. Imagine how our poor Sims feel. With a new Base Camp, my Sims will be much happier and more comfortable when vacationing in China.

Be aware that if you use West Royal House as your Base Camp, you will not have a stove. Cooking must be done on indoor and outdoor grills (Sim tested indoors, the hamburgers turned out fine and she didn't burn the camp down). Sims can also have quick meals from the refrigerator and the Food Merchant is nearby.

To place West Royal House as your new Base Camp in China, completely set up the camp before your Sim makes travel arrangements by phone or computer.

* Bring up the cheat bar/box (simultaneously press 4 keys: Shift-Ctrl-Windows Symbol key-the letter C). Type: testingcheatsenabled true <enter>.
* From the Options menu, go to Edit Town and select Shang Simla, China in the upper left corner of your screen. You will travel to China to edit only, your Sim will remain at home.
* In China, bring up the cheat bar/box and type: enablelotlocking true <enter>.
* Select/click on the Base Camp bubble (10 Dragon Watch, bubble with tent icon in it). In the blue pop-up box, click on the padlock in the lower right corner to unlock this lot for editing. Then 'X' out of the box to clear your screen.
* With the Bulldoze tool, bulldoze the existing Base Camp. I bulldoze both the building itself and the lot it was sitting on.
* Next, bulldoze West Royal House at 12 West Forbidden City (in the city square, next to the West Tower). DO NOT bulldoze the lot, only the building. You will need the same lot to place your Base Camp on.
* With the Select tool, change this lot type to Community/Visitors Allowed.
* From your Community Lot library, select the Base Camp and place a copy at 12 West Forbidden City. Two cherry trees are at the front entrance, the back of the lot is adjacent to the West Tower. If no adjustments are needed, click Accept.
* Click on your new Base Camp's icon/bubble and check that the lot type has been automatically changed to Community/Base Camp. If not, you will need to make those selections.
* You can go to Build/Buy for this lot to check out your Sim's new China digs. You will not see the Adventure Board and trash can...don't panic, they will be there when your Sim arrives.
* Click on the Edit Town ICON (not the pop up menu Edit Town) and select Return to Game. You will now travel back to your Sim's home town.
** In some ways I'm particular, picky, a bit of a perfectionist about some things, so I take an extra step in order to place the trash can and the Adventure Board where I want them. Yeah, I even change the color of the trash can so it matches the recycle bin. If you want to do the same...
** After you return to your Sim's town, go to Edit Town again and select Shang Simla, China. Again, you will travel but your Sim remains at home.
** Select your New Base Camp, China and click on Build/Buy. You will find the Adventure Board and trash can in front of the camp. Move them if you wish and then click on the Edit Town ICON.
** Select Return to Game to travel back home to get your Sims ready for their adventure vacation in China. There's nothing more you need to do, your new Base Camp is ready and waiting.

If you play more than one game, I believe that you will need to go through the same process with each game. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them on the My Comments section on my TS3 page.

I had my Sim go through the camp and upgrade everything she could to Unbreakable (tub, shower, toilets, sinks, stereo). Hopefully that will carry over to all copies of this lot.

Oddity: The China Base Camp Adventure Board shows Egypt if you grab it but all the adventures are for China. I noticed the same thing at the game-placed B.C. Hmmmm...

Happy Simming!
a.k.a. - Linda


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    tallcoolonetallcoolone Posts: 6,918 Member
    edited March 2011
    My Page
    Send me a friend request for Simport

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    specsaversspecsavers Posts: 7
    edited August 2011
    H guys, do you know if it is possible to make a base camp/ vacation home in Sunset Valley/Riverview/Bridgeport ect? I have tried many times, can anyone help? xx thank you
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    bklienhartbklienhart Posts: 2,975 Member
    edited March 2012
    No, you can only make a base camp in one of the vacation worlds.

    Nice instructions MarLin. You actually can add a stove to a base camp. When you're at home buy a stove and put it in your family inventory. Then when you are on vacation, use testingcheatsenabled true and then click on the ground and buy on this lot. Then you can drag the stove out of your inventory.

    I also made a replacement base camp for China, and I uploaded it to my studio here:
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    DocsprockDocsprock Posts: 3,869 Member
    edited March 2012
    You can place Base Camps in any town you like. Most of my later worlds contain Base Camps. I play with opportunities off, so when my sim gets bored, just go to the Adventure board to get an opportunity.

    It is also useful for making a town into a vacation destination.
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