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Combining venues, does anyone know how, when you edit town?

:-)Hi, i am trying to figure out how to combine the spa and book store etc but cannot find options to do so. Does one have to get the pre-combined version from Bridgeport and then place it in our other neighbourhoods, or is there an easier way to do it, does anyone know? I noticed they also combine the cityhall, police station and military base and the business lot is combined with another lot, dont remember. But i prefer these combinations as it will compact these lots and i can place clubs in my existing neighbourhoods. Can anyone help?


  • JVENNJVENN Posts: 936 Member
    edited October 2010
    If you find a lot big enough and mark it as a community lot (in Edit Town) then go to build/buy you will see all the community lots in build mode - you will need to use the 'moveobjects on' cheat but I have found that on a 60 x 60 lot you can usually place the book store, bistro, spa, and grocery store comfortably....you can also make a basement with stairs down to it and place others in the basement...they shouldn't show above ground but anyone that works there will be able to visit...

    :D My Origin ID is Octavia Moon. I've made some celebrity sims and will be making houses soon :)
  • happyjmehappyjme Posts: 1,741 Member
    edited October 2010
    There isnt a special buttin that lets us combine rabbitholes. THe new bridgeport ones were specificaly made that way. As far as I could tell.
    When I was first checking out the game, I was wondering where all the missing rabbitholes were and how sims would be able to have these jobs. Untill I went into the build cataloge and noticed the descriptions for the new rabbitholes.

    Business and cafe in one
    Political, military and police in one
    Bookstore and spa in one
  • SketchElderSketchElder Posts: 3,517 New Member
    edited October 2010
    The combined rabbit holes should be in Community Objects in Build mode. That's where all the other rabbit holes are.
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