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key to the heart of the water temple

I'm stuck. I'm in the pyramid of the sun in Egypt and the door to the right (?) of the entrance needs this key. Anyone know where this key is? No Cheats Please! I like to play the game without cheating.


  • KatlinemasKatlinemas Posts: 835
    edited December 2009
    Is this the pyramid with the pools at the entrance? If so, swim across the pool to the treasure chest, there's a keystone in there, and then collect the treasure from the other side of room.

    That should let you in. If it's not there then something is wrong and I <probably> won't be able to help.
  • RandingooRandingoo Posts: 9 New Member
    edited December 2009
    Yep, it's the pyramid with the rectangular pools on either side of the entrance. The Treasure chest on the right side takes the star keystone, and has 2 morsels of food in it. (that was a disappointment). On the left side, there is no treasure chest, but there is a shelf that had something, I forget what, on it that I collected, but it was not the "key to the heart of the water temple". Thanks for the help anyway. My hunt continues.
  • SketchElderSketchElder Posts: 3,517 New Member
    edited December 2009
    The Heart of the Water Temple keystone is in the 2nd level basement, which you reach by exploring the other side of the pyramid.
  • RandingooRandingoo Posts: 9 New Member
    edited December 2009
    Thanks everyone. I found it. There was a hidden staircase on the main level I missed. :-)
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