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Tightening up those loose teeth!

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Update 04/26/2023
PC: / Mac:
Console: Version: 1.75

Sul Sul Simmers
This patch re-enables the lose tooth feature from The Sims 4 Growing Together expansion pack. With much wiggling, pulling, and twisting those several pesky tooth issues have been yanked right out. Our Sims’ mouths have healed wonderfully and the over nine million recently created infants will once again have these next stages of life to look forward to. We appreciate your patience throughout this dental visit and wish you many Simoleons under your pillow in the morning.
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Bug Fixes

Base Game
  • An issue that was causing subtle adjustments to the appearance of Sims in the April 18th update has been resolved. You may have noticed this issue affecting the appearance of things such as a Sims’ eyes, teeth, and facial structure.
    • Any Sim that was created prior to the April 18th update should return to looking as they did before.
    • Any Sim that was created between the release of the April 18th update and this update will have minor adjustments to their appearance as a result of them now being correctly rendered.
Growing Together
  • The chance for a Child Sim to experience losing a tooth has been re-enabled.
  • A Child Sims’ skin material will no longer become corrupted after the Loose Tooth buff expires if the child was already missing two front teeth. ♫ All they really wanted were their two front teeth…
  • A Teen Sims’ skin material will no longer become corrupted after the Loose Tooth buff expires. You get to decide how to corrupt your Sims, not loose teeth!
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