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[OLD] Broken/Updated Mods & CC: March 2023 Infants Patch

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There's a newer thread! Head to unless you're catching up on the Infants patch.

Broken/Updated Mods & CC: March 2023 Infants Patch (and teeth hotfix)

This topic is for collecting reports on mod and custom content status after the March 2023 Infants patch and the Growing Together EP launch (and the March 24 teeth hotfix). Most mod updates are reported here; updates that only add a translation generally aren’t.


This patch will affect more mods than usual because it’s for a new lifestage, an EP with many new features, and a Live-mode Sim pie-menu reorganization! It will also break door, gate, and baby CC. Many modders have been posting that a lot of their mods will be at least partly broken.

*** Assume all your mods broke. ***

Add them back when they are cleared or updated. And please be patient and kind while waiting.

This list takes a lot of time to maintain and is easier to manage if it’s kept to its purpose.
  • DO NOT mention or hint at mods that break Forum rules (NSFW/18+, etc.). Please see below for other content that is also not reported here.
  • “Cleared” reports can ONLY be accepted from modders (or people specifically designated by modders).
  • Please don’t report updates that are still Patron-only.
  • This is not a support thread. If you need help finding out what mod broke, read the lists!, do a 50-50 (see the links list below), then if needed visit one of these Discord support servers:

    - Sims After Dark server:
    - Deaderpool server:

  • Don’t ask about what broke or is cleared. If there’s an answer, it’s on page 1.
  • If you use Curseforge and a mod is listed updated here but not there, please be patient. File approvals there happen Sunday through Thursday. Your Curseforge mod updates will show up eventually.
  • If you need to test a mod instead of assuming it broke, fully test mods before you report them broken. For instructions, see the previous mod post linked below. Tell me how the mod is broken and how you tested. I cannot list mods as broken without this.
Thank you for helping keep this list working! Your support keeps information flowing to Simmers in many places online beyond here.

Mods that breaks the T-for-Teen game rating CANNOT be named or discussed in these official Sims forums. It’s against Forum Rules. Some creators of these mods also won’t be reported here depending on how sending you to their content works.

Also not listed: Mods/CC by people who copy other people’s mods/CC, copy other companies’ copyrighted content or trademarks, pirate software or openly support software piracy, do not release free public updates within a reasonable time (3 weeks for CC), or are otherwise not in compliance with EA’s policy on mods. I also cannot send you to a page that outright breaks the T-for-Teen rating, even if the mod itself doesn't.



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