What things have you excited to Grow Together ❤️?

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This was a great reveal. I had a feeling infants and the EP would come out at like the same time, especially since that leak said the pre-order bonus was good til April. But oh my plumbob, I'm scared to let myself be as excited as I feel.

Honestly I was a bit disappointed just the other day. Went from a big high, to a dip, when looking closer at the limitations in what was given to us in the latest patch. It was a step forward, but yeah.

And then this trailer comes out. I hadn't even headed over to check it out on YouTube yet, it found me on tiktok, and my mind was blown. It could just be that I've wanted this kind of content for the longest, but this looks like the best pack they've made in years.

1. Working in new content for the new lifestage.

2. Things from old packs and kits being shown alongside new assets, as if showing us how it can all help new generations/growth gameplay.

3. We got a TREEHOUSE. I had literally forgotten there were even treehouses in the Sims3 until I watched a LittleSimsie video last night and she showed one, and boom today treehouse. How exciting.

4. The elders were playing with a puzzle in what I can only assume is the community center.

5. There were those fountains that they have in waterparks and some nicer community parks.

6. There was even a family photo with every member of the immediate family in it. Who took the photo 📸?! Was it us? Was it another sim? After 2 (3?4? Work, Island, Wedding, Uni) expansions, and a kit, do we finally have a way to have functional family photography?

7. Loosing teeth, cheering people up, baby showers, tantrums from a baby that's standing but somehow looks smaller than our normal toddlers; it's all so exciting 😀.

8. There was even a family reunion at the end, and we got to see a bunch of different interactions going on there. (Which might end up quite buggy but still I've got dangerous levels of hope right now.)

I had told myself no more pre-orders, especially after what happened last time. But now I'm wondering if I just keep auto downloads off, take out my saves and mods, do the patch, see what happens, and then the pack, maybe we'll be ok. 🤔

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  • DijktafoneDijktafone Posts: 769 Member
    Kicking adult sims.
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 30,812 Member
    TS Forever 💚
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    New social compatibility features for Sims!

    New interactions between Sims of different ages

    Lifetime events creating lasting effects in Sims' lives (midlife crisis!)

    New types of gatherings and parties (baby showers and sleepovers possibly also having the grandparents visit and help with the baby)

    New baby and toddler functional furniture and objects.

    Treehouses and upright pianos.

    Kid's bikes and teaching children to ride a bike

    New table top games for children and up!

    New activities and interactions for elders.

    Edit: it seems like we're could be getting a movie theater lot type! Fingers crossed...

    Happy simming!
  • HayleeSimsHayleeSims Posts: 124 Member
    I'm most excited for the infant and toddler quirks and the fact that there are 18 of them. It'll be so much fun to see how different each of my sims' kids are and hopefully never make raising them repetitive/boring.
  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 4,607 Member

    A better question would be what are we *not* excited for. Then we can maybe narrow it down lol 😅 it ALL looks good.

    I'd say baby carrier on the back! I love the idea of taking the baby anywhere in a compact way. Like I do like strollers but I can imagine how much of a hassle they would be too. Especially in my apocalyptic play through. This is a perfect way to keep up with the baby. l still would like strollers but I'm really happy with this. I wonder if sims can cook and do everyday activities wearing it. Now I never have to be separated from my baby! Lol

    The hug where the dad picks up the kid!! Definitely one of my favorite things🥰🥰🥰So sweet and heart warming! We need more of this!

    Tree house building together!! And it looks like the kid can climb up the slide too lol. This would be a super fun family activity.

    All the cute little interactions between sims!

    I don't play with elders much because I don't find them to be much different than an older adult sim. I'm hoping they feel more distinguished now.

    Zombies, oh please oh please give us zombies!! :'(
  • Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 3,508 Member
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    I am totally looking forward to

    • kids riding bikes
    • Puzzles and board games
    • The tree house
    • A changing table for infants
    • Carrying infants around the new world

    Also from the blog post

    • quirks for infants and toddlers
    • 4 childhood aspirations
    • "hike on a nature path along the Gilbert Garden's lake" I love taking walks in real life. (let's hope it functions similar to those in Mt Komorebi)
    • ""watch a movie at the wharf's refurbished theater" I hope it is a new lot type
  • LSM36LSM36 Posts: 469 Member

    I wonder if we'll get like Movie Night events and Movie Dates. I swear we had the events back when we got that stuff pack, but I haven't noticed it in the drop down in awhile. It might be there, but I don't do events a lot because they bug out in my game a lot. And I end up cheat finishing them.

    But with that Cinema we will officially have the Movie Stuff Pack screens🎬 , the ones from the new kids camping 🏕 one, and whatever is going on with this Cinema 🎥. Maybe it's a rabbithole maybe it's a venue like those clubs and bars we have in basegame, and it comes with a large screen and popcorn 🍿 maker just for the venue. That would be so cool.

    Also on a rewatch I saw the teething rings for the infant and was soo excited.

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  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 4,162 Member
    I am excited for all the additional gameplay in here!

    So many items that are not just reskins of the same old furniture, creative table, chess set, workout equipment-- instead these items have new gameplay associated with them.

    The milestones/memories!

    The chemistry system!!!
    (I'm a player who loves surprises and doesn't pre-plan much, but I do hope for the sake of the planners, that there's a way to guarantee in CAS (or at least cheat) the chemistry they want for certain sims.)

  • Chimp2678Chimp2678 Posts: 4,072 Member
    Treehouse, water park, baby shower, kids riding bikes, the new interactions between kids/infants/toddlers/adults, etc. Everything looks fun and exciting, hopefully it will bring my interests to play Sims 4 often. Infant/baby stage also looks good, so I can't wait to play it. I aged up newborn to toddler immediately.
  • JustinB113JustinB113 Posts: 879 Member
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    The puzzle scene and the final scene with the toddler kicking seemed to have been recorded video on a video camera or phone.

    The photos/milestone thing seems interesting.

    The infants just look really good, and I guess the ‘full experience’ of them will come in the pack.

    The treehouse will be fun to play around with, hopefully you can design it.

    The traits for infants sounds much like the ones pets have, which are good.

    And honestly the child bicycle and that it looks like it might be something they have to learn.

    All of it really, looks like it’s going to change things quite a bit, especially if you have a full family.

  • joRN1414joRN1414 Posts: 1,637 Member
    ALL the things!
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  • fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 14,717 Member
    It looks pretty good and reminds me so much of Sims2!
    I like that grandparents can come and spend some time at the house. I am also hoping that the parents can send the kids to the grandparents for a break now and then.
    I LOVE the idea of a family reunion. I've had one as a club since Get Together, but a different functionality and way to make it work would be good.
    I'm still not sure if elders got enough in this. I hope more than a power walk. And I hope they're an integral part of the family life in this EP
  • RoseQuartzRoseQuartz Posts: 159 Member
    Dijktafone wrote: »
    Kicking adult sims.

    HA! That's too funny!

    I'm looking forward to most of it, but really like the puzzles/dominoes, the tree house, and the chemistry and memory systems.

    It will be strange just how much it'll change family play. Interested to hear more!
  • Evilyn_1007Evilyn_1007 Posts: 696 Member
    -baby showers
    -family reunions( I think that was what that last event was)
    -kid bikes
    -new games
    -splash pads
    -new lot type
    -new hairs

    Honestly almost everything
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 92,576 Member
    The New Waterpark

    The Rabbithole Cinema which will probably work like the tunnel of love and haunted house. You can send your sims in there to watch a movie and you might get popups.
  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 4,843 Member
    - Kids riding bikes
    - The tree house especially being able to build it and not just an item you place down
    - New family interaction especially parents being able to pick up children

    Everything else I'd need to see through game play to get excited about. Will the chemistry system actually do anything? will there be any sleepover activities and will the Sims actually do them or just walk off? same can be said for baby showers and family reunions. Will family dynamics be seen through game play or is it shallow and always player forced?

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  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 6,243 Member
    ChadSims2 wrote: »
    - Kids riding bikes
    - The tree house especially being able to build it and not just an item you place down
    - New family interaction especially parents being able to pick up children

    Everything else I'd need to see through game play to get excited about. Will the chemistry system actually do anything? will there be any sleepover activities and will the Sims actually do them or just walk off? same can be said for baby showers and family reunions. Will family dynamics be seen through game play or is it shallow and always player forced?

    That tree house is epic. Would be nice if we could literally live in it, but would prefer it without the kiddie decor.
  • SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 10,848 Member
    I'm looking forward to the overall infant cuteness in the houses I will play them. In general I think I'm most excited for the new social bonding building various logical relations probably based on traits and perhaps skills. It will add to al my households, infant or not. Also like the extra focus on elders and hope they did not show us everything yet.
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  • EgonVMEgonVM Posts: 4,354 Member
    More board games and customizable tree houses.

    Plus more gameplay with grandparents.

    And I'm cautiously excited for that social compatibility system. If they add new preferences, they'd better raise the max amount from 20 to 30.
  • simpureheartsimpureheart Posts: 34 Member
    I just want it all right now. :heart:

    But I would say infants and the gameplay associated with them, and new parenting interactions.
  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 2,257 Member
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    I'm excited about everything. It seems like it has potential to become one of my favorite packs. :)
    I'm just worried about how many things will be broken when the EP gets released. Recent packs have messed up a lot in the game I hope this time everything will work out well... but I'm worried. :fearful:
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  • LSM36LSM36 Posts: 469 Member


    Sorry for some reason my quotes aren't working right and I don't know what's up with that so I can't just reply to your comment.

    But yeah living in the treehouse would be super cool. I was wondering about that myself. We have more camping stuff with these new slumber party items, that look a lot like the themes that were in that kids camping outdoor hangout kit thing. (I can't remember the name, it came with the outdoor sheet movie screen that breaks in the rain.) And we have all the camping stuff from the first game pack.

    So it would be really cool if you were able to just like decide the treehouse is your house house. Or your bedroom, and build a tiny house that is only the other necessities, like a bathroom and kitchen, underneath.

    You could use the treehouse for a rags to riches playthrough maybe. Or if your child sim decides to runaway from home. It definitely seems like the intent is more for this one to be a play object with maybe play house aspects. But it makes you think, or at least me think, of how sims would interact with it.

    Like we have seasons, and my sims will literally freeze to death right outside their front door, so getting them safely from a tree house in winter might not be the easiest. Especially since child sims love going on any and all play equipment regardless of weather, just like adult sims will use the slip n slide in the pouring rain, sleet, and snow. I've had them get electrocuted and go back out to slide. I don't even use it anymore. They're ridiculous 🙄.

    But I've noticed that if you have an outbuilding on your property, as long as you add a thermostat to it, it will be heated/cooled the same as your house. So that makes me wonder if you can add one to the treehouse. If you can add one to the treehouse, what else can you add? Can you skip adding toy and make it into something really cool for adults too?

    Idk but the thought of that being a possibility, although entirely speculation on my part, reminds me of fairy bungalows and I can't help the excitement.

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  • Paigeisin5Paigeisin5 Posts: 2,093 Member
    I haven't been this excited since Seasons was revealed. The PEPS is real in my house!!! And I want and need everything that is in this EP. :D
  • TrashmagicTrashmagic Posts: 977 Member
    The treehouse is my favorite thing right now. If sims can't sleep in it I'm going to teach myself how to mod because I NEED that haha.

    I did like the idea of teaching kids how to ride bikes but it made me sad because I also want to teach my teens how to drive. I love little life milestones like that. I need more. Losing teeth is also really neat.

    I'm also hearing about a chemistry system too. I would love for sims to have turn-ons and turn-offs again.
  • Ti4558Ti4558 Posts: 6 New Member
    Honestly, just having more family gameplay as well as more stuff to do for all ages is what I am most excited about. We really needed this pack!
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