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  • g01denswang01denswan Posts: 977 Member
    It’s still happening even after I was finally able to download, install and play yesterday. My installed games were all missing from the ‘Installed Games’ section of the EA App again today.

    After I tried reloading a few times, then clearing the cache and logging out and back into the EA App, which didn’t resolve the issue, I used Task Manager to close down the EA Background Service and logged out of my computer. My installed games were back after I logged back into everything. Hope that helps you guys.

    Another thing I noticed is that the EA App isn’t shown as being open on my task bar when the game is open. I think Origin use to be displayed on the taskbar with an underline to indicate that it’s open like all other software. It doesn’t even open up after I click it when the game is open.
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    Hey all,

    These are the most common issues at the moment:

    Purchased on Amazon and missing the Game Key/Bonus content

    Go to:
    For an FAQ on this, check this link.
    • Sign into the EA account that purchased the Digital Game
    • You will see a list of digital games you've purchased (Each purchase will show game name, platform, CD Key, and date purchased.

      • You can find the CD key here to redeem
      • Open EA App
      • Select your profile avatar in the top right
      • Select Redeem Code
      • Enter Key > Next > Confirm > Download

      Unable to install/Stuck at Preparing
      • If you purchased from the EA app, please check the Order History on your account to verify that this purchase was successful. If you're seeing this purchase showing as failed, or processing, you'll need to contact the live support team here so they can look over your transaction history with you and see what's happened.
      • If you do not see a status of Failed or Processing above, and instead see Completed but you still cannot install Growing Together please run the EA Error Reporter and provide the Error Code in the thread here to aid us in resolving this issue.
    Found a Bug? Let us know here. Having a technical issue with your game? Reach out to us here. 9alz5vu73pb0.png
  • cmarinetticmarinetti Posts: 147 Member
    I had the problem of Growing Together downloading but not showing up in the game. Turns out the EA app downloaded and installed GT to the CAS Demo folder. After I copied the EP13 folder from the CAS Demo folder to the Sims 4 folder, the game recognized it and everything seems to be there.

    BTW, the EA app also seems to have installed ALL my packs to CAS Demo when I ran a repair earlier. I realize this isn't the only problem people are having with this pack, but it's taking DAYS for EA to fix this?
    cmarNYC on MTS.
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    Dan Bheeda woke up with this tense moodlet:

    Is he trying to tell me he isn't happy with his current lifestyle?
  • ZiafarZiafar Posts: 561 Member
    @cmarinetti Where do you find the CAS demo folder?
  • Brd709Brd709 Posts: 1,539 Member
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    I held my sim self's first family reunion event and the description said you can invite everyone on the family tree and close friends yet the invite count was still up to 15 or do those related to those invited sims come along anyway?
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