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Monday's Child Legacy

SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 3,184 Member
I had this idea to create sims based on the old Monday's Child poem, which predicted a child's personality based on the day of the week they were born on. Then I decided to develop it into a seven-generation legacy challenge. I wanted to write it down and share it before I forgot. Hopefully someone thinks it's fun.

Rules are pretty simple. Each generation's heir needs to have certain traits to embody their day of the week. Make sure to plan pregnancies so the baby is born on the right day. For a few, I've suggested all of their traits and even some career ideas, but you can change them if you have other careers and traits that will fit. Where I've only suggested one or two traits, you can pick your own additional traits. The challenge is considered complete when generation seven, Sunday's Child, reaches young adult.
I don't like playing with points because I never remember to record them, so this challenge doesn't have any. But if you want to create a point system, feel free.

The founder: Create your founder or pick a preexisting sim to use. If you choose a premade, edit their traits to match the theme. Founder can be any age from teen up, male or female.
For this generation, you can use MCCC to set the number of days in their current age span so they would have been born on a Monday.
Follow the Legacy Challenge Rules.
Heir: Use the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Succession Laws. to choose your heir. Heir may be male or female. You can write down their day of birth somewhere, so you don't forget it if you have several children.
Most important: Enjoy! I haven't actually tested this one myself, but I plan to when I've time. Meanwhile, I'd love to see what you come up with if you decide to try it out.

This is my first time creating a legacy challenge, so if anyone has any ideas, I'm open to them. I'm willing to add on to the rules or clarify any points.

Monday's child is fair of face: You've been told all your life that your face is very beautiful, and it has gone to your head a little bit. You want to be known for more than pretty face, but you're not above using your looks to get what you want or to get ahead.
Suggested traits: self-absorbed, high-maintenance. Suggested careers: actor/actress, social media, style influencer

Tuesday's Child is full of grace: Even in the womb, you were very active. You gained motor skills quickly and always moved with an easy grace. Even your mannerisms were graceful and proper. As an adult, you have put this early grace to good use by choosing a career that requires fine motor skills. Fortune has favored you all your life in everything you touch.
Traits: Must have the Wiggly trait as an infant, wild trait as a toddler and Active as a child. Must complete the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. Have the Proper trait by young adult.

Wednesday's Child is full of woe: With such an illustrious parent, you have always felt you could never quite measure up. Unlike your parent, your luck tends to be bad. You develop a very gloomy disposition early on, always braced for the next disappointment, loss or failure. This has made life very difficult for you, but somehow you persevere. When you finally meet and agree to marry your soulmate, you are very loyal to them, and they become your best supporter.
Traits: Infant: Sensitive Toddler: Fussy. Must have the gloomy trait as a child. Must never get past level 4 in toddler skills or 9 in child skills. Skill cheats are allowed if needed to keep them at the right level. If they gain an A in school, throw a party. At least once a week, something should happen to make you sad, tense or uncomfortable.

Thursday's Child has far to go: Growing up in a household with a parent who wouldn't even try because they were certain nothing they did would ever succeed or come out right had an effect on you. You're smart and you're going places. Perhaps you'll use your genius brain to improve the lives of others. Or you might set your sights on space and get far away from your sad home life. You don't believe in luck or fortune; you make your own. Move around a few times as a young adult and adult, either for a change of scenery or because you think you can do the most good somewhere else.
Traits: Independent, Genius. Recommended but not required: Kuttoe's Worldly (New Hobby Traits) and/or Restless (New Emotional Traits) traits.

Friday's Child is loving and giving: You always felt loved growing up, even when your parents uprooted you to go to the next place where they thought they could do some good. You've always made friends easily, no matter where you lived. You were also taught to give back to your community, and this lesson sank in, giving you a very generous nature. You find your soulmate quickly and settle down to raise a family while supporting your favorite charities.
Traits: Charmer, Good, Outgoing, Romantic
Give to a charity at least once a week, and volunteer with your family every weekend.
If you live in Henford-on-Bagley, regularly help the locals with errands. In Sulani, beachcomb for garbage.

Saturday's Child works hard for a living: You loved volunteering with your family as a child, but you think your parent may have been a little too generous with money. You don't ever want to have to worry about not having enough money to pay the bills or buy food again. You're very focused on school so you can get good grades. A well-paying job is important to you. Of course you want to marry and have children of your own someday, but only once you're secure in your career. Never date until you're at level 4 of your career. Leave most of the child-rearing to your spouse when children come along. Vacation days are reserved for your wedding, birthdays, and deaths.
Traits: Perfectionist, Ambitious. May or may not gain the Workaholic Lifestyle.

Sunday's Child is bonny and blithe and good and gay (happy): Growing up the privileged child of two well-off career focused parents has left you without a care in the world. You've never had to struggle for anything or work if you didn't want to and most people like you. You had a very happy childhood, and everything comes easy to you. Nothing much bothers you, not even a little mess.
Traits: Infant: Sunny. Toddler: Angelic. Later: Good, Cheerful. Optional alternate traits: Kuttoe's Oblivious, Daydreamer and Calm traits (New Emotional Traits).

I've listed Kuttoe's traits because they fit the theme and are the ones I'll use when I have time to start a new legacy, but you don't have to. If you're interested, they can be found here: New Emotional Traits. New Hobby Traits.
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