What is the worst Sims 4 pack?

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What packs are good and bad is a matter of opinion, but some packs are hated more than others. The packs I listed are the most hated ones. Journey to Batuu is obviously going to get a lot of votes, but I still included it there anyway.

My First Pet stuff is just the addition of extra stuff that should have been in Cats and Dogs. You also have to purchase Cats and Dogs in order to buy My First Pet stuff.

My Wedding Stories is extremely buggy and nearly unplayable as a result (I don't know if the bugs were fixed, I don't have it, it's a good pack on it's own but given how many bugs it has, I can see why it's so hated).

Dine Out takes an extremely long time for your food to be served, and I've heard it's also very buggy.

I don't understand the hate towards Strangerville since it's a great pack with an awesome story, but since it's hated I still put it there.

The packs are sorted based of off how much I hate them.
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What is the worst Sims 4 pack? 127 votes

Journey to Batuu
auroraael14EvvieSimmerGoldmoldarErja888NighteyesjeLlyBeAn1573lisamwitthaneulBeardedgeekAnmirlag01denswanNinoosimBariSaxyakuheikomatsuskybird14keene61FinvolabixtersFreddyFox1234APotts 57 votes
My First Pet
LeGardePourpreMichelleWimhappyncisGibbs02SnuffyBucketMoon_WillowloubyloulouPinkHairGuitarLoriTSpEnkiSchmidtStarfreeDoodlyDoofusmusteniZiafarBooDaBoo5SuperCoolRachaelcomicsforlifephunktasticjoe89GrumpyGlowfishHayleeSims 34 votes
My Wedding Stories
CK213AlexaielanorbretonkerryemmiebethCarmineemeresleekoduck87OldeseadoggeLiELFHorrorgirl6SheepilingRedShoe7ddd994joRN1414Atreya33PeraltelemwillKimmerJustinB113HavenRose 22 votes
Dine Out
suetoopalanmichael1pammiechickTrashmagicBlueR0seSERVERFRABenjamilianEleriLeliGhostDragon1351 10 votes
pandie00plumboy23LIL_LillyBlackGirl73 4 votes
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    My First Pet
    probably one of the early packs that are more like very confused kits but still sold at stuff pack price

    such as luxury party we certainly have better things for luxury parties now

    or the glorified hot tub pack because well now you are really just paying to take roof off your hot tub

    i feel like i have love hate relationship with mws because on one hand its just luxury party 2 and its also broken to core but i mean i be lying if it didn't try to add content i wanted for such a long time

    picked my first pet because its also another stuff pack that barely needed to exist in first place and having to buy cats and dogs to even get use out of most stuff is kind of silly
  • sunnycakessunnycakes Posts: 63 Member
    Simmingal wrote: »
    probably one of the early packs that are more like very confused kits but still sold at stuff pack price

    such as luxury party we certainly have better things for luxury parties now

    or the glorified hot tub pack because well now you are really just paying to take roof off your hot tub

    Luxury Party! Didn't think of that when I made the poll.
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    Dine Out
    I love Strangerville and My First Pet. I don't own the other three for different reasons. I dislike Wedding Stories and Batuu because I have no interest in those concepts. They don't offend me by there existence, though. Maybe someone else enjoys them.
    Dine Out is a whole other level. I would have really enjoyed a good restaurant pack, and I miss that feature from the Sims 2. Unfortunately, I've seen people play with it in let's plays and it looks so cumbersome to use that I can't bring myself to buy it. At least Wedding Stories and Batuu didn't disappoint me.
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    I don't hate any of the packs listed. My least favorite pack would have to be Werewolves simply because I'm not really into any of the occults except Spellcasters.
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    My Wedding Stories
    From that list id say weddings but I think the worst pack would be one of the early stuff packs that doesn’t have much stuff.

    My first pet is actually cute and very usable. I’ve recently used the hamster cage, a Halloween outfit for my cat, the cat tree with the scratching pole and the fish tank table. It’s one of the better stuff packs, and the main reason people dislike it is because of the cash grab and the feeling it was omitted from the expansion. But it’s definitely not close to being the worst pack in my opinion.

    I wouldn’t say Batuu is the worst either. It’s the one that probably shouldn’t exist, but it’s not actually that bad.

    I’m going to say luxury party stuff is the worst pack. Or cool kitchen stuff.
  • GrumpyGlowfishGrumpyGlowfish Posts: 1,972 Member
    My First Pet
    Personally, I care the least about Journey to Batuu, but I can see the appeal for people who are into Star Wars. In fact, if it had been Journey to the Citadel instead, I would probably have bought it right away (and then been disappointed with all those cool Mass Effect "aliens" just being regular sims wearing masks). So it's really just a matter of preference here.

    But objectively, I'd say My First Pet is the worst. Not necessarily because of its content (even though I only bought it on sale for the aquarium table and nothing else), but because of how that content was handled. We all know the story.
  • StarfreeStarfree Posts: 1,154 Member
    My First Pet
    @Eleri if you're not opposed to mods Carl's Guides has one called Dine Out Reloaded. It's supposed to be really good & makes Dine Out more fun to play.
  • logionlogion Posts: 4,534 Member
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    Journey to Batuu
    Being fully aware that there are people here on the forum that like this pack... the animations, the clothes and the world is good and I liked playing the pack for a couple of days.

    But the main reason why I would classify this pack as "worst" is because it is so limiting. With the other packs I was able to build, create stories, have relationships, run a business...

    With Journey To Batuu I was only able to visit Batuu and do missions... and that was about it. I did 100% of all missions, and it was, very, boring. Rabbit holes, travel between lots all the time, repetitive missions... If you just visit the world as a vacation then I guess it's fine but I was able to play the other packs for much longer.
  • Evilyn_1007Evilyn_1007 Posts: 695 Member
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    Journey to Batuu
    Dine Out is one of my favorite packs. I wish it would get a refresh so it would work great. But until very recently my restaurants worked pretty well. I still wouldn’t call the pack broken in my game at least.

    I was on the fence between journey to batu and my first pet. And now that I think about it I should have picked my first pet. Having to on a DLC to fully use another DLC is completely wrong. But I do like the gameplay.

    Strangerville is a great pack. I found it a lot of fun. Especially the first run through. I have solved the mystery more than once. The world is pretty cool even though I don’t have my Sims live there ever. I would actually not mind if they did another story pack like that again. B/B, Cas, Career, it’s is a solid pack.
  • maggiemae8135maggiemae8135 Posts: 546 Member
    I don't hate any of the packs. I dislike the bugs but most of the time they do eventually get fixed. Hope they fix the bugs in Dining Out as I always enjoyed that pack. I enjoy both Journey to Batuu and Strangerville. I always find items in each pack that make it worth buying for me, and if not, I won't buy it.
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,231 Member
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    Dine Out
    Dine Out would be a great pack but it doesn't work.

    All the other packs work decently so they aren't the worst. The next awful pack that I wished I hadn't bought is My First Pet. I rarely use anything from this pack.
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  • lisamwittlisamwitt Posts: 4,899 Member
    Journey to Batuu
    It's hard to really say for sure when you don't own all the packs listed, but since I have no desire at all to ever own this pack, I'll say this one. At least there's a chance I may purchase the others during a sale.
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  • EgonVMEgonVM Posts: 4,338 Member
    Journey to Batuu
    Journey to Batuu is such a niche. In addition, this is most creatively limiting DLC as in Batuu you're limited to the new clothing only, none of the new lots can be edited, even occult sims get their powers limited according to some players. The usual inventory can't be used and the gameplay is pick a path and go as you're told and some other fun things. The most daring things they did is allow woohoo in Batuu and you can bring toddlers and children there (though no pets). So... that is an easy choice.

    My First Pet stuff is DLC for DLC. That's the main issue. Though the other issue is that the rodent cages are large (seriously, TS1 and TS2 had it smaller). Quality of stuff, well... not great either...

    My Wedding Stories has a beautiful world, but launched buggy and was in controversy pre-launch. The gameplay is made to be so micro-managy, which at some parts I get. Still, less bugs next time please!

    Dine Out is buggy, but the concept is great. Being able to customize a restaurant menu without owning it is great. But I agree it's slow and buggy, especially after they sped up eating.

    StrangerVille? It has a story, but it also has gameplay that you can enjoy without getting deeper to the story. Military career, bugging sims to listen in to their activities and blackmail for their money, and sparring bot. Well, most of the things talked about that go under spoiler tag though. Still, it allows some freedom (unlike that JtB game pack).
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 6,323 Member
    Dine Out
    The Restaurant still doesn't work very well, plus it's so a boring pack. :s Zzz
  • Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 3,488 Member
    My Wedding Stories
    My wedding stories was way to buggy to be released. I also don't like that it disables the base game wedding party. The new wedding party should be an additional option, not a replacement.

    Why is perfect patio not listed here. That pack basically lost it's reason to exist. The only reason to get this pack, was to get hot tubs but they are now base game. I used to like some of the objects but don't use them anymore since the hot tub update because every time I am reminded that this is the pack where EA screwed me. In all honesty, I think the price of this pack should be permanently reduced to half price. It is the same level as a kit nowadays.

    As for the other nominees
    - journey to batuu : I like playing it from time to time but this pack has intentionally avoid pack integration. The devs disabled weather, pets, occults and so many useful inventory items (easels, knitting basket,...) on batuu. Unfortunately it is also very separate from the rest of the game. Batuu doesn't do much for everyday gameplay
    - dine out : great pack but it should work properly. I only visit restaurants and never run them. Visiting a small restaurant at speed one works OK for me
    - strangerville : story based gameplay is not for everyone but I enjoy it occasionally. After completing the quest, you can use the world as a regular world. The military career can also be used without playing the story so this pack is still usable after completing the story.
    - my first pets stuff: this pack should have been part of cats and dogs. Cats and dogs felt too bare bone to be so quickly followed by a stuff pack with another pet. Some of the furniture in my first pets stuff also clearly belongs to a furniture set cats and dogs. That being said, I am not strictly against the concept of DLC for DLC. Remember my first pets stuff can be used without cats and dogs. The rodent pets are functional within cats and dogs. I wouldn't mind getting new pets clothing in another DLC. Or how about a new washer and dryer in a kit which are functioning for people with laundry day?
  • BlueR0seBlueR0se Posts: 1,502 Member
    Dine Out
    DO and MWS if only for their broken/buggy states.

    JtB and MFP are poor in taste or controversial because of various reasons but they at least provide unique things + have working content.

    Strangerville is a great pack.
  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 7,917 Member
    The only one of those I actually own is Strangerville, which I bought primarily for the military career. I rarely play the story but I like a lot of the CAS items and sometimes use build/buy mode. I'll probably never buy the other packs.
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  • LiELFLiELF Posts: 6,070 Member
    My Wedding Stories
    My Wedding Stories and also Dream Home Decorator because they wasted two perfectly good Game Packs to give us things we can already do in the game. And on top of that, they're both buggy as heck and have features that don't even work. We could have had Fairies and Zombies instead by now, or real PlantSims or Genies or something. Or that playable Grim Reaper career. Oh agony!

    People can say what they want about Batuu, but it was different, gave us some really unique things in Build/Buy and CAS, and it worked perfectly when it released. It's still one of my favorite CAS collections. 💜
  • alanmichael1alanmichael1 Posts: 5,084 Member
    Dine Out
    MFP is a good SP and Strangerville is the best GP of all.
  • SuperCoolRachaelSuperCoolRachael Posts: 392 Member
    My First Pet
    I chose My First Pet because it's the only DLC that requires additional DLC to make full use of. But Journey to Batuu would come in second based on what I have heard about it.

    Strangerville was good at what it was and didn't pretend to be anything else. It had some great Build items, too.

    I only know that Dine Out is very buggy and hasn't been fixed yet. I don't know much about My Wedding Stories, aside from the Russia controversy.
  • skeeterskeeter Posts: 9 New Member
    Journey to Batuu
    I would have picked Cottage Living because most of the errands still do not work and my sim does not live there so the errands is all he can really do. It is beautiful and he has befriended the people and the animals but I won't do any errands anymore because they do not work and he has to trash them. To me it makes my sim look bad trashing the errands when it is not his fault.
  • ddd994ddd994 Posts: 407 Member
    My Wedding Stories
    100% wedding stories. The tiny amount of gameplay this gp came with was entirely broken at launch (and still buggy now), how this was even released at all is beyond me, and marked a new low for TS4.

    Batuu I get is disapointing, but it’s still playable and adds something totally different to the game. Plus there’s a couple items from this pack I use alllll the time.

    I’m suprised people still have beef with MFP.. obvs it was cut content from C&D but it’s kinda obvious this is common practice now.. I think with a different release date people would have been ok with it, rather than right after C&D came out. Like would you say no to a horses stuff pack now, if it required C&D to play?
  • LiebeslottchenLiebeslottchen Posts: 69 Member
    My First Pet
    I chose My First Pet because I don't like pets in cages not even in a game. I love all kinds of small animals in the game but I wish they'd be held in fencings or would roam free like the rabbits or the chickens.
  • SheepilingSheepiling Posts: 530 Member
    My Wedding Stories
    IMO wedding stories should be the worst. Maybe hardly anyone in the community wanted Journey to Batuu (i'm a star wars fan so i like it), but at least it works. Sure it's a little lacking, but so is Island Living. But My Wedding Stories doesn't even work. Even with the patch fixes its gotten it's still barely playable and turns weddings into a headache. Wedding Stories really should be the #1 pack people should avoid IMO, and it is in need of a refresh even more than Dine Out is.

    I haven't bought Wedding Stories because of the absolutely awful gameplay I've seen youtubers posting, which still isn't much better. But I do own Dine Out, and even with the bugs in that pack, I still enjoy using it and take my lagacy family out to restaurants. Sometimes it bugs out and it takes way too long for the food to arrive, when that happens I usually leave without saving and reload the sim day, and either try that restaurant again or do something else with my sim. But Dine Out still works half the time and is usable IMO.

    It's just sad that an old pack, that worked upon release and is only broken now because of modern updates breaking stuff in it, functions better than a brand new pack that just got released this year. Wedding Stories really deserves to be more hated than Batuu is.
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,836 Member
    Journey to Batuu
    I voted Batuu, mostly because it's still the only pack I have never used even one thing from - I haven't even visited, honestly. There's just no integration, and it's definitely a vacation spot for a particular type of sim for me - or a particular mood, and I haven't been all that interested in it. The rest I at least use parts of lol.
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