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Unexpectedly Becoming Attached to a Save

You ever had a save or playthrough that was originally meant to be a one-off or a quick challenge of sorts and you end up becoming committed to keep playing it? That's what happened to me and my current save. It was supposed to be a throwaway meant to test a custom world to see if it was worth it and the next thing I knew my Sim got married to one of the townies and has a family with them. Now, that family is currently playing monopoly with the town as their buying up all the properties and building their criminal enterprise.

Soo... mission accomplished, I guess?


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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,452 Member
    I don't know...I get more attached to characters than "saves".
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    MantleJackalMantleJackal Posts: 374 Member
    I don't know...I get more attached to characters than "saves".

    Same here. I have a single main Sim that I use in all my playthroughs. So in the event where I do have a specific save that I like, at least it's with a favorite sim of mine.
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    octotigeroctotiger Posts: 64 Member
    Yes, this has happened multiple times for me. I just want to play a household a bit before moving them to a bigger save with more of my households, but then I start enjoying playing with just the one household in the world, and I find myself developing a world by adding more community lots and homes. Often, however, I eventually grow tired of the save and move the household to the bin and send them to my other saves to become an inactive household.
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    SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 9,306 Member
    edited November 2022
    Yeah. I'm way too invested in save I have atm to start new one

    and yet i started it only because my previous vlad save corrupted and i didn't even have any idea for first few months what im doing with it

    sometimes I feel like what if i just started all over but in all honesty I don't think I can

    for one it would take eternity to copy all the builds and sims I want to keep and I don't actually have any of that set up

    I just really wish this save doesn't break because gosh so much to lose
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    AstroAstro Posts: 6,667 Member
    I love hearing stories like this. Currently I'm unable to attach myself to any game, let alone a save or a sim... But it's nice hearing others having success stories in their saves.
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,942 Member
    edited November 2022
    A few years ago Supernatural was released and I changed my mind several times while waiting for it to be released. Then I decided to buy it and got it on release. I only wanted the build objects. Decided not to use the supernaturals.

    Then I made a couple of supernaturals. One was a witch. By then University Life had been released and I also had Plant Sims.

    My witches were Judy and Lorna.


    I was going to say I don't have a pic of Lorna but then came across this one from another game. She's the one in the black and white stripes.

    I built them a HUGE house on a 64x64 lot in Sunlit Tides. But I've had it in other worlds. This looks like Midnight Hollow.



    Judy was focusing on the science skill. I'd not played with the Science machine before and had no confidence in what it could do and Judy kept messing things up but she did eventually manage to make a forbidden fruit seed. She planted it but didn't give it sufficient attention and it appeared to die. I was upset. Then she tried again and after many failures she made another forbidden fruit seed. She planted this one too and she took good care of it for days until she had to go out for something and that's when it was available to be picked and I was worried it would die too if not picked immediately so I got Lorna to pick it. Then I was upset because Lorna became it's mother because she picked it after Judy had done all the hard work. I named him Charlie the Plant Sim.

    Anyway Judy got some of her own DNA and I was frustrated with all of her failures and decided to see if she'd fail when she tried to clone herself. I expected she would - but a baby girl came out of the machine. I named her Anne.

    Here are Charlie and Anne playing together at home in their original save way back in 2011 or 2012. Can't remember exactly when.

    I eventually got tired of this save and put it away but kept a copy. Much later I put the house onto the Exchange because people saw me posting pictures of it and wanted to download it. It's really big and not good if you have a save that's already got lots of stuff and lots of sims in it. But your sims never have to leave the house if you give them a career such as gardening or something they can do from home.

    I started other short games that included either Judy or Lorna or both of them and, of course, Charlie and Anne. But Charlie and Anne never aged up beyond child.

    Then I built a witches village in Dragon Valley and added both households to the village plus about 30 other witches I'd made in the meantime.

    A pic of part of the Witches Village in Dragon Valley


    The houses all had big basements where all their stuff was kept and where they lived. Above ground I only had small buildings to be used to hide the stairs down to the basements.

    While in the Witches Village Anne lived with Judy and a few other extra sims.


    And Charlie lived with Lorna and her husband, Vince, and their toddlers.

    Anne and Charlie still played together sometimes. I was still sad that Lorna had ended up as Charlie's mother instead of Judy.

    Here are some of the other witches I made and they lived in a different household.

    I have a lot of witches and I keep them all by 'sharing' them and then saving their Sims3Pack file in external hard drives. I have got a few sims on the Exchange but not many.

    While playing with Judy's household in this Witches Village save I was trying to get her to achieve the badge for having a sim make 300 elixirs.


    She made way more than 300 elixirs but the badge was never awarded.

    Then I thought, maybe there is something wrong with the save. So I grabbed Judy from that save and started a brand new save with just her in it as my only sim and she started working on making elixirs. She didn't get the badge but I was bored and decided to add another sim to her household. I thought I'd go through my old genies and see if I could find one.

    I found three. Gave them each a makeover so they were no longer blue and dressed in Genie outfits.

    So Haley, Jeanie and Josephine ended up joining Judy in the tiny house she was now living in in Isla Paradiso.




    So now I had a witch and three genies in the house all trying to make elixirs.


    After making several hundred elixirs I gave up.

    Then I had been testing some custom content so I could get rid of the broken bits of it and made a really quick sim that I barely touched in CAS. I named her Diana.


    Then I gave Diana a 'friend' to help her test the broken CC. I named the evil 'friend' Meryl.


    Meryl is fun. She wants to see the ghost of her wealthy spouse so keeps autonomously running off the the festival ground and other places looking for a suitable husband. So far she's still single.


    Once I'd finished testing the CC it was time for the demise of Diana and Meryl. But I was having fun with Judy and the three genies so decided to put Diana and Meryl in with them. The save was growing. I thought it had way too many females so I made them a single male sim who I named Craig.

    Then I needed a Simself so I made Muriel, and my name isn't Muriel, but the sim sort of resembles me as I looked back then. I seriously doubt that anyone who knows me in real life would ever think she is supposed to be me though. :neutral:



    Then I thought Craig was a bit overwhelmend with all of those females so I made Sam and added him to the household.


    I really didn't want an overstuffed household.

    I decided to use this group of sims to get me all of the badges that came with Island Paradise.

    At this point I decided I wanted to have a go at learning a bit about YouTube and the series of videos about the Isla Paradiso Bunch began.

    The first playlist is about them trying to complete all of the badges that came with Island Paradise.

    Sam got me the badges for the Life Guard career.

    Between them they completed the requirements for all of the badges.

    They managed to complete all of the requirements and I got a badge or two but mostly the badges didn't get awarded. Later on I started a new series of videos named 'Caroline and Friends' and kept Caroline on her own to complete the badges that are almost only get awarded if you have a single sim household.

    Once I had finished with the Island Paradise Badges series of videos I started a new playlist where this household went adventuring around all three World Adventures worlds. They collected all of the parts of the main tomb collections plus most of the other collectables for each world.

    Here is the collection from France

    The collection from Egypt

    And the collection from China

    By this time the household had grown.

    Haley had twin girls with Salty Seaworth. Salty wants to see the ghost of his wealthy wife so they have stayed as fiancé up to now.

    Judy got to work and picked two plant sims on the same day. They are Benjie and Bertie. Then she started making extra clones. She cloned Triton King and Lea Dutiel, thereby adding Terry King and Donna Dutiel to the household.

    Craig got abducted by aliens several times and had two alien babies and Sam had one alien baby.

    I captured the alien mothers and added them to the household.

    The game was extremely unstable. I had completed the videos showing walkthroughs of all tombs in World Adventures.

    I didn't want to lose the sims so I used NRAAS Porter mod to pack up the household plus the Alien mothers and the tree surviving mermaids, Salty Seaworth, Triton King and Maya Ocean. Mia Azul died and her ghost is kept in an urn that is in the main household. She haunts most nights and Josephine often faints when she sees the ghost.

    I unpacked the household in a new game set in Dragon Valley. I moved the three mermaids out to live as independent sims. I needed Salty as he is the father of the twins, and Triton provided DNA to make his clone, Terry. Lea Dutiel is not involved as she lives in France. I also added Penny, a new sim I made relatively recently as I thought she might end up as a wife for Sam or Craig.

    I started making all of the imaginary friends real and gave them major makeovers.

    Then I moved Judy and her family out to live in a second world in that game. They have a nice new house near the beach in Sunlit Tides.

    I grabbed Anne and Charlie from their save in the Witches Village and added them to Judy's family. Then I made a new sim as a potential love interest for Judy.

    Now I'm thinking I'd like to learn how to live stream on YouTube and think I will start with this household. I have read about how to do the live streaming and have the software. I will wait a few more weeks before trying to do it though as currently I'm involved in a play, singing and dancing on stage before a live audience sort of thing. We open in about 2 weeks and will end in mid December. So after that I plan to live stream Judy's household and if that works out I'll keep doing it and eventually add sims from the remaining main household.

    So you see, I have many sims that I get attached to and they just keep on working for me.

    Here's Judy's current household. I've aged Anne and Charlie up to Teens now.


    Joe - the potential love interest for Judy. Nothing's happening between them yet, but he is part of the household.

    Charlie the Plant Sim

    Peter, Charlie's Imaginary Friend made real

    Anne - Judy's clone

    Ruth - Anne's Imaginary Friend made real

    Bertie - a Plant Sim Judy picked

    Carl - Bertie's Imaginary Friend made real

    Benjie - another plant sim Judy picked at the same time as she picked Bertie so they are sort of twins. I made them different colours so I could tell them apart.

    Pippa - Benjie's Imaginary Friend made real

    Terry King - Judy's clone of Triton King (Terry's a mermaid)

    Harry King - Terry's Imaginary Friend made real

    Finally, Donna Dutiel with her imaginary friend who still needs to become real


    They live in a big house on a big lot. I made the house a big square and have a big courtyard in the middle. They mostly live above ground. I don't think I gave them a basement yet but the house is big. This is the only household I play with in this world currently. So this is the group of sims I'll be playing in the live stream when it happens. I expect they will get visitors from Dragon Valley occasionally.

    My sims just keep on finding ways to add to fun and entertainment.

    The link to my YouTube channel is in my signature.

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    MantleJackalMantleJackal Posts: 374 Member
    You have some serious dedication to your Sims. I can't imagine the amount of time and dedication you spent on creating and fleshing out the stories of each one. I'm actually inspired to work on my own Sims. I might even get somewhere with them since I keep hemming and hawing about doing this or doing that with them story wise.

    Also I've never seen so many windows on a house before. Who needs electricity when you're house is a giant solar panel? I bet you won't get any light bills living there.
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    CK213CK213 Posts: 20,559 Member
    Yeah, a little incident happened while I was playing and it turned into a full blown story series.
    I've pretty much avoided all EA-made pre-mades sims since owning the game, but now that I've edited nearly the entire town and turned aging and story progression off, I've been jumping between households and playing several pre-mades as well as my custom sims.

    I'm having a blast. I should have done this earlier. I played Langeraks a week earlier when I noticed Miraj Alvi had moved in with them to be with Kaylynn. I then noticed that Miraj also had Lisa Bunch as a love interest. So I decided to make her jealous by flaunting Miraj and Kaylynn in front of her.


    It was funny how much smooching it took to finally get under her skin.

    This is her while at school. I would later find that her grade had fallen to an F while her brother had an A. I think Lisa needs some revenge.


    I left them all alone for a while I played other sims. Two of the bunch children (Darlene and one of the brothers)got axed by story progression when I had it turned on before all this.

    I returned to the Bunch family later and was shocked to see how much stuff Lisa has stolen. She's a klepto', The funny thing was she had stolen several items from Miraj and Kaylynn. She was getting her revenge without me. :twisted:

    Where she got the bales of hay is beyond me. Must be random.

    I sent Lisa over to the Langeraks for more revenge. I was going to have her flirt and steal Miraj back.

    But that seemed a bit boring, besides one of Miraj's friends was there and Lisa seemed interested in him. Howard Lies, or something like that.

    Vita Alto also showed up. Lisa being a snob and all, I think she would like to be associated with the Altos and Lisa seemed a perfect protégé for Vita. So after schmoozing with Vita with a promise to visit her mansion, I sent Lisa upstairs to Kaylynn's room.

    After taking some choice items, Lisa hot-legged it home to explore here catch. She filled her empty room. She got some nice pictures and a crazy large vase/urn. I have lots of pics, so I'm packing them in convenient slideshows to save space and scrolling. This is how the above played out. The next day, I spruced her up to make her more presentable to the Altos. I kept her color scheme of pink, yellow, and light acid yellow(?). Interesting choice by EA.

    She showed up at the mansion only to find it empty. Someone must have left just before she showed up. After waiting around for a while, Holly Alto showed up and invited her in. She played video games while waiting for Vita and then started getting to know Holly. Vita showed up late and they had only a little time to build their friendship. Lisa did get a taste of how the other half lives.

    It was late, but Lisa wanted to make one more stop: The Wellingtons. The Wellingtons have a daughter her age: Lydia. Might as well stop and meet her.

    It was a short meet. Lydia's mom greeted her and then their maid spoke to her, and finally Lydia. It was short because of curfew and a squad car showed up to take her away, but Lisa is a slippery character. She got away. She also seems to go after what she wants. The very next day she went over to the Lies house after school.

    Lisa is on my list of sims to cycle through now. Her story will be about wealth, popularity, and status on the Level of The Wellingtons and the Altos. There is a shortage of rich properties in Sunset Valley. That leaves the Wolff, Langraab, and perhaps the Goth's properties for her to earn or take. It should be interesting. :twisted:

    How this all evolved was crazy.
    It begin with Lisa getting some revenge and ended with Vita Alto using Lisa as way to combine the Alto and Landgraab bloodlines by marrying Lisa to Malcom, and the years later Lisa's and Malcom's son to Holly Alto's daughter.
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    xxnearlyperfectxxxnearlyperfectx Posts: 683 Member
    You ever had a save or playthrough that was originally meant to be a one-off or a quick challenge of sorts and you end up becoming committed to keep playing it? That's what happened to me and my current save. It was supposed to be a throwaway meant to test a custom world to see if it was worth it and the next thing I knew my Sim got married to one of the townies and has a family with them. Now, that family is currently playing monopoly with the town as their buying up all the properties and building their criminal enterprise.

    Soo... mission accomplished, I guess?

    I ended up getting attached to a family and I got the dreaded error code 16 and tried everything I could to save it but I lost it :(
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,452 Member
    edited November 2022
    There are two saves (that I've had to restart repeatedly - thanks to cc-changes and corrupted files) and they tend to be long-winded ones as I made my start in Sims fic after having a background in writing fanfiction (long-winded text stories).

    My main two stories are what will now be known as the McIrish-Chikamori Legacy (a legacy involving a simself and River McIrish (a sim who follows the same basic back-story as my RL wife (raised by a single mother, extremely close to mother and absentee father)). The other sim I am attached to is Bebe Hart - who generally becomes the spouse of my simself's cousin.
    The other save is basically my JAG-Sims save which involves a TV show in the late 90s and early 2000s (it ran 10 years) involving a military lawyer/naval aviator/hero. All those sims are on the other broken laptop's HDD which I hope to transfer to an external case. If not, I have to go and remake every sim and create Navy uniforms from scratch which is going to be a royal pain-in-the-posterior end.

    But the benefit of re-doing the caps when I learn how to mesh is that I'll be able to actually put the authentic "fouled anchors, shield and eagle" where they're supposed to be.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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