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Forum Collab Basegame Save File Project COMPLETE!

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In anticipation of base game being free next month, I'd like to create a challenge save file dedicated to completely rebuilding the base game worlds with your own builds.

(Title of this thread has been changed to reflect the redirection from it's original purpose, as a build challenge, to it's current purpose, as an invitation to help create a base game only save file.)

Let's help all of the newbies, especially those youngsters who might not know how to build yet, fill their new world with choices from you guys. Let's get the gallery loaded with choices in base game only builds! Even for buildings like Highschools or Hospitals, please get creative with base game, like we used to before any of the packs that made these possible.

Here's a list of the builds I'm looking for to create this base game only save file:

Community Lots:
2 Parks
1 National Park
2 Public Pools
1 Bar
1 Lounge
1 Nightclub
1 Church Wedding Venue
1 non-church Wedding Venue
1 Daycare (categorize as you wish; generic, park, library, etc)
3 Elementary Schools (1 in each world)
1 Highschool
1 College
1 Library
3 gyms (one in each world)
1 museum
3 Diners/Restaurants
3 Post Office, Police Station, or other public service facilities
1 Hospital
1 Homeless Shelter

Residential Lots:
3 Residential lots built for under 10K
3 Starter Homes
3 homes between 20-40K
3 homes between 40-80K
3 homes between 80-150K
3 mansions
1 Retirement Home community (on one lot)
3 Multi-home lots (apartments, trailer parks, etc)
6 Rentals of various price ranges

This should fill every lot in the 3 base game worlds.

You may do these in any order that strikes your building mood, but we may focus on one at a time to motivate each other. Please feel free to post lots of pictures, but if you know how and remember, put very long streams of pictures under "spoilers". If you don't know how or forget, no worries.

Build Rules:
(to participate in the challenge)
There have been LOTS of changes and updates since base game came out, and we want these worlds to reflect those changes. Therefore:

1. Every public facility MUST include toddler accessible options, with the exceptions of places such as bars (or a high school, for example)
2. Every Residential lot over 80K should have a pool, unless there is a logical reason not to (such as a farm set up)
3. Every lot should include Lot Traits that make sense to that facility
4. You may ONLY showcase 1 out of every 3 builds from previously built lots. 2 out of the 3 should be built brand new and fresh.
5. Every furniture set, rug, and painting must be used at least once in your worlds.
6. Only ONE house in each price point may include the free pack! I LOVE it and want to use it so much, but for those who get base game free, they won't have access to that stuff.
7. Use bb.moveobjects on sparingly.
8. When uploading to gallery, please use the hashtag "basegamebuildchallenge".

To be considered for my Save File:
1. All build submissions must be built by you, from the ground up. I will not be considering Maxis build referbs. No shell challenges, or anything started by another simmer. (I love these, and you are free to showcase them for the above challenge, but they will not be considered for my save file). If it was built from the ground up, but it looks too close to one I recognize from Maxis, I apologize, but it will not be used. (One exception to 'no shell challenges', is if I post a shell to be completed, or ask someone from this forum thread to post one.)
2. All builds for the save file will be announced in the comments with more specific requirements (such as budget or size of lot, due date, etc), and will not be considered unless both the general rules (above), submission entry information (below), and the requirements for that build are met. (I am editing this on Oct. 18, 2022, and will re-announce each category we have already covered. If you have already submitted one, please just state that you would like your previous showcase to be considered, and be sure and include the submission entry information below. No need to repost the entire thing, unless you want to.
3. If you would like a specific Sim/Sims to live in a house that you have built, please include them for consideration, with your entry, realizing and understanding, that I may choose your build and not choose the sims. However, I will know if you include them, that you desire for them to be considered as residents within the save file. You are free to submit builds with or without sims, and you are also free to submit sims without builds, to be considered...but that is not the focus of this challenge, so please don't post more than one picture of Sims without hiding extras behind a spoiler.
4. Absolutely NO cc or mods. I actually have these turned off in my game, and as such, your build/sims won't download to my game.
5. If you have only used base game, but your entry still shows as having a pack, please state as such. (I will turn off all packs and load it into my game, which will effectively remove and replace the item that is causing the issue.)
6. As participation in the challenge does not necessarily mean that you want every build to be considered for the save file, each and every build from October 18, 2022 on, MUST include the Submission Entry Information in order to be considered. If you include the submission entry information, you are giving permission for me to use that specific build and/or sim(s) in my personal save file. You are also giving me permission to tweak (very minor change) anything that I think is necessary (this would only be things like a cluttered countertop was not allowing the sim to easily cook there, so I removed an item). This doesn't mean I'm going to change your builds to make them up to par, it really just means if it already is, except one little thing, I might.
7. I alone am the only one judging these builds/sims. I'm judging on my taste alone, not on anyone else's. My intention is not to hurt your feelings if you aren't chosen. It is simply that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", as they say. (I tend to like things brightly lit). I will be mixing your builds with my builds for this save, so I will likely have a much heavier representation. If my tastes lean heavily toward your build style, you may be represented heavily. The same is true of styles which I personally don't lean toward; they may be scarcely represented (or not at all).
8. Your entry must by uploaded to the gallery and must include the hashtag "basegamebuildchallenge" and "wisdombuilders" to be considered. (This is how I'll find them. Note: any posts before Oct. 18, 2022 do not need a hashtag of my gallery id "wisdombuilders", as long as I can find them.)

Submission Entry Information:
(to be included in every build you would like considered for my save file)

1. Your Gallery ID
2. Your forum name
3. Permission to use this specific build/sims in my save file (with acknowledgment of you, the builder, if selected.)
4. Category you want this build considered for.
5. Constructive Criticism Yes/No (from other forum users, not just me)
6. (optional) Links to slide shows, your personal blog/YouTube channel (sims related only)
7. (optional but also helpful) Link to gallery entry
8. Title of your Build

Submission Form for Sims
(slightly varied from builds)

1. Your gallery id
2. Your forum name
3. Link to the sim in the gallery you want considered (helpful but not required)
4. Permission to use this specific sim, with credit within the household management. (Yes/No)
5. Permission to change minor issues (such as a trait accidentally added from a non-base game, or missing clothing for same reason, etc) (Yes/No)
6. Picture and Name of Sim/Sim family you want considered.
7. Link to YouTube or Blog, etc if you have a back story or whatever...(this won't necessarily be included in save)
8. Specify instruction: (career path, likes dislikes, or whatever)

If you would like your sim to have a specific husband/wife/girl or boyfriend, etc, you must state this in the same entry form (specific instructions), as well as add that sim with his/her own entry form (already married should be added together). If you do not add this information, it is assumed they can be added to the save without such restrictions. (If the instructions are too complex for me to spend that much time on them, they probably won't be chosen, so please keep that in mind.)
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