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THE one & only 'Star Wars: Journey to Batuu' complaining thread!

HI ALL! We're back at it again! firt things first, I haven't made this thread for the Nifty Knitting Stuff pack as it was community voted. I know.. not by everyone, but nevertheless.. We are already looking at a new GamePack that was just announced, so let's focus on that one shall we?

(Let me copy/paste the text below from the DU thread for newcomers to understand what the thread is about)
Take this with a grain of salt and some laughter. This is in NO way a joke to the community's ranting, giving critics or whatsoever and if anything.. I am standing first in line if it comes to giving my honest critics to this game which is 90% negative. I am sorry, TS4 is just not good.

What I do mean with this thread, is an actual place for us simmers to only and freely be negative, complain, worry or whatever you want to call it about this new upcoming pack and be freed from other simmers who then 'complain' about the complainers. Got it?
So everything goes here. It does not matter whether we have all the information or not, the fact that we just only saw the trailer or that we are just a bunch of 'whiners' as others like to call us. You are free to say whatever you want here. Get rid of what's on your chest and share your dark thoughts with other simmers. We DO NOT attack each others opinion no matter what it is or no matter how 'ridicule' or unconfirmed it may be. Let your frustrations on the loose :)

My complaints will come later after I absorbed the shock that they really gave us the most unwanted pack ever. Is this even true? Looks like a bad joke to me..


  • ExxCeeExxCee Posts: 265 Member
    It's just so...meh. Isn't it meh? Meh.
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  • FelicityFelicity Posts: 4,898 Member
    edited August 2020
    I was hoping for bunk beds. The decor looks good, but omgosh, this one is a hard pass. I already use mods to hide the previous Starwars stuff. I am laughing, though. It really is very, very funny.
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,748 Member
    I know this is a complaining thread but still I actually have nothing to complain about as of now. I'm really happy with the SW theme, think it could be really fun. That isn't to say that there won't be details of the pack that I might be disappointed with and want to complain about later.
  • ApparentlyAwesomeApparentlyAwesome Posts: 1,515 Member
    I will say, I actually had a little hope they wouldn't go this route (because why) but I am ultimately not surprised.
  • pandie00pandie00 Posts: 530 Member
    Vagenius wrote: »
    Have you seen the comments in the twitter announcement? It's pretty bad.

    Well.. we're expecting this on forum.. Many people saying that was batuu or whatever.. In facebook things are not going well too
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  • stilljustme2stilljustme2 Posts: 25,047 Member
    rinre33 wrote: »
    In summary: ugh :s

    •from what it looks like it's another vacation like world. The build looks super out of place in Willow Creek.
    •(I don't know of this si the case) but seems like another story driven, strangerville pack
    •doesn't look like much for toddlers, kids or elders...again.
    •super unusable assets outside of the theme of the pack
    •I'm confused about what we saw in the trailer, like what is this pack actually about outside of the theme?? Do we learn to be jedi?? Is it a theme park? New life states or no???

    I'm a bit disappointed, but let's see what else we learn I guess..

    I could see the potential of some unique builds in Strangerville. Might be a good place for some alien families.

    Personally I would have preferred a pack that improved current aliens or introduced new ones with better skill sets. The lightsabers look relatively cool, I wonder if we're getting a new skill or it'll just be part of Fitness. I'll likely get it because I'm a completionist; could be a cool place to send honeymooning couples especially the Geeks and the astronauts/scientists. We'll see as it gets closer to Sept. 8 what all is involved. I'll be really interested in the livestream.
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