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Where is the Garbage Man/Lady?

Didn't they say we'd get a trash man NPC? Where is he? Has anyone seen him/her? All I've seen is a notification that the trash was picked up. I want my NPC.


  • LibertyTheFreeLibertyTheFree Posts: 234 Member
    Perhaps we'll see them popping up from under the trash cans/bins one day :lol: They must have been tunneling under those things to collect our junk.

    Really though, it'd bee good to not have things "do" themselves on their own.
  • akaniki0akaniki0 Posts: 440 Member
    I've seen them, they are an actual person ( npc ). They charged me $50. to empty my dumpster. I didn't want the dumpster emptied, they didn't ask, I didn't have a choice. I don't have a dumpster anymore. They come once a week, mine comes on Wednesday. They don't carge to empty a regular outdoor trashcan, though they might if it's really full.
  • AprilDawnAprilDawn Posts: 716 Member
    I have not seen one either and do have a dumpster on the lot - odd.
  • RedShoe7RedShoe7 Posts: 202 Member
    I think you need a specific lot trait, otherwise the trash won't need to be picked up, so no trash person will show up.
  • Pamtastic72Pamtastic72 Posts: 3,067 Member
    You have to have the Reuse & Recycle lot trait for them to show up. But they do exist and are on occasion moonlighting celebrities.

  • AprilDawnAprilDawn Posts: 716 Member
    Have the Reuse & Recycle lot trait too, but still have never seen one. Do not have any mods so not sure why.
  • Akl500PAkl500P Posts: 2,671 Member
    I tend to see them on Wednesday. Maybe if you aren’t on the lot at a certain time they don’t show up?
  • AprilDawnAprilDawn Posts: 716 Member
    Could be - I will have to look out for one.
  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 2,135 Member
    The are elusive but they're there! I saw one by accident just looking around outside lol.
    Zombies, oh please oh please give us zombies!! :'(
  • IceyJIceyJ Posts: 4,376 Member
    RedShoe7 wrote: »
    I think you need a specific lot trait, otherwise the trash won't need to be picked up, so no trash person will show up.

    Yeah, the recycle and reuse lot trait. I do have it, and my goal is to add it to most homes because I want to see the garbageman. Thank you all who confirmed that he does exist. I'll keep an eye out for him on Wednesdays.
  • simfriend1968simfriend1968 Posts: 442 Member
    edited June 2020
    They can be easy to miss if you recycle a lot, coming to check out the lot and leaving silently if there is nothing in the bins. Mine was a lady, with the title "Waste Manager." I had the Recycle and Reuse lot trait and a sim with the recycle disciple personality trait, and she congratulated my sim on sorting all his recyclables so well that there was nothing for her to do, and didn't charge him any money.
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