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Saving Town Didn't Work....

I moved my Sims from Twinbrook to Bridgeport, and when it asked if I wanted to save the game in case they returned there, I clicked Yes. But now that they have returned, everything I did has been reset. The families I made have been deleted. The families I deleted have been put back. I saved the town; why did this happen? More importantly, why didn't EA get it together?
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  • igazorigazor Posts: 18,730 Member
    edited December 2019
    There is no way to return to a world moved from within the same ongoing game under EA standard. In that saved game's timeline, the world moved from and its sims are destroyed; not only do the sims left behind no longer exist, but your sims would have no memory of or relationships to them any longer. Moving to a new world this way is just a shortcut for starting the game over in a different world with your one active household. What the offer to save the game in case, etc. would have meant was that it should have made a different game save for you where your sims never left the original world, but there would be no connection between that and the post-move game. You could have accomplished exactly the same thing with a Save As. In other words, it's YOU the player who can return to the original world where no one ever left. Not your sims, or at least not the same sims who have now experienced things new to them in their new hometown.

    In order to move from World A to World B in such a way that World A is kept as a viable place to return to or so that travel back and forth is possible, and its sims and your sims' relationships to them are preserved, the NRaas Traveler mod is required. Many of us have been enjoying multi-homeworld play within the same ongoing saves for years thanks to this feature.

    I realize you do not use mods. But this is a prime example of why they can be valuable.
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  • RiverBlossomRiverBlossom Posts: 251 Member
    I did do a Save As. I always do before making a big change. I guess what I'll try is saving the family to the bin and then going to another save, transporting them to it.
    Thanks for the response, again.
    Be safe.
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