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CC Won't Show Up

Hi everyone, I recently downloaded and moved all of my saves and CC to my new laptop. However, when I booted up the game, it didn't show up. I placed it inside the Downloads folder (I also made my own Mods folder with its own resource.cfg file.) Any help?
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  • igazorigazor Posts: 18,730 Member
    edited December 2019
    TS3 custom content comes in two forms each handled differently.

    Sims3packs are placed into the Downloads folder to be read and installed by way of the Launcher. That which is in Downloads is only read by the Launcher for installation, it doesn't show up in-game otherwise. The actually installed sims3pack content lives in the DCCache folder in bundles, dbc files for custom content and ebc files for store content. If you haven't copied the contents of your prior DCCache folder over, then none of this kind of content has been installed yet.

    Packages are placed into the Mods\Packages sub-folder once the framework is set up including Resource.cfg. Downloads and the Launcher have nothing to do with package files, they wouldn't know how to read them, and likewise the mods folder wouldn't be the place to put sims3packs. Some CC comes in package form, that is up to their designer, actual mods always do.

    Does that help or are you certain that you have the correct kind of content in the correct places but the Launcher (sims3packs) is not reading any of it and the game is not recognizing your package files, if you have that kind as well?
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