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Midnight Hollow, The Ballan Family


  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,122 Member

    Midnight Hollow, The Ballan Family
    Adam's Quest

    Marshall is up for an early morning dip in the pool. (I had to move the diving board the other one quit working. I guess I had too much stuff around it?) Wisteria and Dedric cuddle in the greenhouse. Alice is all dressed up and wearing heels to go sell a painting at City Hall. It was worth a bit over 4000 and she sold it for a bit over 9000. She's a good bargainer.

    Adam ran into his grandfather while out jogging. Nickolas was out jogging as well except he was barefoot. Perhaps he was really flying and not jogging? Anastasia was out working in her garden. (I love that even though I am not actively controlling the Grands they are out doing things and my sims are running into them out and about and able to interact with them.)

    Marshall and Jennifer have both been working diligently on writing their books that are due so once the baby comes they can relax and concentrate on the baby. They are both going a bit stir crazy from not leaving the lot recently and decide to go to one of the parks to chill for a couple of hours. He tells the baby about the park and how much fun he or she will have playing when they get just a bit older. He listens to Jennifer's belly but doesn't hear anything.
    Jennifer seems to have a knack with fortune telling and the crystal ball. They are going to come into some money soon. (A few days later in game they got a notice a long lost relative had passed and left the estate to them. They inherited 5000.)
    They enjoyed taking some romantic pictures in the photo booth. That is their story and they are sticking to it!

    Alice serenaded Adam and he enjoyed it very much. They spend some romantic time in front of the fireplace. Adam helps Alice up and feels her belly. He can feel his son or daughter kicking and moving about in her womb. He holds her in his arms.
    "I am so amazingly lucky to have you in my life. You were one of my first friends and gave me my first true glimpse of family...your parents and your brothers and sisters took me in and became my family. You trusted me with your love and your soul when the fates bonded us. We have Marshall and Jennifer, Dedric and Wisteria who rounded out our family. You helped me search for my grandparents and our family has grown even bigger with them and Briana and Bran. Now we add onto our family with our child. You turned my life around when you entered it. I love you so much! How much longer before the babe is born?"
    Alice holds him tightly and kisses him. "Tonight would be nice." She grins, shaking her head at Adam. "No, just saying it would be nice. I think we still have a week, maybe two. It is a first baby, sometimes it takes a bit longer. I want Mom here so hopefully they will come soon. Even before the fates bonded us I knew you were special Adam and that you would always be a part of my life. You are the other half of me. I love you and I am ready to welcome your child. You guys need to finish exploring that tunnel. We don't have forever to get the lair built for Dad."
    They walk upstairs arm in arm, enjoying more romantic time in their room.

    Dedric and Wisteria finish up working in the greenhouse garden and have their own little private party in the fairy house.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,024 Member
    @bekkasan Oooooh! First picture to your newest chapter is of the lovely Marshall diving into the likey! :love:
    (Nice pool set up by the way too. ;) )
    Dang! Awesome profit for Alice! :star:
    I love when my sims run into friends and family in town too. :blush:
    I can't wait to see what Marshall and Jennifer's baby will look like. :)
    They enjoyed taking some romantic pictures in the photo booth. That is their story and they are sticking to it!
    ^ :smirk:
    Aww, Adam and Alice's declarations of love to each other. <3 Hopefully Alice won't have to be pregnant for too much longer. ;) I can tell Adam is super stoked to be a daddy!
    I love this picture! <3
    Lots of "magic" goin' on. :smirk:
    *Check Sims 3 S&L Section*
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,122 Member
    @emorrill Thanks so much for the comments.
    I like making pool/pond combo's. Some have looked better than others.
    That is my favorite picture with them in front of the fireplace. So romantic!
  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 1,305 Member
    bekkasan wrote: »
    Midnight Hollow, The Ballan Family
    Adam's Quest


    :D But she had to wear high heels! How did she get them on??
    And I have to agree with @emorrill , the picture is beautiful!
    How can Jennifer use the glass ball, she isn´t a supernatural, is she?
    I can´t wait for Victor and Gardenia! ;)
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,122 Member
    @AlexaKry Thanks so much for the comments. I rather imagine Adam had to help her! :lol: I see pregnant women in stores dressed to the nines with those 10 penny nail heels or casual with flip flops and I'm thinking to myself I sure would hate to be preggers with a broken leg! Both are dangerous shoes!
    Jennifer is not a supernatural but anyone can sit at the table and use the glass ball. You can be human and be in the fortune teller career.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,122 Member

    Midnight Hollow, The Ballan Family
    Adam's Quest

    The next morning Adam, Marshall and Dedric climb down the ladder with lanterns and explore the tunnel. The tunnel north leads to an archway and a dead end. Adam notices something gleaming in the rubble at the dead end. He reaches down and picks it up. It is a dragon egg. Victor has a dragon and taught him about dragons. He will call Victor later to find out about this egg. How old might it be and is it possible it would hatch. Victor will know.

    The guys enter the archway and go through a closed door. They stare in surprise at the statues they find in the room. The statues look elven in nature and very old. There is one ancient statue of a dragon. Of course, this place is called Red Dragon Lair. Perhaps dragons still visit and lay their eggs in the tunnels. How do they get in though? The door in the wall is covered in strange runes and does not open. Adam takes several pictures of all the statues and the door and close ups of the runes. He sends those off to Rafe in a text message. He receives a call back. "We are coming for the birthing. I'd like to see them in person."
    Adam asks if they can move the statues out to make a lair for Victor and Rafe agrees. "You don't need to make a lair for us, we are comfortable sleeping above ground. I think it is habit with Victor more than anything, but he will be more comfortable and most pleased with you for doing the lair."

    The south end of the tunnel is another dead end. This time from collapsed walls and rocks blocking the way ahead. Adam texts Rafe.
    "Bring that magical sledge hammer of yours please."
    "Will do."
    Adam suggests they go ahead with the north end and build a proper staircase down to be safer for the pregnant ladies. "Alice is not going to be happy being left out of this, but, it is not really safe for us, let alone her. We need to do some shoring of the walls, provide some support beams and get some electricity set up to improve the lighting. You think we can keep her busy buying furniture and supplies?"
    Marshall just looks at Adam and shrugs. "Depends on her mood and she is further along then Jennifer so probably moodier."
    Dedric motions with his arms. "I'm not touching that. You get to be the one to tell her she can't come down here."

    Adam, Marshall and Dedric finish moving the statues to the other area and head back upstairs. Adam asks them to start working on a list of things to purchase for a new staircase and to shore up the walls. Dedric and Marshall go back to Marshall's house to start the list, and leave Adam with Alice. Adam and Alice walk upstairs and he tells her about the tunnel leading to the room full of elven statues and a door with strange runes. He shows her the pictures he took and sent off to Rafe. "The room is perfect for a lair and Rafe approved moving the statues to a holding area until he can get here to see them. He and Autumn plan to be here for the baby so it is good timing. The area is still quite dangerous and we need to make a safer access to get up and down. The ladder is not safe for pregnant women. We also need to shore up the walls before we do much work as the walls are crumbling in places. Part of the tunnel has collapsed and we are storing the statues down at that end. We will repair the walls and shore up the weak spots. When Rafe gets here he will bring that magical sledge hammer of his and we can easily break the rocks and repair the walls at the same time. It will be much safer that way."
    "That's great. That will give me plenty of time to finish the guest room for Rafe and Autumn, and order what is needed for the lair. I need pictures of the empty room so I know what to order."
    She smiles at Adam and touches her belly.
    "I think the baby is excited about everyone coming for the birth. It is kicking up a storm in there. I'm a bit disappointed I can't see the area and statues in person right now, but, this baby's safety comes before anything."
    Adam helps her stand and puts his hands on her belly feeling how active the baby is. He is excited about being a father and loves feeling their baby moving around inside her. He is also happy she took the news of the dangerous tunnels so well. The safety of Alice and the baby are his prime concerns. He will take pictures of the empty room later, for now he wants to show his love to Alice.
  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 1,305 Member
    @bekkasan : aww, the boys caring for their pregnant wifes and thinking about the hormones! :D
    And typical for boys they thought that giving the girls the hard task of shopping for decoration will prevent them from coming downstairs! :D

    I wonder what Rafe will tell Adam about the dragon egg. Hopefully the cellar isn´t an active dragon nest! :o
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 23,731 Member
    @bekkasan Catching up on your thread :smile:

    Beautiful scenery from France :smile: Always nice when you see familiar Sims around :smile: Interesting scene in the tunnel :smile: Not long until Alice gives birth!

  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,122 Member

    @AlexaKry Thanks so much for the comments. :smiley: hehe, the boys are learning all about pregnancy and hormones.

    @king_of_simcity7 Thanks so much for the comments. Alice, yep, she will be having a baby soon. I just need more play time. :grin:
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,122 Member

    Midnight Hollow, The Ballan Family
    Adam's Quest

    Adam talks to Victor about the dragon egg he found. He also tells him Alice is getting restless and wants her Mom. Victor assures him they are almost ready to travel. Victor tells him dragon eggs can hibernate for long periods of time and once they have contact with another living being they can come out of hibernation and quickly hatch. Victor recommends he talk to the dragon and carry it around with him so that it gets familiar with his voice and actions. It should hatch within a few days. He reminds him it will be hungry so have some food ready to feed it, lest it take his fingers for food.

    Another full moon arrives and Adam and Marshall go on a pack hunt to gather resources to sell at the consignment shop to keep their coffers full. They hunt most of the night and transform to human when they arrive home in time to eat breakfast with the family. (I changed the chairs to see if that made any difference to seating at the table. Nope! No one will sit at those middle chairs! Table is going next. Sigh)

    Adam, Marshall and Dedric continue to work on the tunnels. They shore the walls and repair the cracks and weak spots. They build a new staircase that will be safer than the ladder. Nickolas and Bran came by to help out a few times so the work is almost complete. He took pictures of the clean room that they will use for the lair so Alice could order some furnishings.
    He feels movement in the carrier bag he is using to transport the dragon egg. Adam places it on the floor in front of the fireplace. It rocks and shakes and twirls around and eventually a crack opens up. A tiny little black dragon pokes its beak out and soon the rest of it follows. It shakes his wings out and flies to Adam's arm and settles down making strange noises. Adam feels sure he just told him his name was Tymenth. He welcomes him to the world and remembers to get the meat out of the carrier bag and feeds the little hungry dragon.

    Adam had just finished feeding the dragon when the fire alarm went off. He hurries upstairs to the source of the fire and immediately tries to put it out. The fire is growing rather than diminishing. He is worried that the extinguisher will give out. Alice arrives and casts an ice spell just as Adam's extinguisher quits working. Wisteria and Jennifer arrive but they don't have an extra extinguisher with them. The heat from the fire sends Jennifer and Wisteria to the edge of the room. Dedric arrives and with his canister is finally able to put the flames out. The only damage is a slightly scorched floor. The fire department never showed up! Good thing that both Adam and Dedric are brave and Alice can use ice spells on fires. Marshall arrived last after the fire was out. He was writing in his house so was the furthest away.

    After the excitement of the fire they decide to get out of the house for a little while and go to town in their newest purchase...a car large enough for everyone to sit comfortably.

    They arrive at the bistro early and only one other couple is dining. By the time they finish their meals the place is hopping.They introduce themselves to some of the townsfolk and chat while the sun goes down.

    Adam decides to visit the consignment shop before going home. He wants to cut the gems and smelt the metals he and Marshall found. He meets the consignment specialist (quick makeover done, I forgot to take a before was atrocious.) and she complains to him about the noise of the gem cutter.
    "I guess if you can't get used to the noise maybe you need another job." (not after I gave her a makeover Adam!)

    Jennifer fixes fruit parfait for breakfast the next morning and everyone took places at the new table. (At least Alice and Dedric sat at the middle seats and didn't go sit at the counters! I'm not sure why Adam and Marshall are sitting at angles and not pulled up to the table. Big families are a pain sometimes! I love them anyway!)
  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 1,305 Member
    @bekkasan : what did Adam talk about with the dragon egg? Does he have an evil heart? ;)
    This car is a wanna-be-a-famous-rapper-hummer, isn´t it? Perhaps they should think about a second car with all the babies coming in the next time?
    Was the fire caused by the little dragon? And in this case it´s always neat to have a witch around!
    Nice update, waiting for the first pictures of the finished lair!
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,122 Member
    @AlexaKry Thanks so much for your comments! :smiley:
    In the interest of fairness I had Adam do every conversation with the egg. Started at the top and worked around the convo wheel. :lol:
    Victor has a black dragon as well so I guess they don't always go to evil sims. Maybe, they like strong men/women. He actually got his as being my tester for a house I ended up not using when I was first fixing things up for DV over a year ago. There was one live dragon and several eggs in it, so he kept the live one. :grin: I hope there will be enough eggs for everyone. :wink:
    I forgot to make it fireproof when I changed the fireplace out. Creator error!
    I love that ice spell. It will put a smaller fire out in a jiffy, but guess this one got to big considering how long it took her to get upstairs with her baby belly!
    Will be working on an update in a little bit.
  • ZhakiraPZhakiraP Posts: 1,078 Member
    @bekkasan Alice looks just about ready to pop!
    I noticed you have humans, werewolves and fairies. The fairies live for so long, what happens when Adam grows old, will he use potions or are planning om having him age naturally?
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,122 Member
    @ZhakiraP Thanks so much for your comments. :smiley: Adam has fairy genes from his Mom so he has an expanded lifespan. Alice will use the potion her mother 'discovered' and used herself. Jennifer is my one worry as she is a human and I am racking my brains for a plot for her. :worried: : She and Marshall are not bonded either since she is human. The Fates could intervene...we shall have to wait and see. :wink:
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    Midnight Hollow, The Ballan Family
    Adam's Quest

    Jennifer and Wisteria enjoy a break from their books and plants and play a few games of Gnubb. Wisteria wins and giggles happily and Jennifer laughs with her. Jennifer is truly happy that Wisteria has become so relaxed with her and the rest of the family. She teases Adam and Marshall like brothers. She treats Alice and her self like long lost big sisters. She watches Wisteria with Dedric and sees the same love for him as she and Alice have for their men.

    Dedric is trying to master his athletics and practices shooting hoops, taking a break from the treadmill and the weight machine.

    Alice takes a break from her spells and works on a painting she has been wanting to do since Dedric and Wisteria's wedding.

    Marshall wants to improve his martial arts and is working on the board breaker. He loves the sound the boards make as he smashes his hand through five boards at a time. Adam tells him he will start on stones soon. He wants him to break 150 boards total before he starts on the stones.

    Adam shows Alice the new staircase and watches her as she walks carefully down the stairs. He has noticed she even takes the stairs in the main house much slower now, and wonders if they should invest in an elevator. "I'm not going to fall. I have to go slowly since my center of gravity is so huge right now."

    She gives him a crooked smile. "It will all be worth it in a few weeks!"

    Adam hugs her to him and pats her belly. "I can't wait!" He takes her hand and walks her down the hall to where they have stored the statues.
    "Wow....these look totally ancient! Maybe even older than Rafe who is centuries older than Dad anyway. Rafe's eyes are going to bug out of his head when he see's these in person. He won't even care about the baby."
    Adam grins. "Well, they were already planning to be here for the baby, so I think he is gonna care about the baby too. I think he will enjoy trying to unravel this mystery while he is here."

    The furniture has been placed in the lair by Adam, Dedric and Marshall. The girls gather the rest of the stuff for the room and finish decorating. Jennifer places the wall hangings around the lair, while Wisteria makes the bed and arranges the flowers next to the bed. Alice hangs two of her favorite family photos on the wall. Everything is ready for Victor and Gardenia to arrive.

    Alice takes the finished painting and puts it in Dedric and Wisteria's living room over the sofa. When Dedric returns from his second exercise session Wisteria pulls him to see the picture. Dedric tumbles with her onto the sofa and they snuggle under the beautiful wedding portrait kissing and hugging and Wisteria cries a little from the splendid gift that Alice brought them.

    Briana shows up unexpectedly that evening as Alice and Adam were relaxing and asks to talk with Adam. Alice waves at Briana and goes upstairs to give them some privacy to talk. Briana spins into her tale immediately with all her teenage drama and angst.
    "My Mom and Dad are driving me crazy!"
    She throws her hands around in the air as she tells Adam what has upset her.
    "I don't want to go to university! I thank the Fates that I was not picked to go to the palace to live as your Mom was. I want to explore the world. There is so much out there to see. Dad said he would pack me up and send me to the Queen if I even consider running off on my own. Once you are in the Realm you cannot get out without the King's permission. Well, you can't get in it either unless you are someone special like my Mom and Dad are. They could take me with them and I wouldn't be able to leave. I will just die if I get sent to the Realm! Adam, you have to help me. You could talk to my Dad and I know he would listen to you since you lived for years on your own. I was hoping you would teach me some survival techniques. I'm not completely stupid about taking off on my own. I was going to join a group, others like me who want to explore, so I've been really pushing my athletics and learning my plants and what is safe to eat and all that. I'm just not cut out to be a scholar or someone's perfect housewife, but I don't know what I want to do and this would give me time to decide. Dad didn't even want to hear any of that!"

    "Briana, you know your Dad is not going to listen to anything I say and to be honest, I can understand his hesitation about your plans."
    Briana gives him that teenage eye roll and starts to interrupt and Adam holds his hand up. "No, I listened to you, now, it is my turn to talk. You are still a teenager and your plan needs thought and structure to be safe. Perhaps some friends that your Mom and Dad already know would be the kind of companions your parents would want for you to see the world with. Going off on your own would not be safe, and like minded strangers is dangerous as well. You need to develop a specific plan of what you want to do, where you want to go and how you will fund it. You are not expecting your parents to fund your exploration are you?"
    Briana blushes.
    "That is not very adult thinking if you are. Perhaps talk with Autumn, Alice's aunt when they come. She and Rafe are still exploring the world. She can give you some advice and guidance. She was not a teenager either when she started exploring and she was a vampire and trained by Victor to take care of herself."
    "You also need to consider that university is not just about learning facts from books and becoming a scholar. Its a time to stretch your imagination, find out who you are as well as meet new people or get closer to the ones you go with. You can learn a lot of useful skills at university as well as hone the ones you have already been working on. It is also a great time to just have some fun too. University was great for all of us even though Marshall almost died. It certainly taught us that you can never be completely prepared for everything, but, you can deal with the challenges that life throws at you with friends at your side. I can teach you hunting and martial arts which are both great survival skills, but, I will only do it with your Mom and Dad's blessing."

    "I will think about what you say. I had not thought much about the preparation, just what an adventure it would be. To be honest Bran suggested I talk to you. He's the smart twin. I seriously wouldn't try to run off. My parents don't need the stress after what happened with Nissa. Bran and I are still amazed they had the courage to have us."
    "Briana, you are smart in your own way. Don't negate yourself. You've got lots of energy and imagination and are at least willing to listen to others even when upset about your Dad and Mom's dislike of your plans. It's obvious you love your parents or you wouldn't be here asking for help."
    "I'm so glad you found us. Its cool having someone else to talk to about things in the family other than Bran. I will talk to Mom and Dad and ask about the lessons. I can pay for the lessons by babysitting for you when you and Alice or the others, or all of you want to go out. You don't want to trust the sitter service. I've heard some of them are klepto's and don't really like kids!
    She hugs his neck and tells him to hug Alice and pat the baby tummy for her or she will be late for curfew. She flies out the door still swinging her arms around, but now with excitement rather than anger.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,024 Member
    @bekkasan So baby dragons can just chill and hang out in their eggs until they come in contact with another being? That's kind of cool. :) I like that!
    Great advice Victor gave. 👍
    Sorry you're having trouble with the dining table again. :( It sure is a beautiful one.
    Black dragon! :smiley: What are its powers? I like the name Tymenth. :)
    A fire!? :flushed:
    Oh no it's spreading! :scream: (Seriously, I was getting real scared for everyone, especially when the FD didn't show up... :unamused: )
    Go Adam, Dedric and Alice! Whew! :relieved: A Fireproof Homestead LTW is in order. ;)
    Nice car. :grin: Is that cc?
    I love when many sims congregate on one lot. :)
    Man I wish I'd been able to see what the consignment shop lady looked like before, but she's very pretty after your makeover. :blush: Naturally...
    That is weird that Adam and Marshall didn't have their plates placed down on the table. :confused: I wonder if there's some routing issue in that part of the house...
    Aww, I love that Wisteria is feeling like part of the family now. <3 And that everyone else has been so welcoming of her, like I knew they would. :)
    Oooh, what will Alice's painting be? ;)
    Yeah you break those boards Marshall! Rawr! :love:
    "I'm not going to fall. I have to go slowly since my center of gravity is so huge right now."
    ^ :lol:
    I think she's right about Rafe's reaction to the statues! :lol: But hopefully he won't forget about the baby. ;)
    Is that a dog statue?? :smiley:
    Aww, the lair looks cozy, especially with the family pictures. <3
    I KNEW she was painting a scene from their wedding! :grin: It's gorgeous! <3
    Uh oh, we got some teenage drama here. ;):p I can sympathize with her though. The fairy realm doesn't exactly sound like the place for every fairy... :(
    Adam is counseling her wisely. Plus I don't think he wants to completely jump on board with her plan because it would not make him look very good to her parents...
    "You also need to consider that university is not just about learning facts from books and becoming a scholar. Its a time to stretch your imagination, find out who you are as well... It is also a great time to just have some fun too.
    ^Ditto. :star:
    Such great advice Adam gave and I think it has brought him and Briana closer. <3 Sometimes we just get so caught up in the thrill of a new adventure that we forget about planning for it and thinking about what lies ahead and how we might deal with challenges. Wise words Adam. :star:
    Cute she offered to babysit and this:
    You don't want to trust the sitter service. I've heard some of them are klepto's and don't really like kids!
    ^ :joy: That's hilarious!
    Fantastic updates! :smiley: I can't wait to read what happens next!
    *Check Sims 3 S&L Section*
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,122 Member

    @emorrill Thanks so much for the comments!
    I finally gave up on that table and will see how the new one goes.
    The black dragon can bring a death flower, summon ghosts and make sims into zombies muhahaha :trollface:
    Should be fun to have around on Halloween if I ever put seasons back in!
    I always forget about that fireproof reward.
    That is an EA car. It's a nice one!
    I loved that capture of Marshall and the boards.
    I was pleased with how the painting turned out. :smiley:
    It is a dog statue :smiley:
    I thought it was so cute when Briana came by the house and just started throwing her arms around complaining big time and those teen exaggerated looks so the story kinda wrote itself with her chattering to Adam.
  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 1,305 Member
    @bekkasan : Great update!
    The lair looks cozy and is very stylish!
    The picture is a well-thought present! And perfect for fairies with this much of green!
    Briana is a typical teenager, right? Always annoyed by the decisions the parents make and always making a drama out of nothing! :D
    I like her outfit, too, so much dramatic effects: the boots, the socks, the top: punk still isn´t dead!! :p

    As for Jennifer being human: let Rafe or Victor bite her, then she will livelast longer as all the others. B)
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,122 Member
    @AlexaKry Thanks so much for the comments. :smiley:
    I liked how the lair turned out.
    Yes, she is certainly a drama queen teen and so different from Bran. I love that they are spontaneously coming over to visit. I think Bran is the only one who hasn't shown up on his own. He's got a girlfriend and I think she is keeping him occupied.
    hehe, I dunno if I want Jennifer a vampire. I keep thinking she will eventually let me know something.
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 23,731 Member
    @bekkasan Nice updates :smile: Not sure why Sims are not sitting in the middle chairs? I would use MOO for that if just using pictures. Cute dragon and lucky no one got hurt in the fire. I have seen some shocking NPCs and service Sims in the game before who always run the bars lol Nice painting of the wedding from Alice :smile:

  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,122 Member
    @king_of_simcity7 Thanks so much for the comments :smiley: I actually play the game or let my sims live their lives with some direction from me. I don't just take pictures, so I want a table and chairs that work properly. I have not been back in game to check the light fixture yet to see if that is part of the issue. When I've had time I've been working on the 'fairy realm' world.
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 23,731 Member
    @bekkasan i used MOO for my Sims when I have the canteen scenes. It takes a while to decide who sits next to who and I try to put couples together :smile:
  • PuddinroyPuddinroy Posts: 3,866 Member
    @bekkasan: Awesome updates. The lair is so adorable. Yup, typical teenager. :)
    :) Smile!

  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,122 Member
    @king_of_simcity7 You have a lot more sims to handle! :smiley:

    @Puddinroy thanks so much for the comments. :)
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