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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 19,850 Member
    Hello. Here I am reporting in again on my progress. I'm happy to say I've now completed the project of adding the missing sims to my Game. Their nhd files still need to be added to the Big Game though.

    I am still not well with the really annoying cold. I'm hoping to be over it by Friday.

    Here are a few pictures of the Bellatrix world by @Rflong7. It is the second world I've used to add sims I previously abandoned in Sunset Valley Second Edition Final.

    It is a very different looking world. At first I was going to shut it down and find another world because it was so different. But then I decided to stick with it and now I'm glad I did. It's beautiful but a bit hard to find all the houses. There are a lot of houses in the world and some of them blend in so well it isn't easy to find them. I hope I didn't miss too many in the end.








    Now I'm going to work on the video for the next episode of Oscar's Childhood.
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    @ilikethesims30 Tisha looks like an artistic person to me. Maybe she could do street art as a hobby :smile:
    @GraceyManor That's a great shot. It almost looks like she's flying off the edge of a cliff too :tongue:
    Ena makes dragon armour look pretty. I think Shifu was expecting another kiss but Ena would rather go and eat some food.
    @DeafSimmer Hopefully Luna isn't down for long. I don't think Celestia will fall into a trap easily.
    @Nikkei_Simmer I remember your stories clearly. The Eight look pretty cheerful considering everyone they know on the outside is about to die. I do think this version of River with the shorter hair is very pretty.
    @king_of_simcity7 Punching a sign is rather tame in the scheme of things but I don't think Anta would be afraid to pull something violent off just to make a point. I'm glad that Shelly doesn't want to be part of their gang.
    Yeah go Shelly! It's too hard to trust Gareth when he changes sides so easily. I don't like that he grabbed her arm. He says he respects people's views but does he not respect their personal space as well?! I'm glad she got away from him. I wonder how he will take the rejection. I hope he lets it go :grimace:
    @Silverofdreams30 The silly photos the best. I hate it when they repeat. Your makeover of Ayana is really well done :smile:
    @KayeStar Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed :lol:
    @jonny522 Congrats on the birthdays. Alex will probably live a long life due to his athleticism. Whatever happened to the second daughter Evelyn? I hope I'm remembering right. I like the picture of Ryan in his suit, he looks very sharp and professional.
    @Brandontaylor Josie does look a lot like her father Michael. Better late than never to meet your sibling for the first time. Was Amanda eating on the toilet? Just curious how the basin got burnt down of all places. I remember your Supernatural Orphan sims. Sorry that you weren't quite satisfied with Emma. I hope Jenna is more suitable.
    I like your 'what if' situations. I don't like to see Ava's heart get broken though. Shame on you Hank! Love the slap at the end :lol: Congrats to Amanda in the real timeline :smile:
    @Emily4331 Hi Sable, have a nice trip! (little dad joke right there) :lol: Something about that hair looks really realistic, maybe it's the texture :smile:
    @Karritz I'm glad you got all the missing sims back. I've got a cold too, let's hope we're both feeling better by the weekend. I have never seen this rflong world before. It's definitely unique but still really beautiful. I love all the colourful trees :smile:
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 19,850 Member
    @coco that world is on the exchange. That's where I got it.

    The trees came with the EA world, Lunar Lakes. Later on there was a patch to make them base game. They often change colour depending on which world they are in.
  • cody6268cody6268 Posts: 23 Member
    Just figured out how to get Riverview, since it was a bonus for registering the game. Downloaded it and can't wait to start playing it.
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    edited November 6
    Stuart made three bottles of Very Nice nectar and delivered them to the townie who ordered them.



    He now has a level 2 French Visa. Yay!


    He has a free afternoon to relax in Champs Les Sims, then he will travel home.


    I found a local and a Chinese tourist doing the same pose in the new lot I added to the town :smiley:

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    The Way of Life
    Chapter 2

    It was about about a day before the bomb fell when Noel had made a break-through with robotics and created a plumbot which he promptly named Horace just because. Horace was a military/police style plumbot and was built to be intimidating, but he had the AI Angler and Handibot trait least until such time as Noel was able to construct a trait chip that would kick in his defensive capabilities. Phil attempted bot-making and ended up making a Fear of Humans trait chip, which was not installed in Horace for obvious reasons. It was evident that they would need several plumbots in order to go out while the radiation was still in the air so that none of the sims would get sick and pass away from acute radiation sickness. They could patrol the compound...and do other things that were necessary.
    Screenshot-9.jpg Of course since Bebe Hart was extremely technophobic, she didn't like Horace at all. It made her very uncomfortable, but she knew that it was the only way to get information about the outside world at any rate. Horace would take samples of the air, the water, the fish and wildlife that survived and would relay that information to the shelter occupants. As it was Horace got the first look at the world that had come to pass in the wake of the nuclear devastation.
    Screenshot-17.jpgScreenshot-18.jpg He didn't understand why, but seeing the devastation that was wrought in the wake of three 550KT nuclear explosions in close proximity to each other, made his circuits do something funny and he couldn't understand why his circuits were not computing properly. Was this what the humans saw as sadness
    Screenshot-23.jpgScreenshot-24.jpgScreenshot-25.jpgScreenshot-26.jpg Standing on the crest of a hill, Horace looked down at the ruin wrought in silence. Other humans had tried to harm his humans...he would not be merciful to anyone who had bad intentions against his humans, for with them, he was inexplicably tied in both faith and his Creator was with them, his Creator who had brought him into being. Horace would do anything to protect them...and seeing how other humans had conducted themselves in the presevervation of the environment around them, he had no desire to see anyone but his Creator and his friends flourish. They would be kinder to the environment than how the other humans had been.
    Screenshot-28.jpgScreenshot-29.jpg Meanwhile back at the bunker, Phil worked on the garden. It was from there, now that the soil above ground was poisoned by radiation for the long term, that the bunker occupants would receive their sustenance. And Noel was working on the RoBotany trait chip to ensure that there would be some plumbots working on the garden to free up yet another sim to do some alchemy research. And frankly there were weird things that Horace, who was recording things to be downloaded back in the bunker, was seeing. Shrill cries and howls of things that didn't seem to be cries of animals that they were familiar with.
    Screenshot-21.jpgScreenshot-22.jpg Horace, after coming back in, and downloading his report to the computer, started researching nanites so that he could assist his Creator (Noel) in making more trait chips to use in future plumbots that the facility would need.
    Screenshot-31.jpg Noel and Horace could be seen in the lab working together to make trait chips. And together they would create a team that would help ensure the survival of this bunker.
    Screenshot-32.jpg Holly was working on potions...that could be used for purposes other than just self-defense and Haruo and River were working on their alchemy skills. Evidently the radiation was doing weird things to the environment around them.
    Screenshot-33.jpgScreenshot-34.jpg ...and there were creatures in that forest...ones that a Sim would not want to come up against alone with no means of self-defense.
    Screenshot-35.jpgScreenshot-36.jpgScreenshot-37.jpg ...and of course there were things that even bears and wolves were scared of.
    Screenshot-38.jpgScreenshot-39.jpg Sometimes, it was just safer to stay inside...
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    Today, Rachel was in her bedroom, sat at the mirror, and applying her bright pink raspberry scented lipstick. Drake was also there, watching:
    Rachel then smiled, and gave Drake a big loving hug and several big smooches on his face:
    She then blew several big kisses towards Drake, which landed on his face:
    Drake went bright red and giggled. Rachel had covered his face in big bright pink raspberry scented lipstick smooches. 'Thank you for the lipstick smooches!' Drake said, still blushing, but smiling brightly. 'Awwww, you're welcome, my cute, adorable and kissable son!' Rachel said, smiling sweetly and batting her eyelashes at Drake:
    She then used her demigoddess powers to magically clean Drake, removing the lipstick smooches off his face:
    Iris came in and walked like a princess towards Drake:
    And then she glomped Drake, giving him several smooches on his face in the process:
    Drake giggled a lot. Iris had covered his face in pink lipstick smooches. Iris smiled and got a makeup removal wipe out, using it to remove the lipstick smooches from Drake's face. 'I love you, bro!' she said, smiling sweetly. 'I love you too, sis!' Drake replied, cheerfully. Later, Iris went downstairs and started her first book, The Lonely Little Boy. It was a children's book, and it was about a boy called Nathan who didn't have any friends, and the other boys in his school didn't want to play with him. A girl called Bonnie took pity on him, and played with him. She and the other girls became good friends with Nathan:
    Drake came down and exercised:
    Later on, Iris had finished typing up The Lonely Little Boy, and Drake had finished his exercises:
    Rachel then teleported into the skill room, along with Drake and Iris:
    Rachel then made an ice sculpture of Drake!
    She then tended to her plants:
    And then Rachel made an ice sculpture of Iris!
    Rachel got the mail, afterwards:
    And then she went back into her bedroom, where Iris was giving Drake a big hug and a kiss on the cheek:
    Sims 3 Family: Rachel Applebee, Drake Furystrykar, Iris Furystrykar.
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar
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    @Silverofdreams30 Pamela's bedsheets look like the kind of satin that feels so nice against the skin but is actually so slippery that the blanket doesn't want to stay inside it, lol :p . RL problems our sims don't have :D.
    Shirtless Skip :smirk: .

    @bekkasan Cute kitties are nice company and there are so many of them in need of a loving home anyway :blush: .

    @king_of_simcity7 Shelly is a good friend to Hana, refusing to listen to bull about her or hang out with anyone who accepts it.
    Grabbing Shelly's arm wasn't very cool either.

    @Nikkei_Simmer I know I've commented on these updates before, but the pictures of the explosion are gorgeous.

    @jonny522 Happy birthday to Lindsey and Alex!

    @Brandontaylor Chili is dangerous, lol.
    Happy birthday, Jenna!
    Alternate timeline: Poor Pauline is not lucky in her love life... Or perhaps she is after all :o . Poor Ava, lol! An apology might not be enough to fix this :# .
    Back to normal timeline. Congrats on the pregnancy!
    Cute picture of the jam session between mother and daughter.
    Aww, poor Pauline :(. I feel a bit bad for her.

    @Emily4331 Sorry you lost your old saved games but Sable is beautiful. Her lips and eyes are gorgeous!
    Dang elevators, lol! ;)

    @Karritz That's an interesting looking world.

    @coco Get well soon!

    @cody6268 Welcome to the thread :)! I hope you'll have fun playing in Riverview :).

    @PalmArrow Congrats on the level 2 visa! It looks so nice and peaceful in Champs Les Sims.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 4,662 Member
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    Thank you, did not want to edit them too much,
    just hairstyle change, skin and makeup.
    I hate when those photos repeat as well.


    Great job Stuart,
    hope the townie was delighted.


    Great update


    Saw you posted just as I had posted my comments lol.
    Thank you, yeah those sims do not always have the problems we can have in RL lol.

  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 5,728 Member
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    @Nikkei_Simmer I know I've commented on these updates before, but the pictures of the explosion are gorgeous..

    @meerkattime; Thanks; took a bit of work with Photoshop to get it looking right as if it was actually in game.
    coco wrote: »
    @Nikkei_Simmer I remember your stories clearly. The Eight look pretty cheerful considering everyone they know on the outside is about to die. I do think this version of River with the shorter hair is very pretty.

    Yeah, I’m so bored without the computer I decided to post up former chapters to keep my mind off it. Thank goodness for internet access.

    I know they seem a bit too cheerful; sort of like Tom Lehrer.
    Oh we will all fry together when we fry
    We'll be french fried potatoes by and by
    There will be no more misery
    When the world is our rotisserie
    Yes, we will all fry together when we fry

    Yeah maybe they are a bit too happy with the apocalypse.

    I’ve always loved trying different hairstyles on River; she’s quite a bit different than the little plain waif that EA made her into. :mrgreen:
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  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,685 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer , great screenshots! Where are the bears and the fish with legs from?
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,110 Member

    @Karritz Cute picture, bummer the dog didn't make it in, but I see the freezer bunny and not sure which gnome running off. I guess they didn't like all the fussing going on. :grin:
    Awesome pics of the Bellatrix world. I've had that world saved but have never used it. Don't have lunar lakes installed right now.

    @KayeStar Cute picture, strange face!

    @Nikkei_Simmer I would hate to have to whittle down my fav sims to just 8 to survive a nuclear holocaust. I'd probably make bunkers in each world to save the extra's in. :lol: I wouldn't worry about townies...byebye townies. (unless I play them like Marshall and Jennifer) I still think your holocaust pics are amazing.
    I thought the robot was a nice touch to be available to record what is happening outside. Sounds like he has the sentience chip and perhaps emotions since he cares about 'his humans'
    ok...the fish with feet and humongous teeth is just a bit too cute to be totally scary, but, would not want to see him after dark!

    @jonny522 Birthday time for the folks! Happy Birthday and hope they enjoy the elder stage.

    @Brandontaylor Oh dear, Josie could use a TLC makeover!
    lol at the Chili fire in the bathroom.
    I liked your Supernatural sims...nice to see them. Hopefully when you have more time you will go back to that story.
    I'd probably get major confused with an alternate timeline with all my sims!

    @Sleepstar Hope you have fun with your simming now that the break is over. :smiley:

    @Emily4331 Oh my. I didn't realize removing a mod could kill a save! Which one? How'd did it happen? I've only removed a few from my current file and that is because I didn't like the effect or it didn't work as promised and they were not in long enough to affect the game I guess.
    Silver have a gorgeous new sim! Sable is gorgeous and I can't hate a gorgeous sim who is plagued by the elevator curse. :open_mouth:

    @cody6268 Congrats on the new world and welcome. :smiley:

    @PalmArrow Congrats on Stewart making it to level two visa. I hope he enjoys the rest of his stay and arrives home safely.
    lol at the two posing for you. :grin:
  • SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 93 Member
    @bekkasan Thank you.
    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3
    The Oakley Legacy, coming soon
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 4,662 Member

    Today's update



    Morning in the dorms.


    Pamela watched Walter playing videogames.








    Since it was Saturday I sent all of them in the dorm bowling.

  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 1,081 Member

    So that was the scuffle heard in the hallway? Chrysalis watched as Celestia approached Tirek. Another fight broke out, and she was sure that someone would get bruised. Then, Discord awakened. It didn't look good for the villains at all! Regardless, Chrysalis wanted evil to triumph for once.


    Chrysalis and Discord fought, and he seemed to have the upper hand. Which was unfair, considering that Tirek was supposed to steal his magic. Yet they were caught in the act? Sneaking in just before sunrise wasn't the smartest move, as it turned out.


    Then, Luna came along and put a spell on Chrysalis. The changeling queen was sure that it was a punishment for breaking in. The older sister didn't seem to mind, perhaps because the break-in had obviously annoyed her.

    "This is what you get," Luna said.

    "Honestly?" Chrysalis retorted.


    Then, the royal sisters used a spell to extract the magic from Tirek. In an instant, he became less powerful. All the magic returned to every supernatural in Moonlight Falls.

    "What the?" Tirek asked.

    "Well, well," Luna said. "Look who lost."

    "Whatever. I'll get back at you next time."

    Celestia shook her head. "Not when a certain pair of sisters are watching the kingdom!"


    Chrysalis and Tirek left. The sun began rising into the horizon. They were sure the supernaturals would see them on the sidewalk, powerless and defeated. They might as well be laughingstocks, as they seemed to lose against good each time they rose up to overthrow the royal sisters.


    Luna and Discord hugged. She kissed him, then said, "It's good that you didn't turn against us."

    "I'm sorry that I lied to you," Discord said.

  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,024 Member
    @coco LOL gotta love a good dad joke. :tongue: I've noticed more and more Sims 3 hair retexture-ers have been using a more natural texture. Very happy about it. :smiley:

    @meerkattime Thank you :heart:

    @bekkasan I think it's just this specific mod. It's a very mature mod, so not going to mention it by name, but it does mess with several aspects of the game and the creator basically warns over and over about its instability. :lol: I forgot to disable it on the saves I enabled it on, so removing it basically made the game run around panicking like the world was on fire. :lol: I removed the mod because I feel like it was butting heads with a few NRAAS mods and causing the game to crash. I mean, the game hasn't crashed randomly since, but oof are those old saved games a special kind of screwy. :lol: Actually, I might reinstall the game today if weird problems persist. But so far the only thing that has happened in my Sable save is that a townie I edited got corrupted as heck and was permanently invisible. Nothing could save him. I tried. :lol: Thank you! :3

    @Silverofdreams30 Looks more to me like Pamela fell asleep while Walter played games. :tongue:
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    PalmArrow wrote: »
    @Nikkei_Simmer , great screenshots! Where are the bears and the fish with legs from?

    @PalmArrow; murfeelee has them.on her site. I downloaded them from there.
    bekkasan wrote: »
    @Nikkei_Simmer I would hate to have to whittle down my fav sims to just 8 to survive a nuclear holocaust. I'd probably make bunkers in each world to save the extra's in. :lol: I wouldn't worry about townies...byebye townies. (unless I play them like Marshall and Jennifer) I still think your holocaust pics are amazing.
    I thought the robot was a nice touch to be available to record what is happening outside. Sounds like he has the sentience chip and perhaps emotions since he cares about 'his humans'
    ok...the fish with feet and humongous teeth is just a bit too cute to be totally scary, but, would not want to see him after dark!

    @bekkasan I tried to save as many of the pre-mades as possible in my JAG save and the lag got so bad it pretty much broke the game :mrgreen: so I had to fit them down to eight in this particular save in order to make the game run.

    Horace will be quite the help in future chapters. And yes, murfeelee’s Ice Snark (the fish with legs and teeth).I think he’s cute too and likewise I don’t think I’d wanna meet him after dark either. :scream:

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    Crumplebottom-Helgason legacy update:

    BRIDGEPORT - Settling in
    Karen Helgason

    Remember Karen? She´s the oldest daughter of Lief and Veronica. She left her son with Lief and Agnes and disappeared in the middle of the night. This is her story, the beginning of it anyway.

    Karen left Aurora Skies in the middle of the night, leaving everything behind – even her newborn son, Albin. Karen knew her son would be well taken care of with her father and his family, better than she could have. It had gotten so bad she couldn´t even look at the infant without anger. She just couldn´t get passed that his father had left her because of him. Had she not become pregnant Arvid would still have loved her.

    Karen had a bank account, money her father had saved up for her. It was not much, Lief was not a rich man and he had children with several women and had to pay his share for all of them. Still, it was enough to get Karen to Bridgeport and for her to rent a cheap apartment in the bad part of town.


    The apartment was not much. It was a bare minimum of necessities, with flaking paint on the walls and old plumbing, but it was somewhere to live.

    The apartment building had 4 units, On the ground floor lived Buster Round and his girlfriend Sherry and on the top floor, just above Karen, lived Ms Braun, a librarian at Bridgeport library. The second floor apartment was dark and Karen didn´t see anyone go in or out.
    Buster and Sherry had two dogs, one was a huge great Dane, the size of a small pony. Karen wasn´t particularly fond of dogs, and this one she would be sure to avoid at all cost.

    Karen learned quickly that you get what you pay for. The rent was low, and so was the quality of the appliances. Everything seemed to be broken or at least close to breaking. And the dog was always around. Karen wasn´t entirely sure it wanted to be petted or if it wanted to eat her.

    That first day Karen made a friend. Sherry was an easy-going person who spoke her mind, and it seemed she felt a bit responsible for the stray that had just moved in. She told Karen about the mysterious neighbour on the second floor. He was in jail and had been for some time. Sherry told Karen to stay away from him, and the bikers he ran with at the Motorcycle club across the street.
    Karen said she would stay clear, but in truth a biker gang did sound rather interesting.

    Sherry had lived in Bridgeport her whole life, and when she learned about Karen´s financial situation she promised to try and get her an interview at the diner where she used to work.
    “It doesn´t pay well, but you can make tips”.
    Karen asked her where she worked now, and Sherry told her she worked for herself.
    “I work when I want, where I want and how long I want”.
    She wouldn´t say anything more but promised Karen they could talk more once Karen had gotten used to Bridgeport and become a bit more street smart. Karen wasn´t a complete plum, she understood Sherry was probably into something not entirely legal. But the main thing was Sherry might be able to help her get a job! Waitressing was not her dream job, but she really needed the money. Her bank account was drying out fast, she only had 100 simoleons left to her name.

    Later that afternoon, in the pouring rain, Karen took a taxi to the diner. Sherry had told her she would meet the manager, Mr Cook.
    The diner was very small, and the location was a bit far off.

    Mr Cook turned out to be a middle-aged man in a cheap suit with an office in the cellar.

    Karen told him she had just moved to Bridgeport from Aurora Skies and that she needed a job. She told him she was not afraid of hard work, and that she really needed this job.
    Mr Cook had his back to her the entire time, not even bothering to face her. He sighed constantly throughout her little monologue, clearly not very positive towards the prospect of hiring her.

    “Straight from a small town, looking to make it in the big city, eh?” He didn´t bother waiting for her response. “You and a thousand other girls. I´ll tell you sweetheart, you might think of this as a plum job anyone can do, but that just shows how little you know”. He didn´t even pause. “I need qualified personnel, girls who wants to work and are good at it, I don´t need a little gold digger who will be out of here first chance she gets”.

    “But… I´m not a gold digger, and I DO want this job”, Karen was trying not to cry. He was right about one thing, she did think it was a plum job and that she would move on as soon as possible, but she really needed the job! The money that she had didn´t even cover next weeks rent.

    “Are you saying you are not going to hire me?”
    Mr Cook sighed again, a weary sound.
    “I don´t have time for girls who are not going to put in the hours, chasing fame and fortune. There is no shortage of waitresses in this town, sweetheart”. He told her. Was she really that transparent? It was her plan. Work to pay rent and put food on the table, while trying to get somewhere with her music.

    “I really need the job, I need the money”, Karen wailed, reality hitting hard. What if she couldn´t find a job?! She´d have to go back to Aurora Skies, if she could even make it back. Where would she get the money?
    Mr Cook finally faced her.

    “Now there, luv” He said awkwardly, patting her shoulder. “No need to cry”.

    “Things can´t really be that bad”, he suggested a bit stiffly.
    “But they are!” sniffled Karen. “I have nearly no money and no nothing!”

    “You know what Karen, you seem like a nice girl, maybe I can help you out”.
    “Really?” She asked. Careful not to get her hopes up, he might just shatter them again.
    “If you promise you will work your hours, show up for your shifts without giving me trouble and give notice in advance when you are leaving, I might be able to offer you a job”.

    Karen listened to what Mr Cook had to offer, her hopes dwindling when he had finished speaking. He was offering her a test shift, without pay, and if she did well he would consider hiring her. No promises. It had cost her 20 simoleons getting there, and she would have to pay 20 more for a taxi home. And work for free.

    Karen couldn´t afford to let this opportunity pass her by. At least she´d have a chance of getting the job. And a job meant being able to pay rent. And eat. She´d have to buy herself a bicycle, the job only payed 60 simoleons a night, so she couldn´t afford taxifare. She agreed to Mr Cooks terms, thinking she´d make sure he´d hire her.
    Mr Cook seemed relieved now that she´d stopped crying. He even smiled a little.

    Karen was shown were to change into a waitress uniform and put to work. She felt a bit silly wearing the polka dot dress with the frilly apron. The heels she had brought herself. Sherry had advised her to wear her highest heels, better tip. She knew two minutes in it would absolutely kill her feet.

    Waitressing was hard work. Waiting on tables, cleaning up, mopping floors, it never seemed to end. A security guard came in for dinner. He was nice to her, asked her if everything was alright, called her sweetheart and gave her a 10 simoleon tip.

    “Hello, miss, can I have my pie now?”

    The other girl working with Karen tonight was Matilda Smart. She was a cheery girl, seemed kind. She´d worked at the diner for a year, she told Karen, and she warned her about Mr Cook. He might seem proper, but he tries to sneak peaks in the changing room. And that old bum outside, creepy as fudge.

    In the end, Karen got along with her co-workers, manged to work the entire shift even though her feet felt like ground meat, and she was nice to customers. Mr Cook told her she was hired. She´d work five nights a week, 6pm to midnight, getting payed 10 an hour. All tips she got was hers to keep.

    “Bye Karen, see you tomorrow!” Matilda winked, having known all along Karen would be hired.

    That night Karen was sleeping nearly before her head hit the pillow. She didn´t even say goodnight to Kristin on her bedside table.
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    In the other save, the triplets recently got to university, and they'll be in the second term soon enough. Soon enough, they'll get home, get started on their aspirations, and start their own lives in separate homes. It's hard to pick who I'll play with the most, as I get attached to my sims easily.


    (from left to right) Tiffany, Chloe, and Anna studying late at night in the living room. Yeah, dorm life wasn't always glamorous, especially when you still had to live right next to your siblings. Sometimes a sibling rivalry could break out if they weren't careful. Chloe was talking about online classes, as she didn't like lectures too much. Anna was minding her own business. Their love interests were in the next room!

    They eventually passed the exams, and Anna threw a huge party and invited all their university friends. It lasted all night. Some went home, while others stayed. The girls stole a kiss from their respective lovers.


    Irene Funke x Tiffany Delaney


    Sam Sekemoto x Anna Delaney


    And last but not least, Mortimer Goth x Chloe Delaney!
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    Hi friends! I know I haven't been posting as much; I am still looking for a job and just don't have the time, energy, or desire to play as much as I used to. However, I did take some time out today to edit Jessica to make her look more like what I think she was supposed to look like!

    I originally made Jessica back in 2015 for The Sims 3, and made her for Sims 4 a few years later. Although I don't like the gameplay of Sims 4, I think The Sims 4 Jessica is a perfect representation (visually) of who she is. I tried to recreate her again in Sims 3 in October 2019 (the original Sims 3 Jessica has long since been lost - I don't even have that computer anymore), but didn't feel like she looked right. Today I randomly found her Sims 4 hairstyle, but for The Sims 3, and finally felt like I was able to edit her back to who she really is!

    For comparison: Here is The Sims 4 Jessica compared to the new Sims 3 Jessica!

    Sims 3 Jessica definetly suffers from the "pudding face" that befalls pretty much all Sims 3 Sims that don't use CC (which I don't use other than hair), but overall I think it's pretty close! I have been playing Jessica's story a bit - I might just post everything in one long go instead of posting as I play like I did with Katy's story. I'm not quite sure what I will do yet. Anyway. Happy Simming! 320k downloads on ModTheSims; CarlDillynson
  • Shadow_AssassinShadow_Assassin Posts: 873 Member
    I decided to play Midnight Hollow besides Bridgeport, last weekend I created two households: two tragic villains from 15 century, and a easy-going but mysterious gunman(he is a reference to my GTA Online character)

    This is Valentin Vicious, from the tragic villains household, now I only have his screenshot and it's I accidental captured when I setting skills for them and turned him into ghost by nraas
    Valentin was a heresy assassin, in a tangle with a outlaw who I created in TS4 as an ancient vampire, he killed by the outlaw's nervous and fiery senior. His girlfriend Ruyue Xiao, a cult thug(spoony female cult thug is a stock character in wuxia), turned into vampire to get together with him forever.
    His name is a reference to Bullet for My Valentin. In a way, he is a reference to Dead from Mayhem band
  • cocococo Posts: 2,577 Member
    edited November 7
    @cody6268 How exciting for you. Enjoy Riverview :smile:
    @PalmArrow I think that sims always look so cute zooming around town on the Kenspa. Well done for getting level 2. I couldn't think of a better afternoon than relaxing in a french town. I know that tapping the foot and scrunching up face animation so well... :lol:
    @Nikkei_Simmer I love that Sunset Died world for your stories. The pictures with the wolves and bears fighting are awesome. That walking fish is made from nightmares :grimace:
    Mmmm potatoes.
    @Steamvarius Nice to see you posting again. I like that Iris is following in Rachel's footsteps and has started writing stories. The ice sculptures turned out wonderful.
    @meerkattime Aw thanks :smile:
    @Silverofdreams30 I think Pamela has closed her eyes and fallen asleep while Water was playing his video game. The bowling faces are the best.
    @DeafSimmer Poor Chrysalis, maybe evil will triumph another day but not right now. It's pretty awful of Tirek to steal magic from people. Luna looks so in love with Discord in the last picture :smile:
    Cute kisses! I'm quite partial to Mortimer but I can see you have a hard decision to make :smile:
    @ZhakiraP I feel sorry for Albin and I hope that Karen eventually decides to return and raise him. Gorgeous pictures and writing so far. Buster and Sherry's dog looks more like a mini llama from behind :lol: Stay away from the biker gang! I hope Karen can get a job but I wouldn't want to see her on the wrong side of the law. Woah Mr Cook is a bit presumptuous that Karen is a gold digger. I'm glad the conversation turned around. I just hope he's truthful and not just using her. She looks cute in the polka dot dress. Matilda seems nice. I'm glad she got the job finally.
    @DillynJames That hair is one of my favourites. I think both Jessicas are beautiful. I wouldn't say that she's 'pudding' though. That term refers to sims that have all sliders in the zero position.
    @Shadow_Assassin The backstory of Valentin is interesting. Sounds like Ruyue was willing to give up everything to be with him.
  • SteamvariusSteamvarius Posts: 1,190 Member
    @coco, page 3717
    Thanks. I've been busy with TS4, so balancing my time between TS3 and TS4 has been tricky. Plus, Discover University is coming out next week. Pokemon Sword and Shield, too. (I preloaded Pokemon Sword.)
    Sims 3 Family: Rachel Applebee, Drake Furystrykar, Iris Furystrykar.
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar
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    Decided to do some playing with Darren and Chelsea today.

    "Yeah, don't worry about it, I can clean this entire house by myself.Don't help me at all.That's alright."

    Darren must have selective hearing as he didn't respond at all.XD

    Chelsea: David, you smell worse thank Frankini's breath...what the heck are we feeding you?!

    Just had to share this.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 5,728 Member
    coco wrote: »
    @Nikkei_Simmer I love that Sunset Died world for your stories. The pictures with the wolves and bears fighting are awesome. That walking fish is made from nightmares :grimace:
    Mmmm potatoes.

    It’s a great world for apocalypse Sims games. Though of course I’d like to get it without trees or scorched, dead ones. As well most structures would be razed to the ground and irradiated from from the blast immediately and for several years after the blasts. There wouldn’t be so much green within Ground Zero of the nuclear weapon blast. But I guess until I can master CAW, I’ll just do with Sunset Died.

    I have to say that murfeelee does some really good CC for that kind of thing. I kind of figured the “ice snark” would make a great little irradiated mutation. I have to find a few more like that in order to round out the menagerie of horrific new creatures that they have to deal with.
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