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some ideas about new careers with goals for the game

One of the things I would like to see in the sims mobile are careers with goals and home based careers.

Careers with goals:
- Imagine that his sim is in the sports career and one of the goals for him to level up is to invite 12 sims scattered around the world to go on a soccer match at the city stadium.

- Or if he is a gym instructor, help 4 sims in the gym and have finished the sports history.

- If he's a cop and needs to arrest 3 criminals a day and investigate something to go for the next level.
- if you are a firefighter you will need to go to Sims' house to put out the fire and have finish a sportive history.

Home Based Careers:

- It's something that came in city living, but imagine that you have a sim that is digital influencer and its function is to create posts at home, record video and sometimes go on events in the city. He can also take pictures with the people of the city. With more you do, more famous you ll'be and more money you'll receive

- Or an autonomous programmer where he works at home developing applications and games, but to level up he needs to have finished the programming and games stories.

- Or the profession of painter / photographer:
You need to have finished the story of paintings and then you get calls from sims from the world asking you for pictures/frames and you make money like that. You will also have the option of painting pictures freely and putting them up for sale, take pics from single or group sims and put to sale or giving as a gift to another player on your friends list.

- Planting and fishing could also yield money.

- And a option to buy a lot and create some store. Maybe sale frames or flowers. Maybe transform in a petshop or in a restaurant. It's your choice.

Having goals would be a way to give new life to careers. Following a story is cool, but once you finish the story, it's annoying you have to redo the same with another sim.
Choices in the middle of the story could affect how it ends. That would definitely make me play the same career story more than once to see the alternate end and receive something new.

you have some another idea? Tell me here!


  • OribaOriba Posts: 26 Member
    I really love your suggestion about Home Careers!
    I really would love to see some added to the game!
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