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Island Paradise Bug Thread



  • dogdancerdogdancer Posts: 437 Member
    Rygel_n wrote: »

    After installing the patch, my Sims can't go anywhere out of their home. If I send them anywhere, they just stand there until the que is dropped!

    I tried this on two different families, in two different worlds, and a new one.

    After the latest patch was installed I could play my game or log into Origin. I reinstalled the game (finally) and I can play now and it doesn't have the latest patch installed (yea!). I wish I hadn't waited for so, so long to reinstall. I just didn't want to lose my CC.
  • Dukemon11Dukemon11 Posts: 51 Member
    Is it an error from IP that I cannot place any port in Barnicle Bay? I can place a water or half water lot in town view. Changing the lot type and load this lot. I can build a port with a dock for houseboats. However, when I want change back to town view to save the game, the map zooms out and I get a loading loop with this plumbob in the middle of the screen. :s
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,539 Member
    Barnacle Bay was released a long time before Island Paradise. I’ve never tried to add a port to it but have added several dive lots. I don’t know why you are having problems.
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