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Problem with skintone overlays since Island Living patch

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Hello! Since the Island Living patch came out, there's a problem with custom skintones that use overlays. In the darker skin colors especially the overlays now seem to be causing an ugly splotchiness on the skin and my guess is that the method of blending them with the skin textures has changed. I know you don't directly support custom content but if this could be looked at for a future patch that would be very helpful - some skintone creators use the overlays for gender and age-dependent tweaks since they're the only way to apply skintone textures to selected ages/genders.

cmarNYC on MTS.


    Hey Cmar! Could you please provide an example of the "splotchiness" you and other users encounter? I would like to see how that looks.
    The only encounters with spotty skin tones that I had were with compressed textures and the only solution was to save them uncompressed (and huge sizewise). I assume this is a different problem since I'm sure you would mention compression issues, so I'm curious what's happening now.
    I know your tools, specifically the skintone tool, saves textures compressed. May I suggest an uncompressed option be included in the future? :smiley:
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    Sure, here's a picture. Yes, I also noticed compressed textures don't seem to work right in CAS with this new version of the skintone. Oddly, they seem fine with old versions. Skininator always let creators import either uncompressed or DXT5 texture for the CAS image but the new version will save them uncompressed only. This overlay thing seems to be unrelated but who knows.

    Edit: The above about uncompressed textures only applies to the main skin textures - for overlays Skininator has always used only one RLE2 texture. As I recall testing indicated the uncompressed overlay textures aren't used. I just tested whether including an uncompressed overlay texture made a difference and it doesn't seem to. In fact, when I tried including only an uncompressed overlay texture I got the checkerboard and question mark missing texture effect both in CAS and in game.

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    cmarNYC on MTS.
    I will just add, although might be completely unrelated, if you're playing with the Laptop Mode enabled, the skin textures turn into the example included above. I assume they use a lower mipmap level that gets compressed more heavily or the CAS version of the skin? No idea, but just throwing that information out there.
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