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Friday Highlight June 14th - A week on The Sims forums

EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,802 EA Community Manager
What an exciting and busy week! Sul sul, Simmers!

I hope you enjoyed the livestream and discussing the news SimGuruLyndsay and SimGuruDuke shared during EA Play! It was fun waiting for the livestream with you and reading your reactions after! :smiley:
Not everything was sunbathing and swimming around this week though, so let me highlight some of the awesome discussions I came across on the forums!:
  • Let me begin by sharing I'm rarely happy with how I display my Sims' collections - which means all those crystals and frogs usually end up cluttering my Sims' inventories. In the first topic of our list @Simpkin is asking for some inspiration in 'Ideas for displaying bugs and frogs'. If your Sims are collectors who proudly display their frogs at home, take a screenshot and share it with the community! If not for your fellow Simmers, do it for those poor frogs that are stuck in our Sims’ pockets!
  • Next, let’s travel to Sulani! What a better moment to brainstorm ideas for Island Living than while waiting for the pack to arrive? Some of you are getting ready for it, and @yupp is thinking of playing the new Expansion Pack in combination with Seasons. If that's your plan as well, this topic is for you: 'What holidays do you plan on creating for Island Living?'. Add your ideas!
  • @nerdfashion is also preparing for living in Sulani, but in a more 'occult' way. Mermaids, mermaids, mermaids! 'How will you be playing with mermaids?' ;) Leave your vote and share your plans in this fantastic thread!
  • Moving on to the Creative Corner, I want to invite you to visit '🏡 Cath's Creations 🏡', by @WrathofCath. Their thread is full of impressive houses with very well thought designs <3 Your library will never be the same after your visit!
  • Last but not least, let’s take a look at The Sims 3 section! A very interesting topic around genetics was started by @pisceschick75 this week: ‘Have you ever just decided to play around with genetics?’. I haven’t, but I love to hear the different ways we play the game. Any stories to share? :smiley:

This is it from me this week - if you have any recommendations, use the blue button below!

See you in Sulani next week. In the meantime, happy weekend and happy Simming!


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