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If they were doing a major free update, what would you want to see?


  • Briana2425Briana2425 Posts: 2,778 Member
    Also if they can make lounge chairs they can also make strollers and swings.
  • IvyeyedIvyeyed Posts: 281 Member
    Just remembered - I want to romance the Grim Reaper without breaking my game. I want to have the Reaper's babies.

    This EA account is shared between two longtime roommates. The one most likely to be writing here is me, the taller of the roommates, whose opinions do not always represent the opinions of the shorter roommate.
  • TheMagnoliaTheMagnolia Posts: 174 Member
    edited June 2019
    -Romance overhaul
    -OG NPCs (Repo, Burgler, CPS)
    -Homework affecting skills
    -Pool tables (this is a staple)
    -Photo frames for desks/counter tops
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  • IvyeyedIvyeyed Posts: 281 Member
    - consequences for workplace romances / inappropriate work behavior (we have the option to "flirt covertly" or "tell a NSFW joke" but nothing HAPPENS if our sims do those things on the job. They also never get lectured no matter what other stuff they might get up to during work hours. I had a detective sim literally conceive her child at a crime scene investigation on the victim's bed and no one cared. I want consequences! I want to have to be sneaky!)

    This EA account is shared between two longtime roommates. The one most likely to be writing here is me, the taller of the roommates, whose opinions do not always represent the opinions of the shorter roommate.
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 86,917 Member
    Pool slides and Pool Waterfalls as I don't want to wait another year to get them. Pools were free anyway so they should patch them in.

  • LMcGELMcGE Posts: 225 Member
    I would like to see
    • ponds, I think we really need to be able to add these now we have terraforming
    • likes and dislikes
    • attraction system
    • freed babies
    • fixing terraforming so there isn't a gap between slopes and house walls
    • round walls
    • glass walls and floors, not just the panels from IL but like roofs, an actual clear floor
    • updated stairs - spiral, U-shaped etc.
    • split-level building made easier and less glitchy

    And of course, all the other lovely things that have been mentioned will be very welcome! :smiley:
  • DreamCytcherDreamCytcher Posts: 168 Member
    I want all the things mentioned in this thread especially/also :

    - Memory system, as well as traits related like "Strong Memory" or "Forgetful".
    - Turn On/Turn Off aka the chemistry or attraction system. Also fears and wants, likes and dislikes, and furious at a Sim.
    - Zodiac signs which give Sims a set of related trait, with minor effects in life.
    - Gypsy matchmaker, of whom Sims can call for a blind date based on zodiac signs.
    - All missing interactions between toddlers, children, teens and couples in TS2, like pillow fight, water ball fight, red hand and hugging/make out while relaxing on bed.
    - The fire fighter career (idc if it's a rabbit hole career) and ability to call fire brigade service when the house is burning down.
  • drake_mccartydrake_mccarty Posts: 5,821 Member
    CAW, AI revamp, personality revamp, basic service NPC’s (firefighter, police, etc), staple home-based events (burglary, rodent infestation, etc), emotion overhaul, multitasking overhaul, apartment builder, new world.

    Not expecting any of these things though. They are way off from what Maxis thinks is important, like a novelty dolphin in the new xpack.
  • rudy8292rudy8292 Posts: 3,245 Member
    Briana2425 wrote: »
    Also if they can make lounge chairs they can also make strollers and swings.

    I am 100% sure they can, question is however; will they ever make strollers?

    I would absolutely love to have a Generations type of pack in the future. (I don't count Parenthood even remotely close to Generations) It was one of my favorite Sims 3 Packs. They can include hobbies with that one too.
  • hanneke546hanneke546 Posts: 2 New Member
    - story progression
    - an option to disable supernaturals in your game (i buy the packs because i do want all the build but stuf etc.)
    - an option to disable worlds you do not want to (it is a hell of a job to renovate everything, make every world full and realistic)
  • SimplyobsessedSimplyobsessed Posts: 293 Member
    Can we please have spiral staircases
  • moltaziamoltazia Posts: 58 Member
    more staircase styles (and be able to plave then at 45 degree angles!)

    body hair

    more hair colors (or changing some existing swatches so the number of actual ingame swatches stay the same (looking at you 3 red hair color swatches and very similar looking grey and white swatches) )

    more romance inteactions

    family pictures with up to 8 people in 1 picture!

    plantsim overhaul
  • XxAirixXXxAirixX Posts: 2,367 Member
    Things I would like:
    -interactive Firefighting career
    -improved babies
    -slow dancing
    -getting 'juiced' again
    -events like bachelor parties, baby showers, etc...
    -chemistry system or at least more of a story progression.
  • jadonbakesjadonbakes Posts: 289 Member
    edited June 2019
    Why don't we have facial piercings? I had to give a sim mirror image moles on each cheek so she could look remotely alternative.
  • jadonbakesjadonbakes Posts: 289 Member
    edited June 2019
    Ok, sure more child life stages, but what about Middle Aged sims!! I want something between an adult and an elder. And definitely more graying and gray hair colors. Because currently TS4 would have you believe that blondes and redheads don't gradually go gray. This could be patched in or we could get a Midlife Crisis Stuff pack.
  • tuxedo94tuxedo94 Posts: 11 New Member
    Plantsim Overhaul
  • HimRumiHimRumi Posts: 1,369 Member
    edited June 2019
    I’m quite satisfied with any life stage younger than teens. But teens are very similar to adults, actually the only difference is the name in their life stage and high school.

    Seeing the babies needs helps a lot, planning ahead of time to bring the needs up before hitting red.

    More relationship choices in CAS.

    One more trait slot.

    Set family funds before starting the game, most of the time I like to buy huge homes but by default the household starts with 20k.

    Story progression, without mods its almost impossible to immerse yourself because unplayed households around your sim don’t change or progress.

    More hair color swatches.
    Better genetics.
    More eye colors.
    Body hair.

    Fixed high chair glitch, adults feeding toddlers but then picking them up and setting them back down.

    Zodiac signs!! 😌
  • agent_bevagent_bev Posts: 1,312 Member
    Cars. I don’t even care if you get in the car and it’s the loading screen though ideally I would like it to be an cinematic loading screen of your sims driving (kind of like the cinematic screens from TS2 and 3 when your sims would first woohoo or have their first baby). It’s just weird for houses to not have a garage, and it makes it way less fun to play rich sims.
  • Jasper7702Jasper7702 Posts: 300 Member
    • More individuality in the sims with likes, dislikes, etc.
    • Babies and Toddlers overhaul.
    • Cars
    • Bugs fixed in game packs
    • Middle age, pre teen
    • body hair, piercings, more swatches
  • VentusMattVentusMatt Posts: 770 Member
    I feel like listing everything I'd like added is much so the main thing I want is a like and dislike feature in cas. I feel like being able to pick at least 5 hobbies/activities my sims likes doing and vice versa hates doing would give sims more personality. I mean a Foodie sims should be able hate cooking, an Active sim should be able to hate lifting, and a Squeamish sim should be able to like cleaning even if they hate filth.

    Then the option to pick a favorite music genre, TV channel, food, movie genre, and weather as well as hated options. I know for movie genres and weather you can make those choices by telling other sims your favorite or least favorite but it should be easier to choose and not something you have to interact with another sim to set up.
  • domina89domina89 Posts: 214 Member
    LiELF wrote: »

    - Memories system so that Sims can remember important moments in their lives and have those memories influence their behaviors.

    - Consequences, believable enmity, and new animations and behaviors for Sims who don't get along.

    Yes to your entire post but especially these two. This iteration of the sims feels so hollow to me because they don't have realistic memories and reactions to those memories. Needs serious improvement.
  • invisiblgirlinvisiblgirl Posts: 1,448 Member
    Baby update and a fear emotion.
    I just want things to match. :'(
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 5,211 Member
    I'll keep it simple
    Matching swatches for all doors (350 coming) and windows and all bed covers and curtains.
  • bunny-gypsybunny-gypsy Posts: 3,724 Member
    edited June 2019
    I would love the following:

    -Freed and updated babies
    -Better personality and memory stuff
    -More generations-like content
    -More romantic interactions :heart:
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  • simsplayer86simsplayer86 Posts: 8 New Member
    A lot more traits and at least one more trait slot, if not two. My Sims feel too similar.
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