Have you finished a 10 generation Legacy? (or more)


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    In every game I play, my main households are all descendants from the first household I play in the game. In Sims 2, I got to over 30 generations, though things started to glitch up when I had a 30~th generation sim have 20 children.

    I'm thinking of doing a ~real~ legacy challenge (by following the fan-made rules) sometime. I tried it in Sims 2, but I only got to generation 3 or 4 before the Sims 2 website went down and took my stories with it.
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    Haven't finished yet but writing a story about it (Link story if you want)
    Well, on my PS3 I played with 10 generations in TS3, but I cheated - I moved my founder into his wife's huge mansion and lived there for the remainder of the challenge. It was too easy, so I started again in TS4. I started and gave up on many legacies, but I have one I'm not willing to give up on. I haven't even gotten to Generation 2 and I haven't posted everything I've written yet (due to my bad Internet connection), but you can check out the few chapters I have so far. You can click on the link in my signature to read it on my blog. I have a few other stories I've started, too.

    PS: Sorry about the second chapter of my Geeky Legacy story - the content of that chapter got deleted somehow and I'm too lazy to rewrite it, but maybe I will.
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    I prefer going for the ''perfect'' sims, so I opted out for playing with generations, and of course, turned aging off.

    Can't say if I have never considered that though.
  • invisiblgirlinvisiblgirl Posts: 1,636 Member
    @invisiblgirl That's amazing! Did you keep score?

    @simwolf So many legacies! So it's basically one continuous legacy? That's crazy! lol

    @seaprincesshipst Yeah I had a lot of problems with the sims 3. By the time the 3rd gen was born the game was glitching pretty badly. Good luck!

    @LindsaySeddon1 If my sims have too much money I think I will find a way to write it into my story that they lose it somehow. Or lose a lot of it lol.

    @EA_Mai I am this exactly! I want to play it out differently or play a family a different way and just leave the legacy behind lol

    @Frn0731 Well done!

    @xPIXLx I always want to see the children succeed and I want to play all of them and make their lives great. But then I get overwhelmed as well. It's a bit crazy in my legacy at the moment with only 3 kids lol

    @DoodlyDoofus That's great! Playing it for so long, how do you not get bored?

    I just counted in the family tree. Sometimes I feel like doing something different, so I'll start a new save, but I get bored eventually and go back to my legacy family (which is the opposite of how I've played the Sims prior to 4 - being able to move Sims in and out of the house makes legacies so much easier to manage).
    I just want things to match. :'(
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    Got bored
    I started one but I got bored when I got to the third generation. It occurred to me that everything that I had done with generation 1 and 2 and was going to do with generation 3 in terms of aspirations, careers, and skills could be accomplished by one single Sim. I also found that I had no interest in playing any Sim but my designated founder. So I opted out of playing legacies in order to focus on the accomplishments of one Sim instead of generations of them.
  • mintycupcakemintycupcake Posts: 13,089 Member
    I've never tried to Follow A Legacy, but I've played a few families through several generations. But I can never pick an heir, so end up playing with them rotationally, which gets pretty complicated and a bit tiring by maybe the 3rd or 4th generation (depending on the family's size).
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    Yes, and In fact I even made a Discussion Here about finishing 26 Generations

    I actually still have this legacy still currently running, now at 37 Generations as of this post ;)
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    I have finally finished my Legacy Challenge , these are the Levis (numbered by Generation!)

  • FreshTostadasFreshTostadas Posts: 16 Member
    Got about half way
    I got to generation 8 in TS4 but I lost interest when I realized I messed up by moving my household to a larger lot. It reset the achievement counter back to 1/10. I was so bummed that I ended up starting a new save file where I’m just renovating the lots with game play only to play test the builds. :( Eventually I will have a 10 generation legacy with the goal of 100 generations.
  • KaronKaron Posts: 2,332 Member
    I tried once, and i really want to finish one at a certain point in my life, but... I don't know... I get bored, or something like that and jsut give up. Al challenges that i find interesting i did this, i really don't know whats wrong with me. I treid the history challenge, the decades one, the 100 baby challenge, bu i always get bored. What you guys do to make it more fun?
  • DeeH1217DeeH1217 Posts: 1 New Member
    Haven't finished yet
    I'm on Generation 9 with my family. I love all my Legacy Sims, but I'm OK when they die because I'm excited to get started with a new generation.
  • LquinnLquinn Posts: 385 Member
    Haven't finished yet
    I just started, but I am also doing it in a rotational play so I will see how far I get. I am on my second generation, with only one birth, in one of nine familys. There are other kids in other families, but the others were made in CAS.
  • texxx78texxx78 Posts: 5,611 Member
    Got about half way
    I always go around half way and then I start wondering about new different stories. But I want to do it.
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    I play a lot of Legacy style - but I would never focus on just one family - I play many households eventually as legacy households. Sometimes I have had as many of a dozen 26 generations (Alphabet legacy) in some of my past games. Sims 4 i play a lot of different ways with lots of households - but I still often follow the legacy format - no cheats, no content but whats in the game - so no mods to make things easier - etc. I do not play a single family long term like some folks play legacies even though I follow the rule system - keep myself in check - lol - I really do have to play a lot of households or I'd get bored I am sure.

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    Got bored
    I answered for sims 4: I've had a legacy family since I first got the game and only made it to my founders kids, so generation 2? They're still teenagers and that so far is the longest family I've ever had in the sims 4, sims 3 I made to 7 or 8 before I built my computer about two years ago, forgot to back up the game files and cried a little after giving up that legacy. :<
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    Got about half way
    only ever got to 5 :)
    some sims I like to stay young :#
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  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 3,111 Member
    I am really trying my hardest to finish a legacy but it seems that no matter what I do I get to the point where my founder is elderly and I don't want them to die haha. I also probably never finish one because I always try to write a story about it. Have you ever finished one?

    I got to gen. 5 before getting bored at one point. That was back when I didn't even have every pack though.
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  • TomasGrizzlyTomasGrizzly Posts: 728 Member
    Haven't finished yet
    I think I'm in 5 or 6th generation. On custom (modded) lifespan around 220 days (halfway between normal and long) so it takes a while, especially as I did not find a mod right away and started at long.
    I haven't thought myself about writing about it and I probably wouldn't find it fun enough.
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    Haven't finished yet but writing a story about it (Link story if you want)
    Technically I have done it, but a lot of cheating happening so it didn't count. The written one I've started like four time now. Currently working on comic but knowing how much time it took playing and making that one, i have a doubt that I'll finish them. Here's the story I made on webtoon
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  • izecsonizecson Posts: 2,835 Member
    Mostly third generations but horizontally progressing like after a son or daughter become elder, another one is born from the same father & or mother.
  • FinvolaFinvola Posts: 932 Member
    I have, but not very often. I don't like playing with aging on and I hate seeing them grow old and die. By the time I got to the 9th generation I was so ready to get it over with. When Gen 10 came around I revived everybody with ambrosia and moved them into the neighborhood.
  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 1,349 Member
    Haven't finished yet
    I got bored when gen 8 was little, but I am not saying I won't go back...
  • SmellincoffeeSmellincoffee Posts: 658 Member
    My first Sims 4 test family became a legacy because I kept playing it. It's currently at gen...15, or 16, and has changed much because I deliberately chose spouses who would add variety in hair and skin color. It's been a few weeks since I played it. I'd explored most of the careers and most of the wishes (save the gardening and collector ones) through the torchholders and their spouses, and for a few months they were my main testers for the expansion packs, too. Then I made a sim-me who has taken on the pack-testing duties for the most part.
  • PandySimsPandySims Posts: 55 Member
    I played with the same family dynasty for about two years. There were hundreds of people.
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  • Misa_wants_PepsiMisa_wants_Pepsi Posts: 229 Member
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    Haven't finished yet but writing a story about it (Link story if you want)
    The highest I ever got in the sims 4 was to the 8th generation. Then my save got corrupted. Had to delete and reinstall and fix the game. I was heart broken. I have tried again. I'm doing the not so berry right now. I want to complete it. I wish I had my old screenshots because my old legacy was kinda a rollercoaster. I HAVE however, completed two 10 generation legacies for the sims 2 and one for the sims 3. Haljia Lataria managed to found 2 long lasting dynasties in 2 games. I want to make her in this game, but I need witches. She a mage. She needs magic. but yeah. I don't know if it counts since it's not in sims 4
  • Poekie03Poekie03 Posts: 1,582 Member
    No, I tried several times but somehow I got bored with it. My goal is to complete a 10 generation at some point :)
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