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Okay so im kinda new to the sims and I have got the hang of downloading custom content by now, so I wanted to try mods. Well I got the resource.cfg so that I could download skintones(which I tested out and they worked perfectly fine
), and I decided to get the master controller and a few other mods from the nrass website. But then I loaded my game and on the screen where you can choose your sims, MY SIMS WERE GONE so then I tried to create a new world and new sims, but when I went to put the custom content on her, ALL OF IT WAS GONE....I honestly dont know what happened with it and then I went to my launcher and nothing was there....all of my custom content was gone and so now when I try to install custom content my launcher wont pop up and download it so I REEEEALLLY need help with this problem :(


  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 34,043 Member
    Those Nraas mods are for Sims 3, not Sims 4. Did you mean to post in the Sims 3 categories?
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  • jillikat266jillikat266 Posts: 2 New Member
    > @luthienrising said:
    > Those Nraas mods are for Sims 3, not Sims 4. Did you mean to post in the Sims 3 categories?
  • ItsForeverAutumnItsForeverAutumn Posts: 2 New Member
    Can anyone help me with seeing up my mods? I've had Sims 4 for a while now and just recently got introduced to some mods. I was hoping someone could help me set them up with teamviewer / see what my problem is maybe? I downloaded them and none of them work even after adding them into my mods folder. Please and thank you to anyone who can help.
  • Travioli74Travioli74 Posts: 10 New Member
    I can't figure out how to make a new thread here, but I need help finding RELIABLE CC and MODS for male body hair/eyebrows. All that I install makes my game quit responding. Thanks in advance!
  • EA_RtasEA_Rtas Posts: 2,874 EA Community Manager
    Hey there! I can see you've posted your question in another thread and someone is already responding to you there! Considering this thread has been inactive since 2015 I'm going to close it off, in future please try not to post in super super old discussions. If you have any questions about necroposting you can read this thread here : Necroposting
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