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  • BachPatuBachPatu Posts: 11 New Member

    Since there isn't a way for me to post this as a new topic (And it may well be an FAQ for all I know) so I'll just post this here & the mods can do what they want with it.....

    The question is DOES ANYONE KNOW WHEN THE GALLERY WILL BE AVAILABLE ON XBOX ?? If so, WHEN can we expect to see it ?? If it'll NEVER be released ?? WHY NOT ?? (I know I'm NOT the only Xbox player to ask this question. The Devs REALLY NEED to GET TO WORK on this :angry: )

    Again just asking a question (Mainly out of frustration).....
  • RionAgriasRionAgrias Posts: 213 Member
    The next patch is supposedly right before the next expansion (July 31st), so a couple days before that.
  • BachPatuBachPatu Posts: 11 New Member
    But that's only Pets. Not the Gallery.
  • Darksmile09Darksmile09 Posts: 1 New Member
    Anyone having issues on the PS4 not being able to save game play and getting error code ex-34878-0? Please help
  • Witchy1974Witchy1974 Posts: 5 New Member
    Can someone tell me where i can find the speaker with snowflakes from the free holiday celebration pack for the sims 4 console?
    I have the rest of the pack but I can't find the speaker.

    I cant place a link to a picture, and I can also not open a new topic, so that's why I put it here.
  • simoleoncatsimoleoncat Posts: 45 Member

    Have you tried the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat to find it? :smile:
  • Witchy1974Witchy1974 Posts: 5 New Member
    simoleoncat, Yes we did.
  • EmoAlice1EmoAlice1 Posts: 1 New Member
    :| can you guys pleaseeeeeeeeee add the sims on chromebooks asap. i bought so many content on my old computer and now i cannot play it
  • SusCvitieSusCvitie Posts: 1 New Member
    Is there a reason Sims 4 doesn’t release new achievements with new expansions? I love the game on console; but it’s sort of a bummer to spend the money on the packs, get new skills and content, but no achievements to play for. I spend a lot of time on the game, but would spend a lot more if some achievement packs were released.. (:
  • mitchntezzamitchntezza Posts: 7 New Member
    My collections keep saying 99/99 in red writing once I've been on the build/buy mode. Any advice??
  • JaySnowyJaySnowy Posts: 101 Member
    > I feel like EA doesn’t like Sims 4 to be on the Nintendo Switch. Why I really wanna play it. EA why are u ignoring the Nintendo Switch community. Please bring on the switch next year. I was hoping we will get a big announcement in the upcoming gamer awards but so far I don’t see any signs. EA please bring the Sims 4 on the Nintendo Switch. 😢
  • JkanjmJkanjm Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi! I have only ever played sims 3 but I saw the sims 4 on sale on psn so decided to try it and give it a shot and I have been liking it so far

    However, I was creating my friend and his girlfriend but I quit it by accident before adding the girlfriend so I placed my friend, edited the household and then left them there, but because I already placed them I couldn't edit the relationship so i used cheats but they seemed to go to another sim that was a clone of mine without traits and I tried looking for where they live but I can't for the life of me find it (I checked each world twice), is there anyway to completely delete them other than going to the map, finding their house and doing it that way? I tried deleting the library entry but that didn't work and it's driving me nuts >:(
  • LquinnLquinn Posts: 151 Member
    @Jkanjm .

    You should be able to fix your issue with manage household. Checkout this link:
  • BatmanCowTrainBatmanCowTrain Posts: 4 New Member
    Hello, I was wondering how to save a sims skill to the library? I am on Xbox one!
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