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I need hellpp!!!

I really need help.. I know this might not be the place to post this but.. please don’t delete this post yet, I would have went and searched for help on the official ea contact page, let me tell you why i didn’t:
First of all, i am on my phone right now, and will be so for the next few weeks, since i cannot access my computer from the place where i am right now, the only three options i had were the following:
1. CALL ea support
2. Email ea support
3. Ask on the sims forum

Let’s see why I didn’t choose the first two options
1. Calling ea support is only available in canada and usa.. i am from neither of these countries, even if it would be available in my country i still wouldn’t have called.. I am too shy to talk.. My english accent is too bad.. and I have a child voice.. which I have been laughed at a lot for, so calling ea support is definitely off the list..
2. Emailing ea support would be too slow.. I am pretty impatient.. so i was left with the last option....
3. The forums.. I almost always had really fast replies in here.. and helpful too..

Now that that’s all out the way, back to the topic.. IIIIII NEEEEEEEDDD HEELLLPPPP....
I just finished the marriage quest and I was so excited that.. instead of promoting my sims husband.. I accidentally pressed “Create”.. I was absolutely infuriated that I couldn’t go back to the “family tree/picture” thing and promote my sims husband to join the household and control him.. so i went ahead and created another girl... but surprise surprise... I couldn’t remove her.. The only option I had was to retire her.. but I can’t even retire her since she has to build up 4. Freaking. Traits! I just wanted my sims husband to join her household.. is there any way? :'(
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