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Sims 4 taking up all my memory

idk if i'm posting this in the right place or if its been asked before, but i've been playing the sims 4 on my macbook air for 2 years now and recently my macbook has been completely full. the only app really taking up a lot of space is sims, so my only option besides getting a new computer is somehow getting rid of it. I'm going to college in a week so all i have is this laptop and i don't have much money and i need space on it. i have a lot of cc but not a crazy amount and i have parenthood, get together, the city expansion pack (lmao sorry forgot the name), vampires, and a couple stuff packs installed. i also have an insane amount of saves because i can't just stick to one game lmao. whats the best way to save memory? i don't have a lot of money but i know i have some old 8gb flash drives lying around my house from years ago, and i would be willing to spend maybe $25, $50 at the most on an external hard drive that could store the sims and run it well. also, would deleting saves give me back a lot of memory?
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  • giallorossigiallorossi Posts: 167 Member
    Well, how much space does Sims 4 take your hard drive? How big is your hard drive? And how much space is left on it? It's hard to tell how to help before we know all that.
  • SimplyJenSimplyJen Posts: 13,823 Member
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    Gaming on an external drive is not recommended. They are intended for storage purposes only, not games. The game will suffer because it's constantly transferring data back and forth which even the best top of the line external drives are not suited for. However, since you have a Mac this discussion would be better in the Mac section. Here:
    I'll also tag @BluebellFlora @Tremayne4260

    I don't know if Macbook Air allows for internal hard drive swaps but you can look into your Macs model to see if it allows this. Doing so can void the warranty so if it turns out you can, make sure the warranty is up or contact Apple about it. I'm sure someone who knows about Mac can comment on this. If you have to, the external drive would be useful to keep all of your school files on instead.
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  • BluebellFloraBluebellFlora Posts: 7,089 Member

    Your best option would be to make an external hard drive bootable, install macOS on it then Origin and the Sims. Whenever you want to play you then boot up your Mac from that drive, not the internal drive. Let me know if you need further instructions on doing that, it's actually very easy to do.

    This thread would be better off in the Mac forum. I think you can move it yourself by clicking on the cog in the top right of your message :)

    Maybe @SimGuruDrake could move it if you can't?
  • rosiedrosied Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi there. I'm having a similar problem with my MacBook Pro too. It's a 250Gb 2015 model, and The Sims 4 is taking up 22Gb of my hard drive. Is there any way that I can delete old content or families, without it having a knock-on effect on my current gameplay? Thank you in advance!
  • kaivanikaivani Posts: 1 New Member
    You're lucky to have just 20GB or something, cause my Sims 4 takes 60GB and I have 120GB in total. My System takes 40GB so I have no room to even have other games or files on my Mac :/
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